Rev. Peggy  McDonagh
October 8, 2019
Rev. Peggy McDonagh
Minister of Congregational Operations and Worship

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Rev. Peggy reviewed the history of World Communion this morning and quoted from Alan Nolan's book "Jesus Today" who said, "As humans we are one flesh belonging to one human family. As living beings, we belong to the closely-knit family of living organisms that have evolved one from another over the last four billion years.... We are one with the stars and everything else, one world family."

In "The Spirituality of Bread," Donna Sinclair reminds us that in Jesus' time, many people, including Jesus, were often hungry ... nothing could give Jesus' friends more hope than bread, which depends on grain that dies in the fields but comes back again in goodness.

Rev. Peggy concluded: "We come to the table, one with the universe, and one with each other. We come with all our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide who are struggling, who are celebrating oneness in the body of Christ and who want peacce and justice for the world. We come with our family and friends in this place and with our brothers and sisters worldwide - not in front of them, not behind them, not above them or below them... but beside them, hand in hand. All are welcome. Amen."