Brenda Wallace
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September 24, 2018

Three initiatives of SDUC were on display Sunday morning: our Affirming Ministry, our Sacred Service Ministry and the UCC Edge program. Jennifer, Sheryl and Colin gave insight into the future directions of St. David's during Rev. Peggy's Reflection time, entitled, "What will we risk?" 

Our family were guests at Bow Valley Baptist Church in Cochrane on Sunday morning where our special granddaughter, 9 years old, was baptized. A family luncheon followed. The staff and volunteers were introduced as part of their launching of their fall program and I was most curious about their projection, lights and sound systems. To dream!!

Thank you to Darlene, Janet, Jan and others who comprise the Muffin Ministry team, who fed visitors coffee, tea, juice and a plethora of muffins, fruit etc.. If you haven't attended a third Thursday of the month Muffin Ministry, you should. Lots of visiting occurs - an incredible way to catch up informally on the news at St. David's. 



September 18, 2018

St. David's is such an exciting community. Last night 36 of us gathered in the T.M. Room for Monday Night Book Study where we launched a study of the "Book of Joy" featuring the voices of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. We have three additional registrations for online participation and 42 books sold to date. 

Choirs are busy practising. This week the Sanctuary Choir offered their ministry of song and the congregation was invited to participate in the singing of "Hallelujah" - Verse 5. Wendy, Kerry and Bernard added their voices to an offertory that concluded with enthusiastic clapping. (Methodist roots!)

Janice Rider's Chameleon Drama Group will be launching into regular Saturday evening rehearsals as they prepare for their presentation on November 18. Join in the fun!!

An exciting initiative is being undertaken at St. David's this fall. Colin Outtrim, Finance Chair, has offered his time to a program developed by UCC called Edge. Check out for further information as we explore the future of our church and community. He is meeting with members of the congregation where he asks 8 questions that attempt to gauge the successes and concerns of our church. Thank you, Colin, for your contributions. 

The Welcome Back Lunch offered after service on Sept. 23, 2018 will be an opportunity for the congregation to greet, meet and eat, activities that we all enjoy. This past Sunday, our guests at church were our new Tibetan-Canadians. We enjoyed our meal together and the entertainment that followed. A great place to be is our church!

September 10, 2018

It was great to see all the children up front for Faith Chat Sunday morning along with Alison, Trent and Stephanie. Before and after service, the Tiana and Taylor were taking registrations for Faith Quest. Janet Clare and the September Sacred Service team were at task, PSALT had Mike Trew and myself on projection, light and sound and the Chamber Choir under the direction of Brent with Garrett accompanying contributed their ministry of song. Rev. Peggy's reflection on the Spirituality of Belonging was right on. What a great place to belong!!! (Icecream cones after service were an added touch.)

Fall Programs are beginning to take shape with scheduled practices for Choirs and Thursday morning Bible Study taking place this week and next week, we welcome the Tibetan community and our own Refuge Committee to participate in our service. 

September 3, 2018

Wow, that was quick! We blinked twice and the hot days of summer were replaced by near-freezing night time temperatures. We are reminded of the Labour Day snow fall several years back that resulted in the loss of power at our home for almost 36 hours. Our urban forest in Calgary is still suffering after-effects of that storm. 

Activities at St. David's haven't really begun but the work done by Peter Adams and Wally (plus others) was on show at church Sunday morning. All the carpet on the main floor has been replaced and the new and old flooring shines, newly waxed. The gift of the Friendship Group - a new larger screen for projection - is installed and now we are waiting to make adjustments to the projection and to mount the old screen in the balcony.

Rev. Peggy is back at the helm and we can expect some new faces on staff as we have said "good-bye" to Janet Zatka and to Rev. Kelley. Alison and team will be launching Faith Quest for another season. The update for the Ministry of Families has not be uploaded yet.