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Check out ABOUT on the top of the home page to access the Revenue - Expense Report for the first half of the current year. 


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After service on October 6, 2019, there will be a short congregational meeting at which the congregation will be asked to accept the budget as presented for 2019-2020. Your participation will be appreciated. 

JUNE, 2019

 On June 2, 2019, our annual budget approval meeting was held after church with lunch provided by St. David's Foundation. At that time, the congregation passed acceptance of the deficit budget  for the upcoming year with the proviso that St. David's Trustees would offer their input along with their willingness to release necessary funds from the Facility Improvement and Contingency Fund to cover the impending deficit. Their meeting sent Council back to the drawing board to look for a more realistic plan for the upcoming year. So, on June 18, 2019, sixteen St. Davidians, representing the committees, staff and Trustees, met to finalize the budget for 2019-2020.

It was decided at that time that we had other possibilities to fund the increasing costs of operating St. David's United Church hence, moving forward, Ministry and Personnel was the logical source of change. After church on June 23, 2019, the congregation was asked to stay and Deb Charnuski, Chair of Council, and Bill Dickson, M & P, announced a change in structure for our Ministry of Families program, initiated by Alison Demeter several years ago. Watch for further details. 

Below is the proposed budget details for the upcoming year, with short term release of funds to be used over the summer months: 

Budget 2019-20 Council Rev7 (ms).pdf

APRIL Mike, Treasurer, and Paige Marten, our accountant, are busy getting ready for budget time. The outlook is less than stellar and as the committees begin the budgeting process (deadline for submission is May 13, 2019), we are being asked to look for ways to help balance our budget within the next two years. Our options are fading. 


Treasurer, Mike Stockdale, presented a six month Financial Status report on Sunday morning. The Report is attached below. Check it out by scrolling to the bottom of this page. 


Our finance team has been too busy to send me items to upload to the web, however, financial statements are presented to Council on a monthly basis and these statements are part of the public records kept in the church office. Over the past year we have kept our expenses down to compensate for our reduction in revenues. Council and Finance, in particular, are strong supporters of the Edge Program with which we are involved. For further information on Financial Affairs and the Edge Report, go to the Home Page and along the top, click the About page and spend some time perusing the documents found there. Thank you to Kerry Duncan McCartney who has filled the position on the Foundation vacated by Ian Halladay, who has resigned after many years of service. 

MAY 2018 UPDATE: At council on May 1, 2018 (delayed a week due to the absence of Council Chair, Deb C., Kyle Carroll presented the current financial statement. We are looking at a deficit much smaller than anticipated. That's the good news. The bad news is that Bob and Kyle will be finishing their term on the Finance Committee so sharpen your pencil and volunteer to sit on this very important ministry team. Mark June 10 on your calendar for the Congregational Budget meeting. 

FEBRUARY 2018 UPDATE: Chair of the Finance Committee, Bob Clare, gave a brief report to the congregation on Sunday morning as to the state of financial affairs at St. David's. 

SEPTEMBER 2017 UPDATE: 2016-2017 Church Year has ended and on Sunday, we will be into the fourth month of the 2017-2018 Church Year. Last year, at our June budget meeting, we agreed to raise enough through our stewardship programs to balance the budget. Unfortunately, we fell short of our target so, come AGM time in November, we will debrief our past year and make plans for the current year. Watch for the upload of the 2016-2017 Annual Report.

A Story of Stewardship Re-Imagined

The Stewardship Campaign Ad hoc Committee invites you to join a Stewardship journey through story-telling. It is the hope of the committee to help the congregation re-imagine its understanding of how we give of our money, time and energy to ensure that this beloved faith place continues not only to survive but also to thrive as a vibrant, relevant, and caring community infused with spiritual intensity, overflowing joy and unconditional love.

Follow the story of a woman who visits St. David’s one Sunday but is continually drawn back to the community each Sunday. Discover what draws her and what she learns about commitment, generosity, open hearts, care and compassion.


Chapter 6 is now online, click here to view!

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403.284.2276 x107 / [email protected]

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Treasurer: Mike Stockdale

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