Following the 2018 congregational sourced data gathering which resulted in over 1000 comments, observations and suggestions, the SDUC EDGE Committee got to work defining the actions to be taken.  In 2019 the implementation committee, of Peggy McDonough, Deb Charnuski, and Colin Outtrim, began the hard work of choosing a manageable number of actions to be investigated.

By early 2019 the Toronto office of the UCC assigned Rob Dalgleish as our EDGE coach to work with us on implementing action.  Unfortunately, Rob suffered injuries in an accident that took him out of participation for a couple of months in late 2019.

Since then, we have been introduced to an array of consulting service available to us. We had grant money offered to us and additional consultant support to mesh our discoveries, our thinking and our objectives with other NW Calgary churches.  
We began a bi-weekly invitation to the congregation to spend a little time during Sunday coffee time to share ideas and to learn of EDGE Committee actions.  We met with Calgary Alliance for the Common Good to see what avenues of cooperation might be achieve with their help.  At this time there has not been any follow-up. 

Many members of our congregation supplied EDGE with ideas for evolving who we are.

Joel Den Haan, a well-known consultant to the United Church, met with Deb and discussed the potential for SDUC and approximately three other churches to co-participate in a study of the facilities use for the group of churches.  Some exciting initial discussion did take place just before COVID 19 struck.

COVID 19 affected our planning as it did for so much more around the world.

The SDUC Edge committee members proposes to meet with the Northminster Edge committee members to define a forward looking plan which would combine the ideas and forward looking plans of both committees.  While no action items are initially expected, we do hope that some collective direction can be identified.