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SEPTEMBER 27, 2020:

REV. PEGGY MCDONAGH: 10 a.m. Service on Zoom (Youtube to follow)


  • A Letter from Rev. Peggy McDonagh:

I hope this week blessed your lives with some unexpected kindness, gratitude or surprise.  On Sunday we embark on the final week of the series, Sacred Earth, Sacred Work. 

Just a Reminder:  This 6-week worship series is built on a movement and theology called "Creation Spirituality, a theology that affirms God’s declaration that creation is “supremely good” and that we are called to be that goodness in and for the world.

I invite you to prepare your worship space with elements from nature:

  • flowers, leaves, branches,
  • a rainbow,
  • images of compassion, etc. 
  • a candle placed amongst your creation elements.
  • add to your worship space a special collection bowl or offering bowl that will be part of our worship ritual for the remainder of the series. 
  • a piece of paper that will be an important part of one of our rituals. I’ve attached the worship folder for those who wish to follow along.   I’ve also attached a note from Ruth Cross regarding her Crab-apple Jelly.

(Worship folder and Note from Ruth is found on MINISTRIES/WORSHIP as a file attachment.)

Thank you and see you on Sunday.

Peace be with you,

Rev. Peggy McDonagh St. David's United Church  403 284-2276  Ext. 104


On Zoom, Sunday morning, September 19, 2020,  St. David's congregation gathered for the fifth in a series entitled "Sacred Earth, Sacred Work," with Rev. Peggy McDonagh. COVID-19 has made a difference in our lives, for sure, but our St. David's community remains such an important part of our week. We last met as a congregation on March 15, 2020 -- 28 weeks ago. Plans for returning continue to be a work in progress. Stay tuned!! Remember to print the worship folder so you can follow along most easily. You will find it as a file attachment on the MINISTRIES/Worship Page. 

ACTS MINISTRY STUDIES HAS BEGUN!!This Autumn, Our Group meets on Zoom, Monday Night Study at 7:00PM to 8:30PM (90 minutes) Online sessions run until November 23rd. (No class on Thanksgiving Monday) Our Book is "Universal Christ" by Richard Rohr. If you have missed  so far, check out MINISTRIES/ADULTSPIRITUALDEVELOPMENT PAGE to find the Keynote 45-01 and 02 and follow along. All you need to do is buy the book from Amazon.ca, Indigo or IBOOK. It will be your only cost for the series. 

Thursday Morning Bible Study 10:00AM to 11:00AM (60 minutes)We have met twice thus far. Our focus is on Women of the Bible. Classes run until the end of November. Invite new friends to join us via Zoom. If you have questions, contact Wayne at [email protected]

“Center of your heart is the center of the Universe.  Go to that center and radiate positive vibration for the well-being of humanity [and all created life].”                  - Amit Ray

‘Peace, Bliss, Beauty and Truth'

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020:

REV. PEGGY MCDONAGH: "Glorious Diversity"


SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

Rev. Peggy McDonagh: "Seeing with the Eyes of God that See Us"


AUGUST 30, 2020

Rev. Peggy McDonagh: "The Saving Grace of a Positive Attitude"


AUGUST 23, 2020 -- Rev. Peggy McDonagh: "Spirit of Compassion"


AUGUST 16, 2020 -- Rev. Peggy McDonagh: "CREATION BLESSING" https://youtu.be/DwfgZndeftw

AUGUST 9, 2020 -- Guest Speaker: Brent Tucker https://youtu.be/qH6bFiXEkVs

AUGUST 2, 2020 -- YOUTUBE featuring Brent Tucker




Our YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6c124Hs_H8qK_-Jgkg6DPA 

“The glory of God is a human fully alive.”  St. Ignesius

Peace be with you, 

Rev. Peggy McDonagh

St. David's United Church403 284-2276  Ext. 104 

“Center of your heart is the center of the Universe.  Go to that center and radiate positive vibration for the well-being of humanity [and all created life].”  - Amit Ray,

  • Staying connected has become ever more important as we continue during this Time of COVID-19. Be safe, open your phone directories and make a call to someone who might just be waiting to hear from you and know that the St. David's community exists wherever we are - at home, in our community or in church.

“He who sings, prays twice." - St. Augustine

“The world is full of nice people.  If you can’t find one, be one.” 

  • If you know of someone who might like to receive one of our online worship services please feel free to forward it and remind people to send their email address to us so we can keep connected. Reflections for the Worship Services can be found by clicking on SERMONS at the top of this page. P.S. Since beginning this time of COVID-19 our email list has increased by almost 90 addresses. On Sunday morning, September 13, Rev. Peggy offered her fourth service of her six week series on Creation Spirituality. 
  • We still have openings for volunteers to join the ministries of St. David's. If you have an interest or special gift in stewardship, worship, pastoral care, music, adult spiritual development, etc. we have a place for you. Let Rev. Peggy, Rev. Debbie or Chantal, Office Administrator, know. 
  • If you are unable to attend church but wish to contribute your offering to the life and work of St. David's, you may do so by clicking on the link at the top of the Home Page or contacting the office at 403 284 2276 for assistance.
  • PRAYER CONCERNS The prayer chain is committed to praying for you in times of crisis for a period of 30 days.  Please contact the office or one of the ministers.