OCTOBER 15, 2019

Watch for exciting news from PSALT chair, Deb Charnuski. She will be posting a new schedule and has plans for in-service work as well as installation of two new speakers to act as monitors on the chancel so that our choirs may hear a little better. P.S. The new speakers for the congregation are working fabulously. 

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019

Debbie Charnuski has assumed her leadership role of PSALT, for sure!! She looked after Sound and Light on the fifth Sunday of the month of September along with Tapas. Bless you, both. Tapas will not be on projection for the next three months as he heads across the ocean. Our projection team of Mike Trew and Alison Slater, Dave Mitchell and Meryl Arnott will be busy. Any volunteers??

Watch for a new schedule to be posted for the next few months. 

JUNE 26, 2019

The Speakers are ours - our stands and brackets are on back order and the gremlin is history!! We are awaiting the back ordered supplies, then Jason, Darkmatters, will hook us up, calibrate us and we are in business with high grade professional equipment. Jason will be available to do some training for us but now that we have all gone through the protocol of turning on the system, waiting five minutes, turning on the south speaker then the north speaker, we are semi-professionals already. 

But the big news is that Debbie Charnuski and I are trading jobs. She will be heading up the PSALT committee and I’ll be drawing up the agenda for future council meetings as the incoming chair of the council. Deb will be wearing two hats as Past Chair of Council as well as PSALT chair. I will still be working the first Sunday of the month on Sound and Light systems and I will still be active with ACTS (Adult Spiritual Development) as past chair. I am excited about my new role and I know that Deb brings with her lots of expertise with Sound and Light technology. (We were able to raise enough money to cover the cost of our new speakers - so good!)
Anyway, see you at church. I will still be uploading information about PSALT on on the Ministries/PSALT page. Deb will be contacting you soon. 
Being active on Sound has been quite a thrill - little did I know back there in 2005 that I would still be arriving early on Sunday mornings when it was my turn. Good luck, team. 
NOTE: Tapas will do Projection on the fifth Sunday of June. I will make sure that June 30 is covered for sound and light.  I hope to be on holidays after the Stampede barbecue at church on July 14 so will need to do some trading or maybe arrange to have the third Sunday of July and the first Sunday of August covered. We plan on being home for the last week of August.  There is no projection during the months of July and August. Our schedule until the end of September should be okay but expect a new schedule for the fall. Happy holidays!!!

MAY 28, 2019

Tonight, SDUC council will be considering a motion to purchase four new speakers for the sanctuary. It is finally happening. We have had a great month with our rental speakers and soon, we will have our own. Meanwhile, the old cluster overhead speakers may just stay in their place. The cost to bring them down is high and they do match, right!!

Thank you, Barry, for playing quiet music between the choir's practice and Brent's prelude. I often forget but I did enjoy listening to the sound of music during pre-service set up. 

June is upon us and soon, our projectionists will have a wee break over the summer holiday. The seasons march by!!

MAY 5, 2019

I love those new speakers and the thrill it is to sit at the board and not worry about "the gremlin." Instead, we have quality, consistent sound. Yahoo!

APRIL 29, 2019

Another month is soon history and the summer looms ahead. Hence... a tentative schedule to the end of September can be accessed by scrolling to the bottom of the page. 
If readers of this website are interested in volunteering on the Projection, Sound and Light Team ( PSALT), contact Brenda at 403-510-1993 and we will talk. 

MY EMAIL: April 29, 2019


Jonathan will not be available for May or June so I will fill in unless someone else would love to fill in for him. (or me!)
Thanks to George for running the system solo last week. I arrived in time to see him climbing on the stool to turn on the speakers!!! We have now a four step ladder stowed on the landing to the staircase on the right (street side) of the sanctuary front that is probably a much better system than the stool. The speaker on right front is a slave to the speaker on the left so the blue light visible from the balcony on the left speaker is essential. Note: it is red when sound is not going through the system. Set unity at 0 for main aux. Monitors are not necessary with the current set up with the choir sitting on the main floor facing the congregation.

I am infatuated with our rental speakers and with the absence of the Gremlin and feedback from mic-pac receivers. We just had nine of our pac/receiver sets plus the handheld and a rental of four more sets in operation for the Chameleon Drama group on Sunday with no feedback (except for the occasional brush of costume with mic) and it was awesome. Special thanks to Erwan for stepping out of retirement to run the board while I handled lights, battery changes, script following, mic’ing performers, etc. Deb was incredible behind the scenes switching out the 14 + handheld and mic/pac sets for the first play with the cast for the second play. What a team!!!

Upcoming, we have the Family Service on May 12 (Deb, Mike and Alison on task) that will have several speakers. I will work with Alison re: requirements from Sound and Light. On June 2, my Sunday along with Dave M., is our Congregational meeting which is fairly easy to mic sound with handheld and wired mics for chair and lectern. Deb (along with Tauran and Jason) are working on permanent speakers for the sanctuary.

We are really blessed at St. David’s for all the time and energy expended by the PSALT team. Well done. As usual, check for inaccuracies and I will make necessary corrections. It is best for you to make necessary swaps for individual time slots. Just let me know what’s up.

Thanks, Brenda
P.S. Tauran, any time you’d like a turn on the board let me know!!

APRIL 24, 2019

Jonathan has now been initiated into the new protocol for running the sound board. I'm going to add a little foot stool to the system because standing on a chair or stool seems a little too risky for some. However, when the little blue light is visible from the balcony, it is very reassuring. We particularly are enjoying the absence of feedback when mic-pac receivers come into close proximity. And NO GREMLIN!!!  We will soon be using new mounted speakers. Watch for a new schedule for the summer. Jonathan will not be available in May or June to run sound and light so, unless someone else volunteers for the third Sundays of May and June, you know where I will be.

Meanwhile, we are getting ready for the Chameleon Drama Group's productions of The New Kid and The Hotel at the End of the Road. We have rented a four mic/pac unit plus two more mics to accommodate 12 channels!!! Awesome. Erwan, long time member of the team, will be working with me (me, with him, really). 

Let me know about third Sundays. Jonathan will cover for me in August when I'm at the coast. 

APRIL 15, 2019

The only moments of anxiety from PSALT on Sunday morning occurred when capes worn by the palm-branch-carrying brushed their microphones. That was, of course, after discovering that someone had unplugged the new left speaker and neglected to plug it back in when finished. The trick is to remember to wait the few minutes between turning on the system and then manually turning on the speakers (check to make sure they are plugged in !!) and after service, to do the same in reverse.

We will be pushing the system to the max on the 28th when the Chameleon Drama group presents "Rarified Relationships" after service. There are 15 actors in each play!! Retired sound person, Erwan Goasdoué, will be on the board with me.  

APRIL 8, 2019

So, Jason Wright from Darkmatter Productions, along with Deb and myself last Saturday night, installed a pair of high quality speakers that worked marvellously well Sunday morning. Deb is preparing and posting a protocol for the sound team to follow. We really gave the system a trial run on Sunday with 7 mic-pac sets in use plus the handheld. No gremlin!!! No feedback even with the service participants standing close together!!! Awesome. The amplifier stack is left off; the sound board works as usual. The new speakers must be turned on about five minutes after the system has been turned on by the switch on the wall. USE THE LADDER.  When shutting the system down, turn the speakers off manually, then power down the system by flicking the switch. ENJOY! P.S. sound was great in the circle formation we are currently using. 


APRIL 2, 2019

Oh, my goodness, but the Gremlin has reared its angry head during the last three services. This time, it attacked the Faith Chat but ignored Reflection. Last week, Reflection was its target. Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 10:00 Long and McQuade will be installing a new set of speakers and monitors on lease so that maybe we can isolate the Booming sound that strikes terror in our hearts. I'm so looking forward to parting company with the beast. 

Meanwhile we managed to finish March and its five Sundays with little fanfare. We had Deb on the sound and light boards twice with me in an assist-as-needed role. With the big play upcoming on the fourth Sunday of April and two Easter services,  we need to have quality sound. I'll be around for Thursday night service so if sound is an issue, I can help out.  Erwan will be working with me at the play. Hugo, grandson, is in one of the two plays. 

Thank you to Tapas and Deb for double duty in March. We do have an extra service on Good Friday but I can handle the sound and maybe, Tapas, if there is need for projection, you can help out for that service. Aside from that we will have big services so I hope the equipment works out for us. 

FEBRUARY 26, 2019

Watch for a new schedule to be posted for the upcoming months. Tauran will be taking a break from first Sunday with Brenda taking over for her. Deb will run the sound board on the second Sunday of the month, Jonathan on the third and the team of Barry and George on the fourth. Brenda has been taking on the fifth Sunday when it occurs. At Council on Feb. 26, there will be a motion brought forward for funding the upcoming innovations to the sound system so watch for the excitement. First step will be the lowering, repairing or replacing of the cluster speakers. Exciting!!

A Designated Fund has been started to cover costs. 


We are " movin' on up" in 2019 so the song goes. I am so grateful to Deb Charnuski and Tauran Wood for stepping up to the plate and taking on the task of ridding ourselves of the dreaded "Gremlin" and replacing our outdated equipment. We will be installing a digital board with new speakers and monitors and I, for one, am so pleased to step aside as Deb and Tauran, along with Jason Wright, take over. I quite enjoy being on light and sound duties and plan to continue with second Sunday duties. We can expect some training in the near future.

JANUARY 20, 2019

Jonathan and Meryl were on task in the balcony of Sunday morning. The Gremlin was silent and I received a compliment about how clear the sound was during the service. Yeah!

I had some concerns over the use of the Sound Consul in the TM room which at times has been left open or powered on. We are replacing one of the adapters to connect computer to projector that went missing several months ago and a reminder sign is being posted as we speak. 

Next week, it will be George, Barry and Tapas at task. What a great team!!!

Thank you for the hard work and devotion to the ministry of St. David's over the Christmas season. Yeah, 2019!



 MEANWHILE... We have attempted to move the balcony projector closer to the screen and have achieved our goal to some extent. The slides still overlap the screen, so I guess the only solution is to make sure that in the creation of the slide show, adequate margins are left at either side to accommodate the balcony projector. It is somewhat better and the fun was capturing a picture of David way up in the sky - he abhors heights!!! Go, David.

The season is clipping past at record speed. We have Sunday's service (Dec. 23) with Barry and George on Sound and Tapas on Projector (relieving Meryl), Christmas Eve 4:30 with Barry on Sound and Tapas on Projection, Christmas Eve 8:00 with Jonathan on Sound and Mike on Projection, Wassailing Sunday (Dec. 30) with Tapas on Sound (no Projection) and on the first Sunday of January, Tauran will be back on the Sound Board and Dave Mitchell will be on Projection. Well done, team. It has been a busy month for me with Sound on the First, Second, Third Sunday. There have been no issues with the gremlin - it seems that making sure that the speaker stack (Lower stack) components are in OFF position prior to turning on the power then turning each back on seems to work. Reverse process in turning off the main power. First turn OFF the four lower stack components, then turn OFF main power. 

Who knows what the New Year brings? I have ideas!! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DO, TEAM!!