Brenda Wallace
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September 30, 2019

With eagerness we entered the month of September and with eagerness, we bid it adieu. Would you believe 30+ cm of snow has drawn the month to a close? Hard to believe but check out the view from your window and, if it is like mine, the tree branches are weighed down and deep rabbit tracks dominate pathways. 

At St. David's this week we were kept busy with Monday Night Book Study - 30 of us in attendance - as we considered the Intro and Chapter one of our study book, "Holy Envy." Tuesday night, Council with our Trustees as guests put our minds together to work. Next Sunday, after service, the working budget for the coming year will be brought to the congregation. The finished product is the result of many hours on the part of those in attendance at our meeting. 

Friday evening, when Hugo, grandson, and I arrived for Chameleon Drama Group rehearsal, the sanctuary was decked out in Fall attire with tables for 4-8 set up and covered with bright orange clothes. Last spring, Chantal, Office Administrator, put forth the idea of a Fall Fair Fundraiser and to that end has worked tirelessly to ensure its success. St. David's Community is to be congratulated for helping to bring Chantal's idea to life. Thank you!!!

Saturday night, the tables filled and, from the community and congregation, came most enjoyable entertainment.  There were games to play, food to eat, entertainment to applaud, goodies to buy and some awesome items to bid upon -- all in support of the programs and activities of St. David's United Church. Incredible work!!!

Sunday morning, we celebrated the contributions of "Sacred Service" to the well-being of our Sunday morning worship experience. Four short years ago, many of us were oblivious to the work that it took to prepare for worship. And now!!! If there are candles to be lit, prosperity collection to be taken, guests to welcome to the service, folders to be distributed, doors to the opened (and, later, locked), coffee and raisin bread to be served, we have 11 teams of individuals who can fill in as needed. With four or five Sundays once a year as their assignment, the beauty is short term commitment with broadly shared know how. Winners all the way. 

So, the good news is that the snow will be gone by Wednesday when the thermometer is to read plus 10. That means that the paving crews who are working on the curbs along Northmount Drive will be able to finish their job before winter sets in for the duration. 

September 23, 2019

This has been a very busy weekend in a very busy month. I count weekends from Thursday to Tuesday - Wednesday is usually time for a break. The Welcome Back Luncheon on Sunday was hosted by Council and as incoming chair of council, my team of Darlene and Janet and me, along with Deb, Sally, Cheryl, Nancy and others served lots of people on Sunday morning and thanks to the generosity of the congregation, the luncheon became a fund-raiser, too. Thank you!!

Last Monday night was our first Monday Night Book Study with 35 or so of us in attendance. We have 38 registrants and nine sessions left of our book, "Holy Envy." We are doing a companion book for opening and closing - a little 100 page but challenging book called "Why are we here?" It is my job tonight to open and close - using chapter 2 as a source. The topics: colonialism and consumerism. Right! With local, national and world news echoing in my ears, many of the rules and certainties of the past no longer apply and it is back to the drawing board. It is important to be living with the Value of the Month - Eagerness as we move through September. 

Sunday afternoon was the Fall Morley Mission United Church Service with our Adult Spiritual Development minister, Wayne Holst, one of the leaders. Several members of St. David's joined the service. 

Tonight is Session #2 for Monday Night Book Study. You can follow the sessions by clicking on Ministries/Adult Spiritual Development/Holy Envy. Tomorrow night will be the first Council Meeting for the 2019-2020 year. Agenda has been distributed along with Minutes from our June 18, 2019 meeting. AAH! SEPTEMBER!!!

September 15, 2019

Love these Mondays -- it is a chance for me to reflect on the weekend and its activities and to articulate the experiences. September is a major birthday month in our family so on Friday night, we hosted a party at home, marking the occasion of six birthdays, with Friday being my younger brother's 70th birthday. Saturday was mostly about returning the house to normal after serving supper to 28 people the previous night. Sunday morning was church and then the "Celebration of Life" for Hazel Fong (1930-2019) on Sunday afternoon. I had the opportunity to run the sound and light board for the service. Hazel was on my Sacred Service Team and I have known members of her family for many years. 

Today is the beginning of the Monday Night Book Study. "Holy Envy" is a great read. We have 38 folk registered in the study that promises to inform and challenge us. 

You might note that St. David's Week at a Glance was not included in the Worship Folder and can now been found in the Newsletter which is attached below. Check out all the things going on this week. 

September 10, 2019

Well, so far September has been a rainy month. We are hosting a family barbeque here on Friday night. The weather forecast promises sunshine but we will wait and see. 

September is so very exciting. Our children's program began on Sunday with a lesson based on our new Curriculum -- Path of Joy! I had the opportunity to be the leader with five young people, including my grand children. Mike Stockdale partnered with me as our lesson -- Discovering Divine Energy -- added depth to the focus of Rev. Debbie's Faith Chat on Living with God in Creation.  We have so many gifts and talents to offer. Our story was about the servants receiving five, two and a single coin in their master's absence and, as the fall programs evolve, our young people are offered so many choices that sometimes it is hard for them (and their parents) to decide which direction to take. As Rev. Debbie had us repeat the affirmation, "God is with us!" we realize that we are all unique with unique talents and gifts. Burying them is just not an option. 

When my own children were in Reach Out - remember that? -- I chose to remain upstairs with the adults while children's programming took place down stairs. I just didn't want to miss anything. The good news is that the text for Rev. Debbie's Reflection can be found on the Home Page / Sermons  and the Worship Folder for September 8, 2019 can be found on the Ministries / Worship page. Love this technology which gives us that little second chance. 

There is a signup sheet for folks volunteering to help out with the children's program this month and, if that's not your passion, then we have the upcoming Fall Harvest Tea, the Welcome Back Luncheon, ACTS Monday night book study and Thursday morning Bible Study, Coffee and Muffin Ministry, Sanctuary, Chamber and Angel Voices choir and opportunities for serving on various committee for St. David's Council on offer. The choice is yours. St. David's is a great place to be. 

September 2, 2019

Last night brought a deluge to St. David's area here in Calgary. Hail and heavy rain greeted the dawn but by 8:30, sun was streaming through the windows. Holidays are but a distant memory and the plans for the autumn are falling into place. For St. Davidians, Sunday marked the Pride Parade downtown and, this Wednesday, our Healing Touch team will be on hand at 7:00 p.m. for their important ministry. Our Welcome Back Lunch is slated for September 22, 2019 and our Harvest Tea promises to be the event of the fall. 

Choirs are back in action this week with the Chamber Choir providing their ministry of music during the service next Sunday. Brent has asked interested singers to contact him at 403-284-2276 Ext 106 or [email protected] . 

ACTS (Adult Spiritual Development Committee) Monday Night Book Study begins on September 16 at 7 p.m. Our book selection (available Sunday mornings) is "Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others" by Barbara Brown Taylor. ACTS Thursday Morning Bible Study begins on September 19, 2019 and runs for ten weeks. 

We have many opportunities to say, "Yes" at our church. Sunday morning, as Chair of Council, I had my first official duty - lighting the "Eagerness" Value of the Month Candle. As a long time (45 years) school teacher, September has always been a time of eagerness in my life. Okay - a little fearful sometimes but always a new beginning. We are so blessed!

See you at church. Please call me (403 510 1993) if you would like me to put in an event or item for you.