November 25, 2019
Guest Speaker

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Miskanawah - White Gift Sunday

Sunday morning, we celebrated service with two members of the Home Visitor Team at Miskanawah, Lynette Persau and Jessica Ulloa.



Guided by Indigenous teachings, MISKANAWAH (mis-con-a-wa) offers supportive programs and services to people in Calgary as they strengthen their circles of self, family, community, and culture. 


Children, youth and families thrive within a culturally responsive community. Working from a trauma-informed and strength-based perspective, we work with people to build skills and resiliency by forming natural supports. Our work is founded on Indigenous teachings and traditions, and how they can help people live the good life. 

Our Approach

Tapisahotiwin is the act of connecting, engaging and fostering relationships, which is an integral component in the work we do with our clients.

Our own relationships and connections with those we serve are the foundation for the services we provide. Respect and recognition of culture is embedded in the work we do with individuals and families, and within our community. We are focused in meeting the needs of Indigenous children, youth and families enabling them to strengthen their resiliency and capacity for success.