January 19, 2020
Guest Speaker

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REFLECTION: "Light Shine Through an Open Door"


Diane and Michael Trew presided over the worship service, January 19, 2020. The Seed of Meditation came from Michael Card from his book "The Walk: The Life-changing Journey of Two Friends." 

"Behind every specific call, whether it is to teach or preach or write or encourage or                                  comfort, there is a deeper call to give ourselves away." 

In telling his personal spiritual journey, Michael showed us how the light has shone in his life as through an open door. The gathering prayer, used in their liturgy, offered the heart of their message:

"Here we are, co-creating God. We have heard your calling...

You sometimes present us with different plans. Open us to the idea that you might have something in store for us that we have not previously been able to imagine. Draw us into your surprises. Give us the courage to get out of our own mold and follow your direction to wherever it is you call us. Amen."