Brenda Wallace
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October 28, 2019

I am entering the update for this 42nd week of 2019 will looking at Haro Strait from our hotel room at the Inn on the Waterfront in Sidney, BC. We have a yearly chore to complete - namely, we need to prepare our sailboat for the winter. We have escaped the raw wintery day being experienced in Calgary today and plan to spend the next three days here before returning home. I listen to CBC radio at night so know that as the week progresses weather at home will improve. Good news!

Sunday service was pleasantly augmented with the occasional bark as the animals that bless the homes of St. Davidians attended service for our annual Blessing of the Animals. We had dogs, cats, a snake, lots of pictures of favourite pets and a feeling of community that was a blessing for all of us. In Robertson Hall, Kerry Duncan McCartney (lead) with helpers Lynn Wheadon and Linda Michel provided Church School for the children who joined us later in the service for the blessing of the animals. 

It was a busy week for St. Davidians as we visited the Baitun Mur Mosque on Monday night as a field trip for our Monday Night Book Study group. Twenty-four of us were treated to an informative and welcoming gathering. We are grateful to the Anatolian Turkish Islamic worship centre for arranging our visit for us. We are fellow members of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good with the Anatolian Turkish folks. 

Tuesday night brought Council together for the regularly scheduled October meeting. This meeting is open to the congregation and we encourage visitors to join us as we manage the business of St. David's. We are getting ground work prepared for our Annual General Meeting on November 24, 2019 following Sunday morning service. 

We are looking forward to the previous Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019 when the Chameleon Drama Group will be presenting their production of "The Shark Who Came in from the Sea." Janice, Deb, Yvonne and others have been working hard along with the cast on Saturday evenings, preparing their play for our viewing. A video is available with the spring plays ready for viewing. SO... that's two Sundays in November that need to be marked on your calendar. 

After service on Sunday, October 27, 2019, our Pastoral Care Minister, Rev. Deb. Stockdale presented a seminar on Visitation. A group from St. Thomas United joined with the participants from St. David's to sharpen their visiting skills. 

Next week, Week 44, is the start of a new month. On Friday evening, November 1, 2019 you can join the Friendship Club for their regular evening that will honour Remembrance Day. Norman Leach, a noted local historian, will be making a presentation on the role of Canada's Armed Forces in "Peacekeeping and Peace Making." As well, there is a fund-raiser being hosted by the Chaplains at U of C on November 9, 2019 to benefit their programs. I had the opportunity to share a coffee with the Hindu chaplain this past week. It is exciting to hear of the programs being offered to our Calgarians in attendance at the U of C.  AND by November 22, 2019, our church will be decorated for Advent and Christmas. Wow!!

October 20, 2019

Yes, it is Sunday afternoon and I'm updating our website after attending service this morning and leading the Children's program. That's because tomorrow, my regular update day, is crammed with neat activities. Our book study on Monday nights features the book "Holy Envy" by Barbara Brown Taylor, an Episcopal priest and Piedmont College instructor of Religious Studies. She has made a life goal of gaining an understanding about the major world religions and traditions. In the process, she celebrates those traditions and practices of the Islamic, Jewish, Hindu and Christian faiths that focus on the positive in today's world. As such, tomorrow I'll be meeting with the head of the Hindu Society of Calgary (and U of C Chaplain) for a visit, then meeting with an education student at Ambrose University for whom I'll be a mentor during the upcoming year, followed by a trip to NE Calgary and the Baitun Nur Mosque where our Monday Night Book Studiers will be the guests of the Anatolian Turkish Islamic Centre (fellow members of CACG). That should keep me out of trouble and broaden my understandings. 

Tuesday night, St. David's Council will be meeting for our monthly meeting so that requires preparation. Our past chair, Deb Charnuski, is preparing the agenda and ensuring that our minutes of the previous meeting are available and distributed. With our upcoming AGM, November 24, 2019, the next step is getting those committee reports to Chantal for the preparation of the Annual Report - due November 6, 2019, if you are a chair person. 

We had our October Coffee and Muffin Ministry on Thursday past. If you haven't been able to attend one of these events, you are really missing out on a fun time. Food, Fun and Friends, the mantra of our late friend, Roy Farquharson is on the menu and we heartily recommend joining in. 

The weather, you ask, has been quite balmy for the third week of October. With our daughter's birthday on October 18, 2019, we had cause to remember the day she was born. Rev. Dr. Stan Errett visited her on the day she was born and it was truly a balmy day. I harvested tomatoes on the morning of the 18th then went to hospital and enjoyed steak for lunch, with a new baby girl nearby. No killing frost that year, 1976, until about day two of Rebekka's life!!! 

Enjoy your upcoming week and we will see you next week at the Blessing of the Animals service. 

Special thank you to the Garden Committee

On our last Coffee and Muffin Ministry event in September, Karen McKeown and her group of dedicated gardeners were hard at work, preparing the grounds at St. David's for winter. Thank you so very much. Their group photo appears below. Enjoy!!

October 15, 2019

First of many leftover turkey and trimmings meals has just finished. It was a great celebration of Thanksgiving and Rev. Peggy helped us to reflect upon the role of generosity in our lives during service Sunday morning. Bonnae McTavish and her team of volunteers made sure that the sanctuary reflected our bountifulness as the chancel was decked out with all kinds of harvest produce. The Communion table centre piece was left by the Nemeth family in memory of Valerie, daughter of Linda and Bernie, sister of Marilyn. Val was in our CGIT group from grades 7-12 and I remember her taking an active role in our Vesper Services (that usually coincided with Grey Cup Sunday). 

Back in the day, we prepared for two services Sunday morning with a box of Christmas oranges being consumed between services. At its height of the first Sunday of Advent Service's popularity, we had as many as 70 CGIT girls in their middies, even more Explorers and many leaders participating in the service. We would rehearse during our weekly CGIT meetings, sometimes working on services prepared by local CGIT groups or from services written by CGIT groups across Canada. It was only fitting that three of her high school leaders were on hand Saturday afternoon to celebrate Val's life. 

The Chameleon Drama Group are hard at work preparing for their November 17 presentation of *THE SHARK WHO LEFT THE SEA: A Reimagining of a Native American Tale, The King of Sharks, from Hawaii by our director extraordinaire, Janice Rider. Saturday evening our grandson Hugo works along with his fellow cast members in an amazing learning opportunity. Thank you so much, Janice, Yvonne and Debbie for your faithfulness and dedication and to the parents/grandparents who make the drive Saturday night - some coming as far away as from McKenzie town. 

This week - week #42 of 2019 for those type A personalities reading this - is a busy one, especially Thursday which begins at 7 a.m. with our very successful Coffee and Muffin Ministry. ACTS Bible study group meets at 9:30, Prayer Chain meets at 1:30, Hearts and Hands Foundation at 6:30 and Janice's Qigong series begins at 6:30. And that doesn't include choir practices for both Sanctuary and Chamber Choirs. 

Enjoy the warm 'seasonal' weather this week. Back in 1976, this week was exceptionally pleasant - the killing frost didn't happen until after my youngest daughter was born on October 18, 2019. Okay, there was snow on the ground when we returned home that year but, nonetheless, I do remember those warm fall days. 

October 6, 2019

October in Calgary  is full of surprises: it has been snowing since midnight and the accumulation on the patio railing is working on 5cm. Yesterday was shirt sleeve weather and they tell us that, by Thanksgiving Sunday, we will be back to a more normal? high for the day. Meanwhile, get out the snow shovel and the boots. It's time to build snowmen.

On Friday, we celebrated the life of Bea Cochrane whose faithfulness to St. David's was steadfast and on Sunday morning, we were able to enjoy some of the flowers that adorned the sanctuary. Saturday afternoon marked a birthday celebration for Ruth Montgomery at Parkdale United Church where Ruth warmly welcomed the host of people who came to wish her a happy 95th birthday. Later, at St. David's, Cindy Stevenson's son and her new daughter-in-law celebrated their marriage.

Sunday morning we celebrated World Wide Communion with the October Sacred Service team serving along with Rev. Peggy.  The congregational meeting was woven into the service, following behind Garrett's organ postlude and the good news is that we have officially adopted the budget for St. David's 2019-2020. Our church year runs from July 1 to June 30 so we were operating on a draft budget until Sunday. This was my inaugural congregational meeting as Chair of Council. Our AGM will be held in November. 

Our Sunday morning programming for the children is running smoothly. A number of St. Davidians have stepped up to the plate to help provide a meaningful experience for the children. Janice Rider was lead on Sunday working from the lesson entitled "That Monkey and the Well." We are looking for more volunteers during November so if you want to join the team, welcome!! The curriculum, "A Joyful Path" provides a comprehensive and easy to follow weekly lesson plans.