Brenda Wallace
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October 31, 2021

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Godfrey family, following the passing of Carlie-Jean, mom, grandma, great grandma, wife, friend and mentor to many. Carlie-Jean was very active at St. David's and we mourn the loss of such a wise and generous person. Her obituary is attached:

On Sunday morning, our tech team (Deb, Dave and I) had the morning off so we visited Rev. Nancy Norris at Northminster United Church for their 10:30 service. Their service is live streamed through Facebook with some prerecorded segments. It was awesome to share in a baptism of a young toddler with the family and Rev. Nancy in their masks. Northminster has been open for face to face attendance since September 12, 2021 and all their services are livestreamed as well -- certainly a model that more and more churches are adopting. 

At St. David's, we will be continuing on ZOOM until November 21, 2021 when ACTS Monday Night Book Study will be presiding over the service. The St. David's Foundation and our AGM will follow the service. On November 28, the First Sunday of Advent, we will be returning to inchurch service along with live streaming. Rev. Peggy has sent out a request to bring in old lanterns, crates, etc. that one might find in a barn. Our sanctuary will be preparing for Advent during the week previous. 

October 23, 2021

The life of Rev. Dr. Donald Wright was celebrated this morning at Avondale United Church in Stratford, Ontario and we had the opportunity to join Jill and her family via Youtube. Don served St. David's United during the 1990s and Jill, Katherine and Harvey were an integral part of our lives while they lived in Calgary. Rev. Don helped us move into the use of computers in the office at St. David's -- it is hard to believe that here, 25 or so years later, we sat this morning, in our library, participating in this service through the gift of computers. 

We have memories of Don and his big boys, Murray and Gary, sitting in the middle of the front row of the theatre with big bags of popcorn enjoying a movie or Don playing the drums at church or even our sitting with Buckshot two years in a row at the shared fundraiser with our Jewish neighbours and the Food Bank at the Red and White Club. Life was an adventure then for us and was the hallmark of Don, who lived life to the fullest. We are grateful for the friends we have made over our 50 + years at St. David's!! 

Here is the youtube address for Don's Celebration of Life: The Obituary regarding Don's passing can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

October 16, 2021

Yes, I know. We are in the last half of October and, on Monday, we will be voting in the municipal election. Some of us voted as soon as advance polling was possible. Be sure to vote -that's the only way our democracy works. 

We are moving through a fabulous series with Rev. Peggy called Sacred Earth, Sacred Work and, as I look out the window at the beauty of colour surrounding us, the sacredness shines through. The letter we received makes each week that we have left with our wonderful leader all the more precious. We wish our Rev. Peggy all the best as she moves toward retirement. 

Consider joining with Amy Haynes, our Pastoral Care Minister, on Wednesday morning on ZOOM at 10 a.m. Amy has two little ones, a son age 8 and a daughter age 6 so we look forward to meeting them when COVID-19 restrictions lessen. Right now, Dave and I have received our third dose of Pfizer, have our QR code and, yesterday, we had our annual flu shot. So far, so good -- my arm feels fine. 

We are saying good-bye to a big part of our lives. Our sailboat, 'good idea', has been sold -- that really is a major downsizing project!! We have mixed feelings but the time was right. 

Remember to vote on Monday and we will see you tomorrow... virtually!!

October 1, 2021

What a beautiful day!! I imagined myself walking down the pathway in the image I chose for October. We drive through Confederation Park every day, more than once, and each time, I marvel at the colours that belong to October. Note to self -- take advantage of the beauty of Calgary parks and walk!!!

On Wednesday, friends and family of Rod Beattie gathered at St. David's face to face and on Zoom to remember our well-loved usher whose smile and handshake welcomed us to church for many years. Rod and Anne participated in all things St. Davidian and, although Rod passed away in December, we were able to honour him on September 29, 2021. Brent played three beautiful songs at Anne's request and longtime friend, John McKinnon, filled us in on life with Rod through the years. Anne read a tribute from another friend, David Organ, and Rev. Peggy guided us through the remembering. Later, friends and family gathered across the street, enjoying the last days of September warmth. On Zoom, many of those who remembered Rod and have supported Anne through Rod's last months were online to share this celebration of a life well-lived. 

Again, enjoy these beautiful days. Phone a friend that you haven't seen for awhile and join us Sunday morning for the second in the series, Sacred Earth, Sacred Work with our wonderful Rev. Peggy. See you there.