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November 25, 2020:

Our friend and music director at St. David's, Brent Tucker, always comments on Wednesday being "Hump Day" which leads directly into weekend and the busyness of our lives. This past weekend was no exception with our dear friend, Bonnae McTavish's Memorial Service on Saturday and Sunday Morning Worship Service followed by the AGM for St. David's Foundation and for St. David's year end reporting for 2019-2020. Zooming tech work is in demand but it is quite nice to be able to sit in my kitchen and visit with our community prior to and following service while acting as Host or Co-Host. 

We are learning how to better incorporate video and powerpoint/keynote into our planning, speaking of which, we will be rehearsing for Sunday Morning Service on Saturday morning. It marks the beginning of Advent, so I best get out my advent candles in preparation. Probably in the late 1970s, I hurried home from church on the First Sunday of Advent that year, and, in my church clothes including high heeled shoes, I found a piece of mahogany about 16 inches long and into it i drilled five holes to fill with candles. Every year since then, the advent candle holder comes out to take its place on the dining room table and, come Sunday, the first candle will be lit. 

Rev. Peggy's Advent Series, "I believe even when..." will highlight the season for us. We are issuing an invitation for you to join us Sunday mornings as well as Christmas Eve Day at 10:00 a.m. and again at 7:00 p.m. for special Christmas events.

Our thoughts continue to be with the McTavish Family who will be facing Christmas without Bonnae. We will miss her dearly -- her hand made cards were always most welcome. With COVID-19 restrictions ever increasing, our usual Christmas St. Lucia gathering on Dec. 13, (Third Sunday of Advent, 2020) will be limited to two. That is why the 10 a.m. Breakfast on Christmas Eve Day will be most enjoyable. 

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to St. David's at this time. Our AGM was exceptionally well-attended and our Worship Services continue to have over 90 computers online. Blessings to all. 

November 15, 2020

We are certainly being "Beguiled by Beauty" this morning - bright blue skies, brilliant sunshine, gentle breeze in the fir trees. Service is finished and it is soon time for lunch. The learning curve for making the most of the technology available to us continues to intrigue me along with the Tech team that currently includes Deb, Tapas, Dave and me.  Chinook Winds Regional with Shelley Den Haan has offered two seminars recently which did give us a window as to how worship and community is continuing in fellow congregations. 

The news for this Time of COVID-19 is not good at this time -- a new record of positive cases today. This morning there were only seven folks at SDUC with Brent and Rev. Peggy presiding. We were co-hosts from home and that is just the most fun, welcoming everyone into the ZOOM meeting. It reminds me of being a greeter at church, back in the days when we would walk up the steps to the church, knowing that we were welcomed. 

Brent's Compline Service, scheduled for tonight, has been postponed due to COVID-19 and, if you joined us for service this morning, you will have heard the absence of choir voices. We were grateful for his piano work this morningj and I know that we all sang at home. 

The last 10 days have not been easy for us: on Monday, November 2, 2020, our dear friend, Bonnae McTavish passed away, following  a losing battle to Cancer. Bonnae's life will be celebrated on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 1 p.m. on Zoom and at church. (See Newspost for November 5, 2020 for the link to Bonnae's Obituary. Then, on Remembrance Day, Nov. 11, 2020, our dear friend, Colin, a school hood buddy of David's and close family friend of ours, succumbed to Cancer, after moving to Agape, on November 2, 2020. Colin and Dianne were active with Confederation Seniors as part of the Pattern Dancing group. Today, as we partook of Communion from home, we used some of the peanut butter cookies that Colin had requested the previous Friday night -- David baked them. Memories abound!!

St. David's AGM occurs after church next Sunday along with the Foundation's AGM.  Chantal, our Office Admin, has been busy amalgamating all the reports for 2019-2020 into a comprehensive Annual Report. (Note: you will be able to read it by clicking on the ABOUT on the HOME page when it is published.)

Thank goodness for Rev. Peggy's sermon series, reminding us to seek beauty, as we make do with ZOOM -- missing out on the personal communal gatherings. We are in Week #46 of 2020-- it has been quite the year. Have a great week and set aside some lunch to enjoy during next week's meetings. P.S. Normally, Council would provide lunch, right????

November 5, 2020

So here we are! Rev. Peggy is sending out a homework sheet weekly that corresponds to the series we are currently undertaking: Beguiled by Beauty. Dr. Wendy Farley says that we have the capacity to hold both the beauty and the suffering of life together. "The Holy Spirit invites us to sit with both at once." And that is how November is shaping up for us. COVID-19 is spiking all over Alberta, with Calgary sharing in the statistics. The American election, Nov. 4, 2020, is turning into a marathon as crews of electoral clerks are hard at work, opening  and tabulating mail in ballots from all around the world. Meanwhile, the pundits are trying to guess who will be the first to reach the magic 270. Five or six states are too close to call and as I write this the tally is 253 to 213 in favour of Biden. Next week we should know who the incoming president will be. 

At St. David's, we are moving into the 8th week of ACTS Monday Night Book Study and Thursday Morning Bible Study. What a joy it is to see the faces of members of our community! We do get to see the larger congregation on Sunday morning, however it would be extra nice if everyone turned on the video and renamed it with the names of whoever is participating in the service. 

It was on Sunday morning, that we were joined in the service via Zoom by our dear friends, Bonnae and Jock.It was so good to see them but it was quite obvious that Bonnae was unwell. On Monday, daughter Jennifer and Jock called to say that Bonnae had passed on quietly earlier that morning, surrounded by her family and Rev. Peggy. Her suffering was finally over and, since Monday, so many people have shared their condolences with us as we remembered time well spent with our friend. Truly, we experienced Dr. Farley's belief that we can hold both beauty and suffering together. Here is the obituary for Bonnae: 

On Saturday, we are saying, "Good-bye," to another dear friend of St. David's. Helen Denton's celebration of life will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday. If you would like to join the service via ZOOM, the invitation can be found in the link to her obituary: