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A Place at the Table

The Sanctuary Choir offered their ministry of song as we observed the Second Sunday of Advent, Peace. It was a significant service for the Tech Team as we used our new equipment to hear and view the service. Our guest technical 'driver' was Allan Buckingham, Rundle Memorial United Church of Banff and following the service he conducted a training session for the team under the direction of Deb Charnuski. We have moved into a new era of live-streaming through Youtube. This morning we had equal numbers in the sanctuary as at home. 

Rev. Peggy's service was entitled "A Place at the Table" and our featured speaker was Sarah Hughes, Children's Cottage Society and from Northminster United. Thank you to all who participated.

Our Sacred Service Coordinators were at work this morning helping out during our service. Sheryl Schoenthaler is our coordinator.  

To see a video of our past Worship Services, visit our YouTube Channel.