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May 20, 2021

What an awesome week with absolutely Calgary-style weather! Today, there is snow. Two days ago, our air conditioner was working full tilt. Our bedding out plants are covered to protect them from frost. The Patio Basil is sitting on the kitchen cupboard!!

St. Davidians' have joined in with members from United Churches all over southern Alberta in the Chinook Regional "Stroll for the Soul." Participants are encouraged to take pictures and keep track of their mileage as the group makes a virtual trip across the country. Each day we open our emails to find a message from the organizers with the focus for the daily stroll. Yesterday, May 19, 2021 we were to consider "Beauty belongs in the eyes of the beholder" which turns out to be an ancient quote made popular in the 19th century. Today it was to celebrate fleeting instances of beauty -- which we so often do not even register in our observance. We walked Market Mall this morning (along with many familiar faces of other walkers who arrive well before the stores open) and every once in a while, I caught a glimpse the three of us, masks in place, sharing our stories - just being together, fleetingly beautiful.

Sunday morning, May 23, 2021, ACTS, St. David's Adult Spiritual Development Ministry Bible study group will be presiding over morning worship. Every Thursday morning for 11 sessions this winter, the group of 16 met to study the Gospel of John. Volunteer members will be sharing exerpts of scripture to be considered and leader, Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst will be offering a reflection on each between readings. This service is even more personal for us because our grandson, Hugo Goasdoué - Wallace will be sharing his Little Gift of New Life with us. Many of you will recognize Hugo. Dave suggested that we could remind everyone who joined in the coffee gathering after church Sunday mornings would remember the young fellow doctoring his tea with copious amounts of sugar. We had to pre-record him because on Sunday morning, he and his sister Greta will be lining up at the Telus Convention Centre to receive their vaccination. 

Hugo and Iris have joined us many times during ZOOM on Sunday mornings and they look forward to seeing familiar faces (and to lighting the Christ Candle.) The long weekend of May beckons; Saturday should be milder with Sunday and Monday keeping us closer to home and, on Monday, our young ones will be returning to school with five weeks left in the term.  

Heads up to those of you with favourite hymns to sing on May 30, 2021 when Brent will be leading us through a music-filled worship service. Be sure to give him lots of favourite possibilities. 

May 7, 2021

This morning we enjoyed  our breakfast sandwiches as we sat on the launch pad at Glenmore Dam. We watched kayakers making their way through the water and we heard the birds singing. On our drive, we saw the buds opening on trees and the greening of the grassy slopes. We are so ready for spring!!

At St. David’s, we have many people working behind the scenes to make St. David’s the great place that it is. Rev. Debbie has been overseeing the preparation for Sunday morning Worship Services with the help of the Worship team, consisting of Carly-Jean Godfrey, Darlene Heynen, Janet Clare, Marilyn Outtrim… Speaking with Darlene recently, she said that everyone invited to participate in Sunday morning service has agreed to help out. Ministry and Personnel Ministry with Kathy Koehler and Bill Dickson are working with Chinook Regional to ensure that we have a strategy for moving forward after Rev. Debbie’s retirement, effective June 30, 2021. Deb Charnuski, chair of the PSALT Ministry and her crew (Dave and I are part of the tech team) have been working with experts from Chinook Regional to update our sound, projection and broadcasting systems as well as ensuring that our Sunday service is available through ZOOM at 10 a.m. and later, on Youtube. Mike Stockdale, our treasurer, has been busy drawing up the draft for budget 2021-2022 with input from the various Council Ministry Chairs at St. David’s, including our Affirming, Property, Presbytery and Finance.  Note: The Congregational Budget meeting is scheduled for June following the service on ZOOM. Our new financial guru, Roberto Montagni, has been paying bills and making deposits. Brent Tucker can be heard practising for Sunday service during the week and members of the choir join with him from time to time to rehearse — all masked and socially distanced. Wally Pelley, our devoted custodian, makes sure that COVID-19 protocol is carried out to the ’T’. Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst, Adult Spiritual Development Ministry,  presided over the April 25, 2021 service with members of the ACTS Monday Night Book Study group and, on the May long weekend, May 23, 2021, he and members of the ACTS Thursday Morning Bible study will be leading us in worship. Our office administrator, Chantal Winslow is back at task following her hospital stay and has the office open on Mondays and Wednesdays. WHAT A TEAM! P.S. I apologize if I missed anybody. Sorry!

As your webmaster at St. David’s, I try to keep my “ear to the ground” so that I can inform you of St. David’s news. I draw your attention to the newsletter from CACG (Calgary Alliance of the Common Good) which offers many opportunities for learning, leading and acting along with the other members from 30-some churches, synagogues, temples, unions, schools and agencies. 

This ‘Month of May during COVID-19, Third Wave’ does have it challenges. We have three weeks plus to go. With more restrictions coming our way, our St. David's community gatherings on ZOOM become even more significant. Mothers’ Day, May 9, 2021, we will be ‘Youtube’ed to the Chinook Regional Worship Service beginning at 10:30 at which the services of Rev. Debbie Stockdale will be acknowledged as she moves into retirement, June 30, 2021. We will be honouring our wonderful Pastoral Care Minister at service on June 27, 2021. We have been most blessed to have Rev. Debbie with us.