Music Ministry

January 28, 2022: Enjoy the Angel Voices as they sing “The Lord Bless You And Keep You” by John Rutter for the Angels?

December 21, 2021: Here it is! The video of Christmas organ music for this year.

November 14, 2021: Please join Brent and Peggy for the Evening Compline Service Sunday November 14 at 7:30 pm. The file attachment is below for the Order of Service for tonight's Compline. 

October 24, 2021:

Music ministry this morning was offered by the Angel Voices with accompaniest Colleen at the piano and direction by Brent. Postlude was a favourite of the congregation. Thank you, so much. 

September 19, 2021: 

This morning's service welcomed Garrett, accompaniest, Rev. Dr. Bruce Clark and Dana Young along with members of the choir as they offered a favourite anthem, "We are not alone" and Blessing, "By God's Hand." Many comments on Chat indicated the congregation's joy with the return of the ministry of our choirs. 

September 9, 2021: Choir practice has begun at St. David's with Brent Tucker on Thursday evenings. Put on your mask, keep socially distanced, sanitize your hands and sing your little hearts out. On Sunday morning, seven of the choir plus Brent ministered to us as they sang unaccompanied: When at Creation’s Dawn There Was No Sound  (James E. Clemens & Jean Janzen). 

Newsletter September: 

The Return of the Choirs! It’s time to start making music once again!

Chamber Choir First Rehearsal: Thursday, September 9 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM

Sanctuary Choir First Rehearsal: Thursday September 9 from 8:00 to 9:30 PM

Angel Voices First Rehearsal: Monday September 13 from 7:30-8:30 PM 

AHS guidelines are in place and singers are encouraged to be double vaccinated. Masks must be worn at rehearsals. 

New members are always welcome; regardless of age or experience, we have a choir for you! Please contact Brent at 403-284-2276 Ex. 106 or [email protected] for more information 

The St. David’s Orchestra will perform a one hour Baroque music concert on the evening of Friday, October 22nd. Please watch for further details. 

Evening compline with pre-service recitals will return this fall. Recital – 7:00 PM. Service – 7:30 PM. Feel free to come for the recital, the service, or both.

Sunday November 14: Justin Luchinski – harpsichord Sunday December 12: Carlo Santos - piano 

Music Lessons: instruction in piano, pipe organ, and theory. All ages and levels welcome with times to suit your schedule (30 mins, 45 mins, & 60 mins). Please contact Brent @ 403-284.2276 Ex. 106 or [email protected] 


May 30, 2021: Brent Tucker presided over the service this morning. He had requested congregants to send in requests for favourite hymns and he was delighted with the response. We sang many songs following a story about each hymns creator. Thanks to choir members who assisted with the singing, to Garrett for accompaniement and to Brent for his enthusiastic leadership. 

December, 2020: 

Brent and Garrett have prepared an organ recital for you to enjoy during our Christmas season. Click on the link and enjoy!

November 29, 2020:

After enjoying two Sundays in early November with "Socially Distanced" choir members offering their ministry in song, we are back to mask-wearing soloists participating in service along with Brent Tucker at the piano. It was with regret that the EVENING COMPLINE service that would have featured the Chamber Choir, scheduled for November 15, 2020, had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

This morning, Ruth Cross, along with Brent, introduced us to a new hymn which will become familiar over the Advent Season. You are welcome to listen to Music featured in the youtube from Sunday morning:

Summer time at St. David's:

Brent has created several organ recordings this summer. Click on the following links, sit back and imagine yourself at St. David's. On August 2, 2020 you are invited to listen to a musical presentation by Brent with Garrett preparing the youtube. There will be no service online.

Enjoy listening to the recordings of the Sanctuary Choir and Chamber Choir by clicking on the

Overview on the left side of this page or by opening their video here.

June 27, 2020

This morning Garrett was our guest pianist with Heather and Paula helping those of us gathered in the sanctuary, bringing the service to you via ZOOM, sing the upbeat hymns that were built into the service. 

June 21, 2020

This morning, Wendy, Kerry, Ruth and Heather, members of various choirs at St. David's, led us in song. Thank you for your dedication and great voices. 

June 14, 2020

We had an anthem at church today!!! Sure, we were 'ZOOMING' but ... Garrett, Scott, Diane, and Heather sang for us with Brent on the piano. Love that new improved internet connection that makes the piano sound almost like we were in the sanctuary with the service team. 

May 12, 2020

A message from Brent: 

Hello everyone.  I do miss seeing everyone in worship and I know we've had some challenges with the organ in our Zoom services.   In light of our current situation, I would like to offer you some recordings of our wonderful pipe organ for you to enjoy in these times - a hymn, an improvisation, and a piece of repertoire.  My aim is to provide them every two weeks.  Here's the first installment. A huge thanks to Garrett Krause for recording and editing them.   Brent Tucker 

March 15, 2020

 The Sanctuary Choir with soloist Ruth Cross (leading us in our Lenten hymn) sang Cast Your Burden on the Lord (Sally DeFord)and their Offertory was Nearer, Dear Savior to Thee(Andrew Hawryluk arr.) under the direction of Brent Tucker with Garrett Krause, accompanist. 

March 8, 2020

The Chamber Choir with soloist Ruth Cross (leading us in our Lenten hymn) sang Open Thou Mine Eyes (setting by John Rutter)and their Offertory was Let the Words of my Mouth (E. Titcomb) under the direction of Brent Tucker.

March 1, 2020

Soloist, Ruth Cross, introduced us to a new song for our Lenten Season - Lent 1. Supported by the Sanctuary Choir we learned to sing "Enter, Enter the story, Enter the place you belong. Not by just looking on, For this is your story. Enter the Story." The Anthem this morning was A New Hosanna - John Purifoy and their Offertory was Shines the Light - Susan and Lee Dengler. Garrett Krause was on the piano with Brent Tucker, directing. 


MUSIC MINISTRY AT SDUC: There are a number of different choral groups associated with St. David's, each having their own focus and purpose.  Please contact Brent Tucker at 403-284-2276 Ex 106 or [email protected] if you are interested in sharing your musical talents in any of our ensembles.

Our different choral groups include: