Rev. Debbie  Stockdale
March 14, 2021
Rev. Debbie Stockdale
Pastoral Care Ministry


Matthew 9: 18-26
"We are Holy Vessels"

"We are Holy Vessels." This is not always an easy concept to internalize but thanks to "Our Power of Imagination" we can transform the pieces of our lives, like the broken pieces of seaglass washed up on beaches, into amazing and beautiful mosaics. This was the challenge of this morning's message as Rev. Debbie Stockdale led us through the fourth of our Lenten series: "Holy Vessels."

Brent's choir this morning consisted of Ruth(soloist), Kerry and Heather and his Musical Proclamation was "Arietta Op. 12, No. 1 by Edvard Grieg. 

Tech team this morning was Deb, Tapis, Brenda and Dave. Everyone involved managed to set their clocks ahead as we leapt forward into Spring time Day Light Saving.

You are invited to practise the Ritual Action recommended during the coming week: 

The words of Jesus we highlight this week from the healing story are “Take heart, daughter.” We have touched today on our need to be rejuvenated in spirit, to awaken with new vigor for creativity and curiosity, to have the courage and imagination to see ourselves as Holy Vessels. 

Even when the raw materials of our lives that we have to work with feel broken, we can get a new perspective that can awaken a new vision for life within us. 

When you are ready and have found placement of your pieces that bring a spark of delight, you are invited to take a photo of it. If you use a “wallpaper” on your phone, consider using your photo this week in this way, a reminder that we are capable of reworking, remaking, the pictures of what “life” can be. If this technology is not part of your world, keep your mosaic creation on the table where you can see it frequently, using it as a focal point for prayer.