Rev. Debbie  Stockdale
January 11, 2021
Rev. Debbie Stockdale
Pastoral Care Ministry


Isaiah 60: 1-3; Matthew 2: 1-12; Prayer for Epiphany (Richard Bott, Moderator UCC)
Epiphany Sunday

Rev. Debbie opened with a realistic overview of the past week then went on to remind us of the "Guiding Light" that is there for us as it was for the Magi so many years ago. The seed of Meditation that headlined the worship folder quoted Miriam Therese Winter, praying, "Light of the world, we bow before You in awe and adoration. Bless us and our simple faith seeking understanding. Epiphany means manifestation, lifting the veil, revaltion. Reveal to us then what we need to know to love You, and serve You, and keep Your word with fidelity and truth, courage and hope, this day and always. Amen