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July 27, 2020

Monday morning -- the washing machine is whirring, the radio is playing and I'm rocking in my kitchen, updating the webpage, touching base for what will be the last time in July. Why, I remember when the month was just starting - seems like yesterday!!!

We have had a busy month at church despite many of us not having cause to visit there in person. Chantal, office administrator is still working from home, Paige comes in for a while on Tuesday and Thursday (this past week because she couldn't connect remotely), Brent is in most days, Wayne is busy at home preparing for fall's Monday Night Book Study - "Universal Christ" by Richard Rohr, Rev. Peggy has been on vacation, regenerating after a very heavy COVID-19 schedule that began in March, Rev. Debbie has presided over two services in July and has continued with her pastoral care duties and Wally has kept track and helped out with the Re-Opening Committee tasks.

With new tenants beginning August 31, 2020, we had to clear out five of the six break out rooms which included two absolutely stuffed storage rooms, lined with shelves with the floors no where to be seen. Nancy, Darlene, Janice and I went to work, recycling, garbaging, selling, storing. Our men folks helped out. At one stage we had four long tables running down the centre of Robertson Hall. Last week we had a break, resting on our laurels with a job well done and the floor of the hall clear. Tonight, the Re-Opening Committee meets on ZOOM with an agenda of setting an opening date and, tomorrow night, Council will be meeting for a very unusual July meeting. (We usually hold no July meeting. The work continues.

The Long Weekend beckons! Remember, there will be no service on ZOOM next weekend. Instead, you will be invited to join Brent online for a musical presentation. Enjoy!!

July 20, 2020

This morning we finally folded up the last table from the centre of Robertson Hall. It was four weeks ago that we set out to make sense of our storage rooms on the lower floor, in preparation for their use, come fall. There were two rooms, packed with 'stuff' from Family Ministry, remnants of our Fall Garage Sale 2017, the Genesis People costumes of long past days, books, outdated audio-visual equipment, appliances ... We managed to sell paper and craft supplies no longer needed, mattresses, hockey nets... We still have for sale brand-new, 'in their unopened states' a Serger and a Sewing Machine. Call me if you have need of either. 

All that is left to do is to label our shelves. There are other closets/ storage spaces throughout our church that can do with serious 'Marie Condo'ing' but for now, we can just sit back and celebrate our accomplishments. The next meeting of our Re-Opening Committee is next Monday night and we are holding a July Council meeting the following evening. Yeah, ZOOM!

The big issue in the news right now is whether or not to wear masks. I received an invitation from CACG - Calgary Alliance for the Common Good (of which St. David's is a member) to contact City Hall, in support of the wearing of masks (for the Common Good, right?) Click on the link if you'd like more information. [email protected]

I have also added an event forwarded by the McDougall Memorial United Church for a grand re-opening celebration on September 13, 2020 from 10 - 4. 

Have a great week. (Enjoy the picture of Wally and Dave moving the closet. I took the picture but did lots of pushing, too) 

July 13, 2020

Tonight the Re-opening Committee for St. David's met on ZOOM with our office administrator, Chantal, hosting. We have been busy this week trying to organize, sort, discard some 20+ years of 'stuff.' We have sold the deep freeze - housing very old cartons of ice cream, one of the two hockey nets, $500 worth of craft supplies and 10 vinyl twin size mats. We have donated a plethora of goodies, including lots of material, etc. donated to the church or purchased by the church over the years - games, toys, books, ... the list is quite endless. Our hope is to reduce storage to one of the rooms off Robertson Hall which means drawing together all the materials stowed in the other classrooms, long unused. 

Currently, there are four tables running down the centre of the hall, laden with items that are no longer needed or deemed useful to our church programming. Old television, VCR, DVD player, ironing board, iron, karaoke set (donated for the garage sale of 2018 by us), costumes....  We are hoping to leave one of the classrooms with a wall of books neatly displayed on shelves but much of the remaining items after our sort will be in one room. Contact me at 403-510-1993 if you have any space at home to help us out.

So that was the work of the past week. We made it through what classically has been Stampede Week and, as usual, we have had our share of late afternoon thunderstorms and amazing cloud displays. We didn't manage to catch the nightly fireworks display that on other years ended the activities on the Stampede Grounds. We continue to practise self-isolation but within bubbles of relationships. Yes, that means that the grandchildren have slept over a few times. Everyone is still healthy and the manic handwashing has resulted in the elimination of the common cold. Yahoo!! 

Next Sunday, Rev. Debbie Stockdale will be presiding over the worship service. Deb C. counted 140+ people who were with us on Sunday morning yesterday. Awesome!

July 6, 2020

Summer time, and the living is easy!!! Well, it's rainy, for sure, and the thunderstorms have been something else. Last night's Tornado Alert certainly caught our attention at 9:30 p.m. 

The St. David's Re-Opening Committee has been at task and I've had great volunteers who gave up their mornings to help sort through two of the classrooms on the lower floor. The rooms have been gathering goodies for twenty years plus. More shelves have been added over the years to accommodate more stuff and program coordinators have been most diligent as they packed up remnants of programs-past for later use. Tape Cassettes, CD's, file boxes, flannel graph items, books, binders, ice cream dated BB 2018, costumes, fortrel material, office equipment - really, the list is endless. Unfortunately, I found boxes of stuff that moved from my storage areas to the church because I didn't have the heart to throw things out years ago.

Well, much has been moved on. Some was sold, more has to be sold, and the storage shelves now have some wide open spaces. We are not finished yet. We have a 5.5 cubic foot freezer, several appliances, an old overhead projector, a hockey net, a big old tv, video cassette player, a karaoke complete with CDs ... If you are interested in purchasing or giving a home to any of the above, give me a call at 403- 510-1993. 

Re-opening will not be happening any time soon, however we are readying our church for the return of our members and the agencies, groups, etc. who call St. David's their home as soon as possible. Safety is our first priority. The Committee has met several times and will continue to work during the summer. A special mention goes to Wally, our custodian who has worked hard preparing for 2020-2021. As well, thanks go to Peggy, Mike, Colin, Peter, Darlene, Nancy, Betsy, Jennifer for your willingness to volunteer.

Rev. Peggy is on holidays for the month of July. We are blessed to have Rev. Debbie, Mike and Diane and Richard Christmas who will be presiding over Worship services this month.  We are so lucky to have people willing to step up to the plate and make St. David's community the wonderful place it is.

Another Ministry hard at work at St. David's is under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst. The Adult Spiritual Development Ministry has decided upon the book to be the subject of Monday Night Book Study this fall. We will be "Zoom"-ing our way on Monday nights beginning September 14, 2020. You can expect an email over the coming week providing details. If you are interesting in joining us, give me a call.  

All of the Ministries at St. David's continue to support the life and work of our church. 

Have a great week. Again, call me if you can help us find homes for the goodies that are no longer required at church.