January 28, 2020
Guest Speaker

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ACTS Presents "Holy Envy" with Wayne, Debbie and friends

When Barbara Brown Taylor, Episcopal Priest, was invited to teach a course about religion at a small college in northern Georgia, she started a journey in her spiritual life that we were able to emulate in some ways. She and her students went on field trips to various religious centers, mostly in Atlanta, and here in Calgary, we visited the Baitun Nur Mosque, the Avatamsaka Monastery and enjoyed sharing an evening with Usha Sharma from the Calgary Hiindu Association.

Rev. Dr Wayne Holst introduced our book, Darlene Heynen shared her reflections on the visit to Avatamsaka where we participated in the Wednesday evening walking Meditation, Cheryl Campbell shared her reflections of our visit to Baitun Nur Mosque and Eldon Godrey chose to reflect upon chapters 6 and 7 of Taylor's book. Watch for these reflections to be uploaded as they are sent it.

Our SEEDS FOR MEDITATION this morning were: "We should serve divinity in every human being. We should be watchers. Learn to see the divine in everyone and do good things that manifest the divine in us. (Sikh Spirituality)

"For you and I are children of one religion, and it is the spirit I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple and pray in your church." (Khalil Gibran)