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November 18, 2019

Another very busy weekend was my experience as week #46 came to a close. It was the weekend of the Chameleon Drama Group's presentation of "Shark Out of Water" and, with grandson Hugo in the role of Tamir, surf boarder extraordinaire, grandma's operating of the Light and Sound Boards along with Deb C. (who has been a regular coach at evening rehearsals) and grandpa assuming videographing chores, we were involved!! The results were incredible as we've come to expect. Under the amazing leadership of director and screen play writer, Janice Rider, the young folk experience an opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you, Janice, David, Peter, Yvonne, Deb, Kin, Carolyn and Tim for your time and expertise working with these very fortunate young people. We are indeed indebted to you. 

With the excitement of this primo event in the lives of the Wallace-Goasdoué-Layton families, let's not forget the other opportunities to share in community at St. David's during the past week. Monday Night Book Study found some 24 of us gathered to study chapters 8 and 9 of the book, Holy Envy. We debriefed our visit to the AVATAMSAKA MONASTERY the previous Wednesday and made plans to visit again with members who couldn't make the visit then. So we went again and I'll be going once more next Wednesday with the rest of our membership. This meditation evening is open every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. so maybe we will be enjoying the warm hospitality offered there. 

This week is about getting ready for Advent at St. David's. This will again be a community effort with Coffee and Muffin Ministry on Thursday along with Advent Decorating of the church. Some of us will be attending the CACG Leaders' Luncheon on Thursday as well. Life is grand and St. David's plays a significant role in it!!! P.S. As I write, we are off to return the rental sound equipment for the play....

November 11, 2019

Yes, it is a holiday and, yes, we've taken time to watch the Ottawa Remembrance Ceremony this morning but the website requires its weekly update so, here goes. I chuckled this morning when the radio announcer teased that the weather folk lead us along with promises of double digit plus temperatures toward week's end and then wait to disclose the reality of winter as the weekend approaches. As long as I can remember, I have found that Nov. 9 yearly marks the end of fall and the onset of serious winter and this year was no exception. P.S. the date is my birthday so my weekend was full of family and kind wishes - even a community singing of 'Happy Birthday' at the YYCCampus Ministry Fundraiser on Saturday night at Parkdale United. Nice!

This past week marked a visit at the Avatamsaka Monastery at the base of Louise Bridge on Wednesday evening with our Monday Night Book Study group. We were invited to participate in the Wednesday evening Meditation session so there were some sixteen St. Davidians walking, sitting, inquiring and, later, touring with our welcoming hosts. On November 20, we will be returning with those who were unable to attend and others who really enjoyed our first visit. With only 3 sessions left in our Fall Book Study, we are determining what our next book adventure might be. We hope to have registration set up with available books on hand for the middle of December. 

For our sports fans who were eager to see the Stampeders in the Grey Cup Finals in two weeks, it was a sad day as Winnipeg emerged victors against our Stampeders. Blessings to those faithful fans who braved the cold to support our team. P.S. I'm from Saskatchewan!! just saying. 

The excitement in our household is the approaching "Shark Out of Water" play as presented by the Chameleon Drama Group with Janice, Debbie and Yvonne providing adult leadership to the 11 young people who will be mic'd and ready to perform next Sunday after service. Lunch will be provided with a chance to donate to this amazingly dedicated and competent group who work so hard. They will be rehearsing both on Friday and Saturday evenings with show time set for 11:45 Sunday, November 17,2019. We hope to see you there!!

November 4, 2019

It is a gloomy Monday afternoon as I update the webpage. Last week was spent on the coast with sunshine and not so warm breezes but, starting last night, the boughs of the trees are coated with snow. It's wintertime. We have even set our clocks back an hour (however my night time rhythm still has me alert before 6 a.m. as I try to make my adjustment to MST. 

Having updated the EVENTS page, there is little chance that I'll be spending much time at home during the upcoming month. November has its own uniqueness - birthday time, Grey Cup time, a time of preparation for the busyness of December... Each year becomes a challenge as to how to accomplish all our goals. At St. David's we have our AGM so that Chantal is busy preparing the reports that come from all the committees (DUE BY WEDNESDAY, November 6) and plans are underway to make Advent and Christmas a blessed time of year. 

As I peruse the newsletter, I have highlighted events I won't miss -- like the Chameleon Drama groups Nov. 17 presentation of "Shark out of water!" - I will be providing sound and light, Dave will be videoing the play and grandson, Hugo, will be Tamir, one of the characters. I won't miss the Evening Compline Service on the evening of Nov. 17 or the AGM, or the Coffee and Muffin Day on Nov. 21 (Same day as Advent decorating of St. David's). If you have any spare time this month, Calgary Meals on Wheels wil be the Elves of Cookie Kitchen at South Centre Mall and they need volunteers who enjoy children, having fun and "embracing" the CHristmas Spirit. If you are interested, sign up on .

So... welcome to November and MST and snowy overcast days with glimpses of sunshine breaking through the clouds.