May 30, 2021
Guest Speaker
Make A Joyful Noise

We sang and sang and sang. Folks were invited to contact Brent Tucker with their hymn requests and that they did. Brent introduced each of the hymns by setting into context the words and music. It was great to have Dana Young, a familiar soloist at St. David's, lead us through My love Colours Outside the Lines. "Little Gifts of New Life," a Pastoral Care Ministry initiative during the Month of May welcomed Bob Hodges, our local bee keeper, and Hugo Goasdoué-Wallace to share their experiences during COVID-19 with us. We also had Garrett Krause play Nocturne for the Left Hand, by Alexander Scriabin for us during Offertory. Thank you to all who made this morning's service so special.  

The refrain for My Love Colours Outside the Lines is:

We'll never walk on water if we're not prepared to drown, body and soul need a soaking from time to time.

And we'll never move the grave stones if we're not prepared to die and realize there are worlds outside the lines.