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JUNE 23, 2019

10:00 am


Worship Service presided over by Rev. Peggy McDonagh



  • SUNDAY morning, June 16, 2019, St. Davidians were joined by special guests, Marie Williams, Dorothy Walker and Vern Luchinski as our service honoured Indigenous Peoples of Canada. The cover chosen for our Worship Folder featured a print of a wall hanging found in Rev. Peggy's office which was gifted to her. (Scroll to the bottom of Ministries/Worship/June 16 where you will find the Worship Folder.) Dorothy, accompanied by Vern on guitar, provided some of Dorothy's songs prior to service, during and as postlude.  Rev. Peggy presented Marie with the protocols, tobacco and prayer flags, who, then, performed the smudging ceremony. Her words focussed on the importance of the words we use and how they demonstrate resilience and courage.  Her prayer was in Cree then she offered her explaination to us of the significance of the words chosen. As the smoke from the smudging drifted up through the lights filtering into the sanctuary, we felt the peace and assurance from Marie's words. Following service we enjoyed the fruits of our kitchens as lots of bannock was laid out for us in the Tatanga Mani room (with jars of jams and jellies). 
  • Click on "Sermons" - home page - above for Reflections by Rev. Peggy and our Guest Speakers. A brief exerpt of Marie's words are included.
  • Jennifer McTavish, Affirm chair, has a blog. http://www.sduc-affirming.com Enjoy the updates. 2019 Affirm United Conference is being hosted by Hillhurst UC, July 26-28, 2019. Participants will need accommodation while in Calgary so if you are able to host some folk during the conference please contact Jennifer. 
  • Check out Ministries/ACTS/Seniors' Corner for two learning opportunities this month.  
  • SACRED LEADER AND PSALT AT SDUC: Led by Marian Whitman, the June team was hard at work Sunday morning. Our gratitude overflows for your continued dedication and for making our worship service that much more meaningful.  In the balcony on the June 16, 2019 were PSALT members (Projection, Sound and Light Team), Brenda Wallace and Mike Trew (slides prepared by Alison Slater). In the office as counters and receptionist were Bernie Nemeth, Peter Adams and Margaret Pellici. 
  • We'd like to thank David Layton for taking pictures Sunday mornings. Some of these pictures appear on this website from time to time and if you see one you would like to have, contact Brenda Wallace or Dave Layton to make arrangements. If you have pictures you would like to post on the website, forward same to Brenda Wallace at [email protected] 
  • Remember loved ones or joyous occasions all year with donations to the Flower Fund. Dedications are placed in the worship folder.  The flower committee sends their appreciation.
  • As well, if anyone has celebrations or events they wish to have acknowledged in the worship folder, newsletter or on our webpage, please contact the office administrator at the church office at 403 284 2276 or [email protected] no later than Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. 
  • PASTORAL CARE: You will have noted the new insert in the chair pockets from the Pastoral Care Committee. If you have any pastoral concerns about yourself or others, please complete one of the forms and place it in the container provided at the rear of the sanctuary or contact Rev. Peggy McDonagh at the church office. Deb Stockdale is serving the St. David's Community until Dec. 31, 2019 in the Pastoral Care Ministry. If you know someone who is in long term care, in hospital or is in need of a visit, please contact the office.
  • RAINBOW ROOM NURSERY is available for infants to pre-school age, downstairs at the far end of Robertson Hall. Vanessa will be there to greet you and your little ones. 
  • PRAYER CONCERNS The prayer chain is committed to praying for you in times of crisis for a period of 30 days.  Please contact the office or one of the ministers.
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