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March 1, 2021

What a special evening this was! We had opportunities to reflect upon the first five sessions of our book study and to internalize our readings with our Hebrew/Christian traditions. We have been familiar with the wilderness stories of the Hebrew people along with Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness but articulating our own personal "wilderness" experiences is not something we do all that readily. Dr. Brené Brown has given much thought to how we can "BRAVE" the wilderness on our "Quest for True Belonging" with the "Courage to stand alone." 

Videos featured Dr. Brown and Fr. Richard Rohr. The pdf for the presentation of tonight's session can be found on the MINISTRIES/ADULT SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT page. 

February 22, 2021

Anger. Dehumanization. Conflict Transformation. These were some of the themes that arose from Chapter Four: People are Hard to Hate Close Up. Move In. Break out rooms are working very well- discussions are lively as the concepts we are working with are very contemporary and touch all of our lives. This was Session #5. Next week is a mid-session week with lots of opportunity for interaction and sharing. See you on March 1, 2021 (In like a lamb? a lion?)

February 15, 2021

Tonight our focus was Chapter Three: High Lonesome -- A Spiritual Crisis and our breakout rooms dealt with three primary topics: Music -- its role in our emotional and spiritual growth; Bunkers -- their way of dividing us into fixed points of view with little chance to see outside at the way others think; and Positive Forces -- their role in connecting us through listening and learning and overcoming our fear of differences.

Tonight we were the faces behind 29 computer devices as Carly-Jean Godfrey opened with the reading of the "Desiderata." Darlene Heynen closed with a reading about our souls and our deepest needs. Thank you to all for your willingness to share your insight and opinion. We are indeed blessed. 

February 8, 2021

Tonight, we shared our third session of this very intriguing book study. Our group consisted of 28 - with three folks joining us from BC, one from Medicine Hat, one from Toronto and the rest from Calgary. This book study is the 46th of a series of books studied on Monday night under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst and Jock McTavish. In recent studies, Brenda Wallace and Joan Gray have joined the leadership team. 

During the Time of COVID-19, being able to gather on ZOOM is indeed a blessing. This study, we have incorporated Break out Rooms in our design -- a gift of technology, for sure!! There is no cost for the study besides the purchase of your personal copy of the book. 

Join us for Session #4 next Monday night when we work on Chapter Three: High Lonesome -- a Spiritual Crisis. Contact the church office at 403 284 2276