WINTER at St. David's

It has been a while since there has been an update on the Sacred Service teams at St. David's. Deb's team (December) was followed by Darlene (and Frans Heynen) team in January, Heather and Bill Chubb-Way in February and, now, the McIntosh team is at task Sunday mornings during the month of March. What an opportunity this is to serve in the work of the worship team! Definitely a great idea!!

AUTUMN at St. David's

DECEMBER Sacred Service, with Deb Charnuski leading, has involved members from the various teams who are available to help out during this very busy month. We are most appreciative of the work that is done by our teams. Well done. Enjoy pictures of the Shannons who ushered and to Hugo and Iris who helped greet.

A message from Sheryl:  

Good Evening Sacred Servers,
Tomorrow is September 1st and the official beginning of the 2019-2020 year of service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for your undying support this past year.
A very special thank you to those of you who helped with serving throughout July and especially August. 

As we move forward there are two items I need to share with you:
1. From now on, a member of the team is to light the Christ candle during the worship service. The member will read the words as printed in the bulletin using the hand held mic. This is to happen every Sunday during the service. 
Continue to light the Creation, Affirming and Treaty 7/Metis Region 3 candles prior to the service. 
You may deicide that the same member light the Christ candle each week or a different member each's up to you!
2. There will be a special service on September 29th to celebrate the Sacred Service Teams. I will be meeting with Peggy before then to plan the service. If you have any ideas that you would like us to consider for the service please email me over the next two weeks.
Take care of yourselves,

SUMMER at St. David's

A message from Sheryl:

Summer is here! I will be going to Nelson, British Columbia in a few hours for two weeks. I'll be in Calgary for two weeks and then I'm heading to a wedding on the long weekend in August.
Like Kerry, the membership of the August team is slim! Heather and Bill have agreed to cover my absence on the long weekend, August, 4th. Unfortunately no one else on the team can help out on that particular Sunday. I have two pending emails/phone calls to hear from so I'm hopeful that they will be able to help out on the 4th. 
I am sending this email out to you asking if you can help Kerry in July or me in August.
Please contact Kerry if you can help her out.
The Sundays in August are: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th. 
This August is extraordinary in that I have three family events. I will only be in attendance on the 25th! If you are able to lead the teams on the 11th or 18th I would really appreciate that. Heather and Bill are leading the team on the 4th.
I will be checking my email regularly.
Thanks for your support.
I'm sure we will be okay even if we are asking for help at the door on Sundays.
Take care,

JUNE, 2019

It is Marian Whitman's June team who are busy at church on Sunday mornings. They have five Sundays - amazing that there is only one left! Marian has her binder of responsibilities available and, as usual, we are so grateful to her team and to regulars like Don and Mona and George who offer their services every month. Yeah, team!!!

MAY, 2019

It's our turn!! Yahoo!! Some of us met for a tea party on Palm Sunday and, yesterday, lots of the May team gathered at St. David's to light candles, butter raisin bread, make coffee, greet, usher, take up collection, tidy and host -- Sacred Service is such a great idea and awesome way to serve in the ministry of St. David's. We have four Sundays - three left: Christian Family Service, Long weekend Service and Barbeque Family Picnic Sunday. Wow!! 

APRIL, 2019

It's Bonnae Mctavish and her team who will be working hard this month. With Palm Sunday next week, Easter Sunday, the following week and the Chameleon Drama Groups' plays on the last Sunday of the month, the April team will be busy. They were off to a good start on the 7th during which the Ministry of Families' Alison and the Youth group presided. It has been challenging to work around the circular formation but everything seemed to work out flawlessly on Sunday. Thank you, April team. 

May team met for a planning session at a "Tea Party" Sunday afternoon at May coordinator, Brenda Wallace. Such a fabulous program is our sacred service program. New and old faces will be on hand for the May's services. 

MARCH, 2019

Heather and Ray McIntosh's team for Sacred Service had a particularly busy and oft challenging month that started with Lent and the new seating arrangement for the Lenten Season. Their work was most appreciated by staff. You made Rev. Peggy's Day on a number of occasions. The Value of the Month - "Compassion" was definitely a key value for your group. 

Remember that we have a general meeting for Sacred Service on April 7, after service.


Heather Chubb-Way and her February team are hard at work Sunday mornings, learning how to make coffee, find the offering plates, light the candles... it is a long list. Go, team, go. Special thanks to Jerry and Bob. A message from Darlene and Frans: 

Please be advised that Jerry Stride is no longer volunteering as an usher on the second Sunday of the month. After 35 years, he deserves a rest. Bob Hanwell has said that his third Sunday ushering capability is restricted because of physical ailments so please confirm his availability in advance. Thanks.


Now it is Frans and Darlene's turn to head up the January team of Sacred Service. There are many things to remember to do as we prepare for service and coffee time following and then with clean up. It is always great to see new faces ushering and collecting offering during service. Thank you for your dedication. l

Darlene sent out the following reminder for all Sacred Service teams: 

Please be advised that Jerry Stride is no longer volunteering as an usher on the second Sunday of the month. After 35 years, he deserves a rest. Bob Hanwell has said that his third Sunday ushering capability is restricted because of physical ailments so please confirm his availability in advance. Thanks. 

Special thanks go to Don McKinnon who along with Mona make coffee for the T.M. room on the second Sunday of the month. 

MAY, 2018


1. Remember to lock the front doors after service. Iglisio ni Cristos does not have keys. 

Note from Chantal: We have had 3-4 times in the past two months where the front door has been left unlocked over night on Sunday. I waas hoping you could please pass a reminder along to the sacred service leaders to remember to lock the door on Sunday before they leave. 



Good Evening Team Leaders,
A note from Peggy... I was wondering if you could send a note to the leaders and add this to the worship instructions, that going forward the offering plates are to be housed in the candle room (the storage room in the stairwell that goes up the sound system).  Also, the service should not even begin without the offering plates on the usher table ready for the offering.  
Thanks everyone!
Take care of yourselves,




St. David's Sacred Service are teams of people (children to adults) who take on the supportivee tasks associated with Sunday morning events for one month each year. There are 12 Sacred Service teams operating at St. David's, with newcomers being added when they are comfortable and ready. 

PURPOSE of Sacred Service Ministry: 

1. To deepen the relationships of people within the church.

2. To promote a higher rate of active participation in the faith life of St. David's

3. To allow for people to test their gifts.

4. To offer an opportunity for meaningful intergenerational interaction.

5. To provide occasions where newcomers can become more involved in the life of the community.

6. To have fun!



  • Working with existing teams, ushering and greeting including and taking offering
  • Preparing for the Coffee fellowship time
  • Setting up the communion and prayer candle tables as required
  • Reading scripture in cooperation with existing team
  • Tidying up the sanctuary before and after the service


  • Providing and preparing bread and juice for communion
  • Setting up communion Sunday morning
  • Serving communion
  • Assisting with Community Lunch 


  • Some team members will be needed prior to service and others after service
  • Coordination will be initially an assigned role but, later, can rotate among team members
  • Kids are welcome
  • Church attendance is flexible - come on your own availability


You will be contacted by your team leader and, at that time, you can indicate your availability. Honorable exemptions can be given by calling the office at 403 284 2276.