Our Vision Statement 

Growing and Deepening our Spiritual Lives in an Affirming and Inclusive Community

Our Mission Statement 

St. David’s United Church cultivates a friendly, supportive and inclusive community and celebrates the enrichment that diversity brings to our church.  As an affirming congregation, we recognize everyone regardless of age, race, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation and/or differing abilities as people of God.  We support each person's right to respect, dignity and to fair and equitable treatment in society.  To honour this inclusiveness is a process of continuous work and learning.  

St. David's congregation welcomes people of all ages to take part in every aspect of the work and life of the church.  We openly embrace and learn from a variety of spiritual and faith perspectives as a means to enrich and expand our Christian faith.  

We aspire to model a community environment of open-mindedness, acceptance and compassion in which people are spiritually fed through core values, worship, music, deep conversation and education. 

As an evolving faith community we seek meaning and ask questions, celebrate and laugh joyously, share sorrows and nurture hope, act justly and live compassionately.  By word and action, we endeavour to work to counter injustice. 

We invite you to grow and deepen your spiritual life with us!