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The Teaching: Risking Challenge

Love is the touch of intangible joy; Love is the force that no fear can destroy;

Love is the goodness we gladly applaud. God is where love is, for love is of God.

As we continue picturing ourselves in the tableaus of the Passion of Jesus during this Lenten season, today we reflected upon Jesus, again in the Temple, where he is being questioned by the High Priests and Pharisees. Gospel readings from Matthew 22: 15-22, 34-40 tell us about Jesus being tested.

Our guest speaker, Kelly Ernst, from Calgary's Rainbow Railroad Station gave us the opportunity to reflect upon the hardships that have been endured by the refugee and immigrant folks who are clients and friends of the Rainbow Railroad Station rainbow railroad station calgary . Catering to the needs of new LGBTQ+ Canadians, Kelly and his team care for people who have suffered greatly in their homelands.

You may read Kelly's Reflection by scrolling to the bottom of the page to open the file attachment. To see the Worship Guide for March 15, go the MINISTRIES/Worship.