JULY 10, 2019

Plan to attend our Stampede  breakfast on Sunday, July 14,  2019. Wayne Holst will be presiding. Also, check the Event Page for a schedule of meetings this summer. 

JUNE 26, 2019

Thank you for making your suggestions for the book choices for Monday Night Book Study that will begin again in September. At our year end barbeque last Thursday evening we considered the range of books and are delighted to say that the book of choice is "Holy Envy." Scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find a file attachment with a synopsis of the book as well as commentary by Wayne. Meanwhile, I am busy reading the book online and each page seems to offer a new idea or perspective for these older eyes. (Gentle way of saying old.)

As well, if you enjoyed or found yourself disagreeing with Brian McLaren, you have the chance to chat with him over the weekend of November 1- 3  when he comes to Calgary. Wisdom Centre, the initiative of St. Laurence Anglican Church, has teamed up with several other churches in Calgary to bring Brian here. Check out the upcoming events page for more details.  

JUNE 10, 2019

A Message from Wayne: 

Dear Friends:

St. David's and ACTS Ministry had a highly productive day yesterday!

First, thanks to all who contributed to our "Report to the Congregation Re Our Spiritual Travelers' Sojourn to East Europe and the Baltic States".

Our McDougall Stoney Mission Society program had good news also. Brenda McQueen reports:

Monday, June 10th, 2019

Yesterday at the McDougall Memorial United Church site we had a full day of memorable events and incredible updates.

We started the morning with our McDougall Stoney Mission Society tipi being put on the site for the second time this week! Many thanks to Janet Atkinson (Kay) and her husband Bob Atkinson for donating the money for the tipi. It is a true honour to have a tipi that is ours to have at events as it was part of Janet’s and my childhood memories that we cherish together.

After the tipi was raised, we had a very special smudging ceremony led by Councillor Charles Powderface. This ceremony marked the fact the McDougalls and the Stoneys have laid the groundwork together to move forward as friends and to continue that path that our ancestors started in 1875.

The Commemorative Church Service was then held with over 75 people present and the sense of cohesion and working together for the future was very powerful. At the service we were able to make the official announcement that the Provincial Government has accepted our proposal to restore the church and that we will be working with the Stoney Nakoda nation to build up this site so that it will be better than ever! It truly was a special day for the Society.

The flame has been rekindled, and with all of us working together that flame will flicker into life.

Please check our website and Facebook page regularly for updates. We will need to begin fundraising soon for this restoration to be able to be brought to completion. I am looking forward to making many new special friendships in the next year and I am honoured to be walking down the path that my ancestors started long ago.

Brenda McQueen

JUNE 2, 2019

The Spiritual Travelers, back from their trek to Eastern Europe, will be sharing their adventure with us next Sunday, June 9, 2019 at church. As well, at 3:00 pm, the Annual Spring Commemorative Service with the McDougall Stoney Mission Society will be held on the McDougall Mission Church site. 

MAY 28, 2019

Our church year is drawing to a close so it must be time for ACTS' yearend barbeque. Tentative date is June 20, 2019. Our committee of six enjoy our get togethers where we socialize, strategize and eat! Meanwhile, the initiatives that we support through ACTS are also winding down for summer and preparing for fall. Updates with CACG, Seniors' Corner, McDougall Mission Society follow. 


CACG Notice of Annual General Meeting 

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good will hold its Annual General Meeting June 13th from 9:00 a.m. to10:00 a.m. at Beth Tzedec Synagogue. All members are welcome to attend, but we ask that each member organization send at least one delegate. 

We look forward to having this time of celebrating our accomplishments over the past year, reviewing our finances, electing our board and preparing for the year to come.  An agenda, financial statements and reports will be sent out before the meeting. KEEP SEPT. 23, 2019 OPEN FOR FOUNDING ASSEMBLY GATHERING. 


  • McDougall Stoney Mission Society

Please join us on Saturday, June 1 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. for the inaugural raising of the McDougall Stoney Mission Society’s tipi. The 

 has been handcrafted in the Stoney Nakoda style by the Stoney Nakoda themselves. Elders and youth will be joining us at the McDougall Memorial Church Site (on Hwy 1A) for the teachings and the blessing of the tipi. We invite you to then share your memories of the Church, the Morleyville site, and surrounding area over a picnic lunch.


Please dress for the weather. For women, it is customary to wear long skirts to these ceremonies. Please bring a lawn chair and a picnic lunch to share after the blessing.


Come help us celebrate the land, the history, the relationships, and the friendships that are being built at the site.


Come join us for our summer event schedule!


We will be hosting a variety of events at the McDougall Memorial United Church Site this summer and look forward to seeing you there. Enjoy the beauty of the site and take part in its continued history of bringing people together.


Spring Commemorative Church Service

Our annual spring service is a great opportunity to learn about the history of Southern Alberta. Expect many special guests this year from the Stoney Nakoda Nation.


Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019

Time: 3:00 p.m.


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Relive your childhood memories at this family friendly old-fashioned sports day at the McDougall Memorial Church site. Young and old will enjoy nostalgic games including Egg and Spoon, Sack Race and Three Legged Race, followed by refreshments and tours of the site.


Date: Saturday, July 27, 2019

Time: 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.


Fall Commemorative Church Service

Stayed tuned for more information about our annual fall service. We're excited to organize another special program!


Date: Sunday, September 8, 2019

Time: 3:00 p.m


All events are hosted at the McDougall Memorial Church Site, 26 km west of Cochrane on the 1A Highway.



Each year, Calgary honours seniors with opportunities to use City of Calgary and other facilities for free or at a discounted rate.  Seniors Week is June 2-8 with opportunities to participate throughout Calgary.  You can note that one event is at the Bell National Music Center ( free admission on Tuesday) and at the Glenbow Museum ( free, on Tuesday).  If you click on the link below and then click on the events written in red, you will see what is available to do.  We hope that something will ‘tickle your fancy’!




Your seniors ministry team,

Pat, Marlene and Sherri

MAY 20, 2019

Our travelers have returned. They were tired after a very long day making their way back to Calgary but they will have lots of stories to tell. Watch for further details. 

NOTE: The worksheet from Session #10 - "Christians on Spiritual Migration" - has been replaced with a copy that can be printed properly. Thanks, Sally, for pointing out that the existing copy did something really strange. IF you require more background information to support the possibilities, please visit http://www.edge-ucc.ca

APRIL 14, 2019

The Spiritual Travelers had a special moment on Sunday morning when Rev. Peggy offered a prayer for their safe travel and return. Many of the Travelers stood to be recognized. They leave on April 25th for a pilgrimage to Eastern Europe and Russia. Bon Voyage, dear friends. Here is the prayer Rev. Peggy offered:

"God, you created feet to move, and minds to imagine new things and places and people. We are made to travel and explore this amazing and dynamic world. Still, this world in which we move is wrought with dangers and threats and travelers are vulnerable. For those leaving on tour may their steps be protected as they travel on the road and in the air. May Divine protection accompany them. Keep them healthy and guard them against sickness, injury, accident and violence. May they be greeted and blessed with moderate weather on their travels. Give wisdom to those flying the airplane and driving the vehicles and keep the machinery working properly. And, even now, begin to prepare them and the places they will visit, so that they can meet your Divine inspiration and esssence in each other and in all that is experienced. And while they are gone, protect those left behind. Keep the peace and secure the boundaries of their homes and guard over their property and their love ones, children, grandchildren, family and frends. May these words inspire: 'May the road rise to meet them. May the wind be always at their back. May the sun shine warm upon their faces and until we meet again, may God be their companion and guide, protector and provider and hold them in the palm of Divine love. Amen.' "

APRIL 9, 2019

You may have noticed that our library is in a state of change with the new room arrangement in the foyer. Watch for future developments. You also might like to visit Wayne's current posting of his Colleagues blogspot. http://tinyurl.com/y3bnrhck

MARCH 25, 2019

ACTS Spiritual Travelers gathered together on this first Book End Session on Monday Night. Wayne's message follows:

24 persons attended our gathering last evening and because she underspent her Monday Study budget. Those who could not attend are receiving their gifts, travel packs and booklets by mail. (7 live outside our province but we are keeping them in the loop).

Lisa Dare and her husband (two of the new co-owners of Rostad Tours) were present and she gave us all an excellent presentation on the nature of the new fiscal structure of the company. This did a lot to influence minds on the financial stability of the Rostad

She really likes our philosophy for travel and this was reflected in the beautiful and personalized passenger tour booklet that all 30 travelers are now receiving. She was also impressed with the reflection pages created by Jock and I to accompany the daily itinerary.
They may encourage other tours to do the same.

Jock was able to share his South African picture and video collection on a special stick he has created and which is now going to all 25 SA travelers. This formally concludes our 2017 travel project.

We seem to be in pretty good shape exactly one month before our departure. I am talking with Peggy about a send-off blessing at worship, April 21st and a possible Report to the Congregation in early June. These have become traditions around our spiritual travel events.


"The Great Spiritual Migration." 

MARCH 18, 2019

We had a full house on Monday Night for the 10th and final Session of our book study for this winter. It was a full agenda, as well. Bob Clare opened for us, indicating his major conclusions from our study. Ryan Anderson, Director of Calgary Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) then presented a very inspiring talk, combining his understanding of Bruce McLaren's thesis with the organizational genius of the CACG and the particular needs of St. David's. His slides are incorporated into the 42-10 Session #10 attached below. 

After hospitality break, Colin Outtrim presented the March update to St. David's Edge report, indicating some of future directions that seem right for St. David's. Brenda's segment - 16 Possibilities for the 21st Century - is included as an attachment entitled "Christian in Spiritual Migration", as well so if you missed tonight, you are welcome to copy and hand in your questionnaire to Wayne, Brenda or Jock. Brenda attempted to pull together the information gleaned from McLaren's book along with the UCC Edge visionaries and Wesley Granberg-Michaelson's "Future Faith." 

Long time faithful member of Monday Night Book Study, Ken Kittridge, gave his summary of our study for which we are most apprectiative and our leader, Wayne Holst, closed with prayer. 

The website below is a map of Canada with all of the grants awarded to individual United Church Communities of Faith. Very interesting. While on this websight, peruse all the ways that United Church are a part of "The Great Spiritual Migration." As well, be sure to follow the March update to the Edge program that Colin presented Monday night. 


MARCH 11, 2019

Our book study is drawing to the its end. Tonight we worked through Appendix i and ii and, judging from the animated conversation in the room during smaller group sessions and large group dialogue, lots of ideas have arisen from our reading and study. Frans opened with the Carl Sagan video, "Blue Dot", a lesson in our place in the universe and Brenda closed with the "Prayer of Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin."

Next week we will be sharing the "epiphanies" that we have had during the course. McLaren has definitely challenged us to be part of the Spiritual migration. Maybe we are well on our way. Bob Clare will open and Ken Kittridge will do his customary summary of the course. Have a great week and we will see you on March 18, 2019. 

Note that we have Mike Grammer's input along with the pdf of Session #9. 

MARCH 4, 2019

The weather is moderating and the T.M. room was full of enthusiastic members of our Book Study. Sheryl opened with readings from two of her favourite authors, stressing love and hope in our lives. Deb. C's closing is included in the pdf for Session #8 below. Having dealt with a very honest and stark description of our modern culture, McLaren, chapter 10, offers his vision for the future. Wayne, supplemented by Jock's video selections, led us through the process of being open-hearted. 

McLaren's "Afterward" advises us to "Get going! Go farther! Go forward! Jock showed us a video that illustrates the daring required by the Hebrew people as they set off across the Red Sea in their escape from the Egyptians. The conversation with Richard Rohr relates well with McLaren's "Afterward."

Our readings for next week are to complete the book. Frans is opening and Brenda will be closing. 

FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Chapters Eight and Nine, covered first by Jock (who has studied extensively the challenges of our time as outlined by McLaren) and then by Wayne after our break (and snacks - thank you, Marlene) during which explored McLaren's and others' visions for the future of faith. Thoughts of theologians like Thomas Berry, Vincent Donavon and Pope Francis were added to the mix. Sally Hodges' opening lent insight into the future vision of the peace movement in which she and Bob have been immersed during the past many years. 

Colin Outtrim, Edge Committee Chair, added information regarding St. David's and its take on the future as a mainline Protestant church. For closing, Brenda read a portion of McLaren's Chapter 9 which invited us to consider the goodness that surrounds us as a church and as citizens of the world and followers of Jesus. 

READINGS for next week are Chapter 10 and the Afterword. Opening for Session Eight will be Sheryl S. and Closing is Deb C. See you next week. 

FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Our numbers were down last night, this being Family Day here in Alberta, however those who were able to attend were led through a heartfelt review of the history and evolution of the United Church of Canada since its inception in 1925. Rev. Peggy incorporated the vision of McLaren for the future of the church with that of the UCC and its reorganization presently underway. In her preparation for the evening, she determined three migrations throughout our history: the first beginning in 1925 was focussed on social justice  and outreach (Progressive Presence) during which we were looked to as an intricate part of the Canadian decision making process, the second was focussed on internal matters and governance (Inward Protection)where our role in Canadian life diminished over time and, now the third migration which is returning decision making to the communities of faith and to local congregations (Migration of Hope). St. David's is part of Regional #3 --Chinook Winds--, along with 90 other congregations, headquartered in Okotoks United Church. Rev. Peggy concluded with her journey in the UCC and the excitement in her voice was contagious. 

Following our break (thanks, Marlene) yours truly led the group through an examination of McLaren's "Appendix III-- More on Beliefs." I read a statement on beliefs by Marcus Borg: "It is trust and loyalty that transforms us. Beliefs may preced them or follow them or remain quite unconnected to them. But beliefs do no save us, do not transform us. Trust and loyalty do. This comination is the centering in God that is the primary meaning of faith. This centerings is the purpose of the Christian life. This is the vision at the heart of a tranformation, centered Christianity." McLaren's analysis of beliefs (conceptual and relational) along with those of Clayton and Knapp in "The Predicament of Belief" tie in quite nicely with Borg. McLaren's "Convening Table" with its four legs: The Story, The Saints (and Living Elders), the Practice and the Vision of the Future gave us a very concrete image from which to determine our own beliefs and values -- which will really determine the future of our church. 

Opening tonight was by June Marten and Wayne closed. Next week, Session #7, will have Opening by Sally Hodges and Closing is as of now, undetermined. Readings for Session #7 are Chapter 8 and 9 - pages 331- 408. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Session #6 - pdf.

You are invited to read the 2006 Statement of Belief of the UCC attached as a file below.

FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Love these Monday nights. Yes, it was cold outside but the feelings expressed in the T.M. room were very warm and enthusiastic as the "Spiritual Migrators" gathered. Opening and Closing were provided by Mike Grammer through Deb Charnuski. Mike's thoughtful analyses have been part of our Book Study for several sessions. Thank you, Mike (and Deb). Last night we focussed on chapters 6 and 7 with input by Wayne and video support by Jock. Thank you for your continued efforts that keep bringing us out on Monday evenings. Scroll to the bottom of this page to review the powerpoint that will include video selections that we didn't have time to view last night or click on the book title found at the top  left of our ACTS ministry page. See the article from the Observer for next week's reading as a file attachment below along with Appendix III from our book. 

FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Twenty-eight of us braved the frigid weather last night to attend the fourth session of our study of Brian McLaren's "The Great Spiritual Migration." Brenda opened with a reading of "Let Us Build a Home" - the first hymn sung Sunday morning at worship - and then read the poem, "Until", which was a printed reading.  (See Worship Folder Feb. 3, 2019 by scrolling to the bottom of the Worship Ministry page).

The first hour was devoted to Chapter 3, "Learning to Love," and, more specifically to the active ministry behind St. David's webpage, www.sduc.ca. Brenda is in her third year as acting webmaster for sduc.ca and spends several hours weekly - making sure that everything is up to date.

In Chapter 3 of McLaren's book, he describes the online ministry of EastLake Community Church which gave Brenda a renewed task of viewing our website as St. David's ministry to our congregation as well as to visitors who might come across our website. She referred to Deb. Stockdale's reflection on Feb.3, 2019 (recap of which can be found by clicking the Sermon icon on the Home Page) several times as she looked for the importance of "Love" as analyzed by McLaren at St. David's. She underscored the words emphasized in our Vision and Mission statements, then went on to examine four lessons of Love: Love of neighbour, Love of self, Love of the Earth and Love of God. Finally we reviewed the elements of worship as outlined by McLaren. Discussion played a major role as it does every session.

After a delicious (as usual) break, Wayne and Jock presented a study of Chapters 4 (Genocide Card) and 5 (God 5.0). When you scroll down on this page you will find that  Jock has added a list of websites you might explore that go beyond the ones included in the pdf for Session #4. Enjoy!

Your readings for the coming week are Chapters 6 and 7 to page 148. Mike Grammer, our fellow book-studier from Toronto, will be opening and closing. Be sure to check out Mike's study notes which are also uploaded as a file attachment below.  

JANUARY 28, 2019

Last night was awesome. There were 32 of us in attendance and the conversation/ discussion was so incredible that we just couldn't finish our planned program. Yahoo! Wayne took us on an historical venture through the migration (adaptations) of our protestant roots, concluding with the most recent decision of the UCC. Jock supported the data with enlightening video and you can review it on the file attachment below. Next week, I get my turn with Chapter two - Learning to Love. Readings for next week, session #4, are chapters 3 and 4. I'll be Opening and Colin will be Closing. 

JANUARY 21, 2019

Last night only one of our registered Book Studiers was absent and she was on holiday. Hi, Betty! Both Wayne and Jock worked especially hard preparing for Session #2. Special thanks to Colin and Eldon who brought along their laptops and adapters in case our system failed as it did for Session #1. Problem was that the adapter used to connect the projector and computer didn't work as it was supposed to, so it has been replaced with a shiny new (costly) adapter that should serve us well until the next style of adapter appears on the scene. 

All aside, Jock opened with a video that featured a duet by the Owens, singing "A Change is Gonna Come ". Wayne's task this week was to take advantage of the Jock's video preparation for Session #1 with the assigned readings for Session #2. We viewed a video about African-American migration from the south to the north to which Wayne added further detail. That historical migration shares some qualities with the migration that McLaren is envisioning with some of the same root causes. We went on to view Brian McLaren sharing his life and experiences with us - for many that was putting a face to print. (Incidentally, if you "google" Brian McLaren or the title of our book, you will find a wealth of material. I am receiving weekly blogs from his website.)

Thank you, Heather, for your closing. Our homework is to consider a quote from page 10 of our book, "...the spiritual conversion we need won't change the essence, heart or treasure of our Christian faith." The paragraph goes on to say that Christianity will always be rooted in Jesus and his good news. 

The readings for Session #3 are Chapters 2 and 3: A Deeper Loyalty and Learning How to Love. That will take you to page 70. As well, you might want to check out the three organizations he cites in his dedication at the beginning. 

Next week, January 28, 2019, opening is by Karen McKeown and closing by Joan Gray. Happy reading!!

JANUARY 14, 2019

We are off to a fine start in our study of "The Great Spiritual Migration" by Brian McLaren. We have 40 people registered in the study. Conversation is great, participation is amazing, snack time is nourishing. Where else would one want to be on Monday Nights until March 18, 2019? Check out the file attachment below to view 42-1b Session #1 Powerpoint. 

We had a technology problem last night. Jock's computer could not seem to communicate with the projector. Never fear; next week we will have a standby digital projector nearby. See you then. Our readings for next week are The Preface, Introduction and Crisis by the Palo Verde Tree - to page 33. Enjoy! Opening will be up to the leaders while Heather M. will be handling the closing. It is not too late to volunteer to offer a short (5 minute) opening or closing or both. Tonight, Wayne opened with a prayer and Brenda closed with a reading from Richard Rohr's webpage - a meditation for Jan. 3, 2019. The ending quote bears repeating:

"The way Jesus tried to change people was by loving and healing them, accusing only their accusers. Why did we not notice that? His harshest words were reserved for those who perpetuated systems of inequality and oppression and who, through religion itself, thought they were sinless and untouchable. Jesus did not so much love people once they changed, but he loved people so that they could change. - Richard Rohr



The notes and keynote presentations beginning from October 2017 to end of Session #10 for Marcus Borg's book "Convictions" are uploaded as file attachments below. 

JUNE 26, 2017

If you are involved or would like to be involved in the MACG (Metro Alliance for the Common Good) there are several meetings occurring this week. Check the events page for details. 

The ACTS committee  held its windup meeting and barbeque, hosted by Marlene and Wayne Holst. We took advantage of the event to wish happy birthday to the hosts. At our meeting, we agreed to increase our donation to General Funds at SDUC to $1000 for 2016-2017. As well, we decided that next fall's Book for study will be Marcus Borg's book, "Connections." It will be available in early fall with our course commencing on Monday night, September 18, at 7:00 p.m. See you there!

JUNE 11, 2017

The McDougall United Memorial Church Service scheduled for today at 3 was held adjacent to the shell of the old church. Over 125 people gathered to hear stories from members of the Stoney people and the McDougall family. The afternoon presented an ideal prairie vista as seats inside the donated tent with cathedral windows filled up quickly. Here is a quote from Wayne Holst, emcee for the event.

"It was a joy to welcome such a large, diverse community to the
June commemorative event at the McDougall Church today.
Indeed, a Phoenix is rising from the ashes!
It took a special effort to make this journey to this sacred site.
The involvement of the Stoney people was most encouraging.
Participants filled 120 seats while others assumed standing room
in the special tent that was erected beside the ruin for the occasion.
Media participation was most encouraging. Watch for TV news!
The socializing that followed was an important new breakthrough.
I believe this was a very practical and substantial way to build
bridges with the Stoney people who participated and contributed
in such a strong way. A new future together stands before us.
These are important steps to honour the past, grieve our losses
and begin to take a big step to rebuild in a sacred place..

St. Davids is doing a lot to contribute to a new inclusive future
that involves Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people alike.'

Thank you, Wayne, for your tireless devotion to ACTS Ministry at St. David's. Our committee will be meeting on June 19th for our annual barbeque. See you there. 

JUNE 9, 2017

Wayne Holst's weekly blogs can be accessed by clicking the following link: Wayne Holst's Colleagues List. Note: If you are interested in attending the upcoming MACG leadership Seminar, check out the MACG page and newsletter for June above. 

MAY 24, 2017

Representing SDUC at MACG's annual luncheon were Wayne Holst, Adult Spiritual Development Ministry, Rev. Kelley Warner and myself, Chair of ACTS. Lunch was good and the discussion guided by MACG director, Ryan Anderson, was lively. St. David's is one of the 18 agencies, including several churches, that is supporting the program as it targets Seniors' Issues, Reconciliation Issues and Issues of Poverty pretaining to the "common good" in Calgary. Several of our congregants have taken advantage of leadership programs offered. 

You can check out the latest edition of Wayne Holst's Colleagues List by clicking on the link.

APRIL 30, 2017

The ACTS committee is busy determining the book(s) to be studied this fall during our Monday Night Book Study. We love suggestions for consideration. Currently, I am enjoying the book "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari. You are invited to follow Wayne Holst's "Colleagues Blog" as he documents current thinking and writing in theology and spirituality. Colleagues blogspot

APRIL 3, 2017

Check out the April newsletter for MACG by clicking the icon on the left side of our ACTS ministry page. 

MARCH 27, 2017

We have concluded our winter book study featuring the book by Dr. Ehrman, "How Jesus Became God." This in-depth study of the early development of the Christian faith has been exceptional with its scope. Monday nights drew together upwards of 30 people who listened watched, learned and shared their understandings. You can check out the study by clicking the following LINK.

MARCH 23, 2017

The ACTS committee has been lighting the value of the month candle during the month of March. We have had to be "Mindful" of this value as we have reflected during the season of Lent. Click the following link to read the latest Colleagues Blog by Wayne Holst, LINK March 19.

MARCH 13, 2017

Thursday morning Bible Study is moving out of Joshua and onto Judges. Check out the study schedule for the remaining mornings as an attachment below. 


KERRY DUNCAN-MCCARTNEY, our dedicated librarian, has asked us to publicize an upcoming event sponsored by the ST. David's Foundation at the end of the month. Here is her email to Alison. 

A community group is holding a symposium on  human security in Calgary at the end of March.  The St David’s Foundation provided the funding to bring in the keynote speaker (the Project Ploughshares executive director from Waterloo).  As a thank you, the organizers have provided St. David’s with 10 free registrations to the event.  They were hoping to reach out particularly to young parents and youth, although they will be thrilled to welcome attendees of any age.  I have attached a copy of the poster and a one page info sheet to use as a basis for your invitation. I have taken a poster about the event and 9 of the 10 tickets (I did keep one for myself) to Chantal in the office this afternoon.  While I am not involved in organizing the event myself, I will certainly get you the answers to any questions you have.  Thank you so much for your help, Kerry DM  Virus-free. Check out the file attachment below for the schedule of events.

ST. DAVID'S has entered a one year covenant with MACG - Metro Alliance for the Common Good - under the direction of Ryan Anderson who was our guest speaker during and after service in February. This month there are five St. Davidians attended a leadership seminar conducted by MACG. This program targets two issues selected by the Alliance, namely "Reconciliation of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples" and "Senior Support in Calgary." MACG newsletter for March is attached as a file below. 

ACTS ANNUAL ST. DAVID'S LENTEN RETREAT at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre last Sunday was amazingly successful. The sun shone on our silent lunch and the leadership by Susan Campbell, director, was meaningful and timely. The theme, "Encountering Mercy" gave us cause for contemplation as we adjourned to the beauty of the location, either at rest on the chairs opening to the gardens or walking the perimeter on the fresh fallen snow. Mark your calendars for the beginning of Lent, 2018 and make it a goal to attend the  ACTS annual retreat. 

MONDAY NIGHT BOOK STUDY  began Monday evening, January 23, 2017 at 7 p.m. There are over 30 registrants and we are looking forward to more nights of "Fun, Food and Fellowship." -- the recipe for success maintained by Roy Farquaharson who rarely missed a study or a Monday night. You can check out the 10 sessions from our fall study as well as archival entries for our other books by clicking Monday Night Book Study. LINK

THURSDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY, 9:30. Great leadership and conversation awaits participants every Thursday morning. Wayne Holst, our Adult Spiritual Development Minister, as well, publishes a most informative blog which he has entitled Colleagues List. Join his regular readers by clicking on the following link. February 19 LINK   March 3 LINK


  • Theme for Book Study 2016-2017: "Rediscovering the Bible for Today"
  • Book: "How Jesus Became God" by Bart D. Ehrman
  • A ten-week introduction to the entire Bible with help to engage it meaningfully, today.
  • Ten Monday evenings, 7-9PM
  • In the St. David's TM Room
  • January 23rd - April 10th, 2017

Thanks to all our participants -- those attending and those following on line. We are truly blessed with your presence. The discussion is lively, the food is nourishing and friendships blossom.
The chapter readings for each date and a few reference links are posted regularly.