June 13, 2021
Guest Speaker


Reference: Matthew 13: 45-46 and Luke 10: 38-42
Creating Space for the Sacred

Our service this morning was led by Janice Rider with the "Little Gift of New Life" being shared by Jack McFarquahar. The Focus into Worship offered a definition for Liminal Space: 

"In this waiting place, we loiter, hover on a tentative cusp, a threshold between the familiar and the unknown with no possible retreat. The customary comfort zone is gone and where the entrance ushers is not yet seen. Our new question, let alone its answer, is still ambiguous. We are in limbo. We can either hesitate or go forward. The gossamer veil of divine nearness flutters ever so lightly, breathing inseparably close, as we step to embrace the unrevealed with trust, a shimmering opportunity for connection and listening and being led right on through.  Lean into this portal; it is the doorstep to fruitful ground." Polly Castor