November 21, 2021
Guest Speaker
A Reflection on "Starlight" by ACTS

The sermon series on "Sacred Earth; Sacred Work" was drawn to a close this morning as the ACTS Monday Night Book Study team reflected on the book "Starlight" with Scripture readings chosen from Psalm 93, John 18: 33-37 and a quote by Richard Wagamese: "It's not about the filling (of the broken and gold inlaid repaired ceramic heart) as much as it's abaout being brave enought to enter the cracks in my life so that my gold becomes revealed. I am my celebration then.  See, it's not in our imagined wholeness that we become art; it's in the celebration of our cracks..."

As Brenda said, "Our indigenous brothers and sisters refer often to the Creator in their writings and the book "Starlight" is full of creation's glory." The text for Wayne and Brenda's Reflections are attached as files.