Rev. Peggy  McDonagh
May 3, 2020
Rev. Peggy McDonagh
Minister of Congregational Operations and Worship
"An Abundant Life Reframed"

St. David's congregation met virtually this morning to the third of Rev. Peggy's services built around the theme of "Matters of the Heart." Today we were asked to have a glass of water at the ready into which we would place our "worry" stones. The service cycled through the elements of the series: Spending time to settle our hearts, Breaking open the Word with Scripture selected from the book of John, Breaking open our Lives with Discussion (grieving the loss of hugs from friends and family), Breaking open our Hearts with Prayers, Praising God through music and dance and Sharing Goodwill as we commit to one goodwill action for the week.) Again we shared the words of our opening and closing: 

Be still, O heart, you're not alone, your beat is shared with me.

Come now and calm and centre here, you're mine, secure and free.

Into your care, we offer now, our worries, fears and strife.  

We turn to you and know you're near. Your light, our love and life. 

The text for Rev. Peggy's reflection, entitled "An Abundant Life Reframed" is attached.