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September 25, 2021

It's Saturday morning! Time to read my paper and think about the role of St. David's in our lives as I update. It's been a busy week with appointments, book and bible studies (ACTS), watching our grandson in his cross country race in Airdrie,... you know, just the regular kind of retired grandparents' week. Did I mention the election on Monday night!!

We totalling enjoyed listening to Amy as we participated in the Sunday morning service at St. David's. Dave was at church, helping spotlight the music segments while Hugo, Iris and I were at home on Zoom -- welcoming all to worship service. We get to spend time with Amy on Wednesday mornings at a regular scheduled zoom meeting at 10 a.m. (Email was sent out on Tuesday with the invitation.) As she noted in announcing this informal community time, we need to come together in many ways during this anxious COVID-19 time.

Speaking of which, we've had a third shot and have used our printed immunization card, along with our drivers' licenses, to go to favourite restaurants this week. The debate continues and with the election over, our governments - provincial and federal - are hard at work, trying to help us work our way out of this crisis. Blessings to our health care professionals and the heavy load we have turned over to them. 

Our Monday Night Book Study brought some 25 people together with our faithful book studiers from Medicine Hat, John Whidden, Kamloops, Jim Gaisford, and Toronto, Mike Grammer included. We have a great book, easy to read and filled with the cultural experiences of the writer, Richard Wagamese. This is the second novel of Richard's that we have studied and the realities of life faced by our Indigenous brothers and sisters in narrative form certainly increases our understandings as we continue to work toward Truth and Reconciliation. 

Bible studiers are tackling Isaiah -- actually the first 37 Chapters of what is regarded as the First Book of Isaiah. This is another narrative that has been part of our culture over the centuries. So many familiar images and passages are found in this Book. ZOOM brings us together yet again.

As September draws to a close, find time to enjoy the brilliant colours that decorate our river banks and roadsides. The days are getting shorter and Fall is a favourite season for me. You will see these colours on the communion table and back clothes on Sunday morning when you join us on ZOOM - 10 a.m. Thank you, Peggy and Janet, for the setting of our table as Thanksgiving approaches.  Have a great week. 

September 16, 2021

What a difference a day makes!! Last evening, Premier Kenney announced a lengthy list of restrictions to be followed almost immediately as we deal with the Fourth Wave of COVID-19. Our plan for opening, as announced in the St. David's September Newsletter, will be delayed for the time being as, once again, we try to get control of health care in our province. Here is the link to COVID Community Update:

We could see this coming as one by one the other provinces of Canada made necessary adaptations to this Delta virus. Now it is Alberta's turn, finally. So... Zoom, it is until we can meet once again face to face. I am currently reading a book co-written by Rev. Andria Irwin, Digital Ministry from Highland United, Vancouver, entitled "Followings" in which she does a great job of looking at a new normal for congregations. Let's talk. 

September 15, 2021

It is great to have Deb Charnuski back in town. During August, she was co-hosting our Zoom service from Ontario and we were at the west coast, doing the same. We are excited about Mike Stockdale joining the tech team along with Tapas, Deb, Dave and I. Hopefully, our new live-streaming equipment will be installed this week. We will need further training once it is installed and, possibly, we will be able to worship face to face and online during the month of October. Things don't look all that hopeful right now with Alberta's ICU being filled to capacity with patients airlifted from central Alberta to Edmonton or Calgary.

Meanwhile, next Monday night at 7 on ZOOM, ACTS' Monday Night Book Study will commence at 7:30 p.m. on ZOOM withThursday Morning Bible Study on the 23rd at 10:00 (waiting room opens closer to 9:30 so that we can visit!!)

September 4, 2021

Good morning and it is really a fine morning! I have attached the newsletter from Chantal, Office Administrator, as a file attachment. Tentative is the word as we move back into restrictions as our COVID-19 numbers escalate. Things are returning to normal in the church office as regular office hours return. With trepidation, therefore, we look forward to coming together on September 26, 2021 for a "Welcome Back Service" that will incorporate live streaming as well as in person attendance. Yippee!!