April 5, 2022
Guest Speaker
Lent V with Dr. Michael Trew

The Lent V service this morning was led by Dr. Michael Trew, a familiar member of our congregation. The gospel reading for this morning was taken from the Book of John 12:1-8, the story of Mary pouring expensive perfume over Jesus' feet and drying them with her hair. This reading was reflected by the picture on the cover page of the worship folder, the work of Lauren Pittman Wright 2018. "This is the posture that Jesus calls all of us into; a profoundly uncomfortable, shockingly reverent position; coming face to face, intimately engaging with the residue of Christ’s footsteps to smell and almost taste the journey of Christ." 

Michael shared his personal Lenten journey, Dianne read the scripture selections, the Sanctuary Choir, accompanied by Colleen Charter and directed by Brent Tucker, offered two anthems in their ministry of song, Amy's liturgy was shared by Michael as he presided over the service and reflected on the reading -- setting it into the context of the time and situation and wondering with us about the meaning of that passage in today.

Michael Stockdale 'drove' the livestreaming on computer this morning, Brenda Wallace, the sound and light board, the Sacred Service coordinators readied the sanctuary for us, Darlene Heynen was the host for the Zoom Community Gathering, flowers adorned the chancel, thanks to June Marten and Janet Clare -- truly a community effort. 

Next week is Palm Sunday. We hope you join us online or in the sanctuary. You are most welcome.