April 29, 2019
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Job 12: 7-10, New Creed, Quote - Earth Ministry Organization
To Live with Respect in Creation

Greta Thunberg address to World Economic Conference



A Quote from the Earth Ministry Organization: 

God has given human beings a special responsibility to care for creation.  “God took the human creatures and put them in the garden to till it and to keep it.” The Bible is wonderfully ambiguous at this point.  Did God make the garden because humans needed a place to live?  Or did God create humanity because the garden needed someone to care for it?  The Hebrew verb to keep, “shamar,” is the same word in the Aaronic blessing with which we sometimes conclude our worship services: “May the Lord bless and keep you.” We are to nurture, sustain, and care for creation the way God nurtures, sustains, and cares for us.                           https://earthministry.org/worship/scripture/