What a wonderful group of volunteers we have serving on the Projection, Sound and Light Team. While Mike is enjoying a holiday, Dave stepped in to handle the projection this morning and when the light board failed to function, we discovered that the power to the board was interrupted. All is better! We are hoping the Jason, our Technological Guru, will be soon setting up the monitors for the choir. 

DECEMBER 24, 2019


Hello PSALT:
Thank you so much for all of you stepping up to provide coverage in December while a number of us are away.  I am very grateful for your support and talents and wish all of you a Blessed Christmas holiday.  I am heading off this evening to fly home to Ontario and will be away from December 20-January 5 inclusive).  Feel free to email me if you need to as I will be checking emails regularly.
Please find attached the Revised PSALT schedule.  I've highlighted below the remaining December 2019 services and coverage for the first Sunday in January (Jan 5th)
December 22:
Sound: Barry Marcellus/George
Projection: Alison Slater
December 24 4:30 pm Christmas Eve Service
Sound: Barry Marcellus
Projection: Mike Stockdale (Mike Trew is preparing the slides)
December 24 8 pm Christmas  Eve Service
Sound: Jonathan Sharp
Projection: David Mitchell
December 29
No Sound Required
Projection: Mike Trew
January 5
Sound: Jonathan Sharp
Projection: David Mitchell
Deb Charnuski

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DECEMBER 8, 2019

Here is our schedule to June 30, 2020. Brenda will need coverage for the first Sunday of January because she will be away. Volunteers?? 

DECEMBER 3, 2019

Deb has sent out a schedule for PSALT for the upcoming months. December has been tough with its extra services and we are very happy that Claire Sharp will be available to help out with the Christmas services. Deb and Brenda (me) will be away over Christmas so we will need to be covered. I have had a helper twice this fall. Nick Hardin has been volunteering as part of a school program and his help is most appreciated.

OCTOBER 15, 2019

Watch for exciting news from PSALT chair, Deb Charnuski. She will be posting a new schedule and has plans for in-service work as well as installation of two new speakers to act as monitors on the chancel so that our choirs may hear a little better. P.S. The new speakers for the congregation are working fabulously. 

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019

Debbie Charnuski has assumed her leadership role of PSALT, for sure!! She looked after Sound and Light on the fifth Sunday of the month of September along with Tapas. Bless you, both. Tapas will not be on projection for the next three months as he heads across the ocean. Our projection team of Mike Trew and Alison Slater, Dave Mitchell and Meryl Arnott will be busy. Any volunteers??

Watch for a new schedule to be posted for the next few months. 

JUNE 26, 2019

The Speakers are ours - our stands and brackets are on back order and the gremlin is history!! We are awaiting the back ordered supplies, then Jason, Darkmatters, will hook us up, calibrate us and we are in business with high grade professional equipment. Jason will be available to do some training for us but now that we have all gone through the protocol of turning on the system, waiting five minutes, turning on the south speaker then the north speaker, we are semi-professionals already. 

But the big news is that Debbie Charnuski and I are trading jobs. She will be heading up the PSALT committee and I’ll be drawing up the agenda for future council meetings as the incoming chair of the council. Deb will be wearing two hats as Past Chair of Council as well as PSALT chair. I will still be working the first Sunday of the month on Sound and Light systems and I will still be active with ACTS (Adult Spiritual Development) as past chair. I am excited about my new role and I know that Deb brings with her lots of expertise with Sound and Light technology. (We were able to raise enough money to cover the cost of our new speakers - so good!)
Anyway, see you at church. I will still be uploading information about PSALT on on the Ministries/PSALT page. Deb will be contacting you soon. 
Being active on Sound has been quite a thrill - little did I know back there in 2005 that I would still be arriving early on Sunday mornings when it was my turn. Good luck, team. 
NOTE: Tapas will do Projection on the fifth Sunday of June. I will make sure that June 30 is covered for sound and light.  I hope to be on holidays after the Stampede barbecue at church on July 14 so will need to do some trading or maybe arrange to have the third Sunday of July and the first Sunday of August covered. We plan on being home for the last week of August.  There is no projection during the months of July and August. Our schedule until the end of September should be okay but expect a new schedule for the fall. Happy holidays!!!