Rev. Peggy  McDonagh
August 23, 2020
Rev. Peggy McDonagh
Minister of Congregational Operations and Worship


Matthew 12: 28-34

Path I: Recognizing Inherent Goodness

Path II: Befriending the Dark Places

Path III: Exclaiming the Divine Creative

Path IV: Embodying Compassion and Power

This morning, Rev. Peggy guides us through the above Paths as we continue our series on Creation Spirituality. We were asked to prepare for the service by creating a table with items from nature (flowers, fruits...), a large paper heart, a donation bowl (to be used in future services, as well) and our Christ candle to be lit during the service. 

Enjoy the text for Rev. Peggy's Reflection by clicking on the link above. You will also find the Worship Guide there.