Rev. Nancy Nourse
May 2, 2022
Rev. Nancy Nourse


Psalm 30 (video presentation from Youth), Acts 9:1-20 and John 21: 1-19


As a new day was dawning, Jesus said to his disciples, “Have you not caught any fish?” 

“No we have not,” came the discouraged answer. 

“Then try something new, and put your nets down on the other side of the boat,” Jesus said. 

Without any questioning why, the disciples did as Jesus suggested, and something amazing happened. Suddenly there were so many fish in the nets, they could hardly haul back into the boat all the fish they had caught! 

Abundant is the love all around us. And as this day dawns for us, eager is the Spirit that joins us together with Christ. The same Jesus gathers us here today, encouraging us, nudging us, inspiring us to do something new in partnership together. 

Watch for a recap of the Reflection