ACTS Goes to Guatemala

ACTS commitment is toward outreach and growing awakening through theology and spirituality. In that direction we are pleased to explore a new possibility for St. Davidians and friends to take an active role in the

project that has involved the Chubbway-Way family since 2008. At least four times we have listened to Heather and Bill enthusiastically share their story upon their return from Guatemala where they have helped install ceramic stoves (costing less than $150 each) in the homes of the mountain people of Guatemala. The Hands and Hearts Foundation provide all the logistics to volunteers who come from Canada and whose volunteer offering is matched by the government of Canada and is, therefore, tax deductible.


Seven of us will be accompanying Jan Townsend from "Hearts and Hands" on our trip south to Guatemala two months from now!!. We have shots to get, stuff to buy and pack and get our money into Jan. We are excited, to say the least. 


Hearts and Hands Easter Stove Building Trip

The trip is ON! We discussed it with Jan Townsend and we have enough people to make the March Stove building trip go ahead. THANK YOU to all of you who considered the possibility of coming to Guatemala with us and have decided to come along.

There are a number of things that I can pass on to you about the trip.

  1. Paying trip deposits
  2. Other possible volunteers
  3. Change of departure date
  4. Fund Raising for your trip – “Buy a Stove”
  5. School Student Sponsorships
  6. Trip Coordination meetings with Jan Townsend
  7. Other Information (don’t worry about these ideas until mid-January)
  1. Paying trip deposits

There is a $500.00 deposit to allow Hearts and Hands to make Airline Reservations, and book the AccomModation for the Guatemala destinations.  Please send your deposit to the Treasurer of Hearts and Hands in Canmore: 

c/o  Doug Jones [email protected]

(We gave out some mis-information to some of you about the trip deposits.  We paid our $500 deposits for the two of us to and have received a tax receipt.  However, ATBCares is not set up to receive payment for the trip, only for other donations.)

  1. Other possible volunteers

We have counted 8 volunteers as >90% sure that they will be joining this Stove building with us next Easter.

The trip can easily accommodate 12 -16 volunteers, so if you know of any friends or family who would like to come along, please invite them.  We are trying to get a better idea of the numbers by mid-December.  If they have any questions, direct their attention to the web site: or have them call me.

  1. Change of departure date – Now March 21 through April 4, 2018

In discussions with Jan Townsend, we can save some significant costs by booking our airfare on March 21 instead of March 22. She indicated that the trip would still return on April 4, but we would leave Calgary one day earlier. By the way, Hearts and Hands makes the airline reservations and includes the air travel cost in our trip cost.

  1. Fund Raising for your trip – “Buy a Stove”

You can ask your friends, family and work buddies to donate to Hearts and Hands by buying a stove for this trip. Each person will be building ~10 stoves in the first week of the trip and the cost of these stoves is included in the cost of their trip.  If other people want to contribute but don’t want to volunteer, they can donate $135 to buy one of the stoves that we will build. We can write their names on a slip of cardboard for a photo with the Guatemalan family and then build the slip of cardboard into the stove. OR they can donate whatever they want to Hearts and Hands. If we ask them to send the donations through they will receive a tax receipt immediately for the charitable donation. (Alberta Treasury Branch will add 15% to their donation to Hearts and Hands.) If they can tell us what they chose to donate, Lawrence can deduct their donation from the cost of your trip. 

  1. School Student Sponsorships

You can also Sponsor a Student through the same  website.  For $600.00 one Mayan student will get the school fees paid to allow them to graduate from what we would call secondary school. (That is a one-time donation, not annual.)  Hearts and Hands have identified seven students who qualify for this scholarship, and Heather and I have sponsored one of them.

  1. Trip Coordination meetings with Jan Townsend

We expect that Jan Townsend will be coming to Calgary in early January to meet the volunteers and to pass on some tips for the trip.  The dates will be announced next month.  (Meeting Jan is one of the COOL things about Hearts and Hands. She is one of my favorite people.)

  1. Other Information (don’t worry about these ideas until mid-January)

In January, I’ll send out some more information to prepare for the trip.

  • “Every day is a Yogurt Day.”
  • Seeing a travel clinic for immunizations and advice to prepare medically for the trip.
  • More anticipation…


Heather and Bill are planning on their fifth visit to Guatemala from March 22-April 6, 2018 and they would be delighted to act as hosts to a contingent of volunteers from St. David's. The trip down and accommodation for two weeks would cost a little over $3000 each and would be tax deductible, as mentioned above. Stay tuned for further plans as they come to fruition over the next few months. NOTE: If volunteers raise money for stoves here at home, the total raised is deducted from your trip costs. 

"The Guatemala Stove Project (GSP), is a registered Canadian charity (#871977617 RR0001)[1] that raises funds and provides volunteers for the building of masonry cookstoves in Guatemala's Altiplano (Western Highlands).

The Guatemala Stove Project works in partnership with CEDEC (Centro De Estudios Para El Desarrollo Y La Cooperacion), a non profit indigenous group from Quetzaltenango (Xela) Guatemala. CEDEC and the Guatemala Stove Project work with local women's groups to identify the families who are in need of a stove.[2]

Since 1999 the Guatemala Stove Project has built over 3000 stoves.[3]" - Wikipedia