Brenda Wallace
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March 26, 2019

Spring Break!!! That means that we are busy entertaining our grandchildren for the week. That means visits to the library, to the swimming pool, to the theatre. Life is truly grand!

At church this past week, Rev. Peggy has been encouraging us reflect on the busyness of our lives. The underlying theme is relationships over stuff so, that being said, spending time with the grandchildren is a big bonus. Maybe the 3:00 a.m. cuddles can be wearisome but knowing that all too soon the little ones will be too independent to want to share that time with grandmas, makes it all good.

Two weeks in a row now, the Gremlin has reared its annoying sound mid-service. The helplessness felt by the sound team during its eruption is overwhelming. Nothing works and nothing seems to forestall it. (Watch for a temporary sound system that will not include the cluster speakers who seem to have lost their effectiveness over the years and seem to harbour static that builds, then BOOM!) Sunday morning, it almost seemed to appear right on cue but, trust me, it is truly a mystery. P.S. If you feel that you would like to contribute to the elimination of the gremlin, donations can be made through the church office. A fund has been started to replace the aging system. 

Our Monday Night Book Study held its final session on Monday night with a full house. Our guest, Ryan Anderson, CACG, (see Ministries/Adult Spiritual Development/file attachment for a recap of what he had to say) was so inspirational in his time with us. Change is in the wind!

Note: We considered solutions for viewing the rear screen by the folks sitting in the NE quadrant but nothing seemed to work. I guess that the folks sitting there will have to turn slightly to see the front screen. Sorry!

March 18, 2019

If you want to view the monthly activities of St. David's, pick up and read the weekly "Coffee News" paper that can be found at most eating places. You can look for the little man who is hidden in the ads but be sure to cut out the St. David's ad that highlights the event going on in our church. 

As the Lenten season marches on and Easter approaches, St. David's is particularly busy. Sunday, service #2 in the "Circle" formation, we welcomed the Rainbow Elders with guest speaker Rocky Wallbaum. The Affirm Committee, led by Jennifer McTavish along with Rev. Peggy, presided over the service. The Rainbow Elders had the Sanctuary Choir seated right behind them!

It is neat to face the congregation from whatever angle you choose and it is funny how people quickly pick their favourite section. 

Our weather has continued to offer us excellent-no-coat-needed days. The snow has quickly melted and, with our extra hour of sunlight, we can get outdoors more easily. We have mostly adapted to the change in time, however for a few days, we were quite fatigued by the end of the day - could be the lack of caffeine in yours' truly lenten practice. 

Our 10 Session Monday Night Book Study has come to an end. Thursday Morning Bible Study has their last meeting. But... Coffee and Muffin Ministry will be hosted on April 11 from 7 to 2. We were at church Thursday morning for the March Coffee and Muffin ministry and, at times, the foyer was filled with visitors. Yahoo!

After church on Sunday morning, we had PIE! Two long rows of tables lined Robertson Hall while several others were laiden with savoury and sweet pies. Saturday night at our place was beset with a sudden, "We need a pie for tomorrow," thought so into the oven went a home-made from scratch cherry pie. As our feast after church began to wind down, Deb, Chair Council, auctioned off several of the uncut pies. We have feasted on our successful bid every day since!! It's all gone now, however. Proceeds from the auction, excess of $400, went to the Rainbow Elders. 

Besides volunteering at Terre de Jeunes (where our grandchildren attend school) where the students participated in the "Stream of Dreams" paint-a-fish project -- celebrating clean and bountiful water in Alberta - (Our hand-painted fish will go up on the fence along with the rest), our task this week will be to see how easily we can move the balcony projector so that the rear screen can be seen from the front of the circle of seats. Onward!!

March 11, 2019

It is melting!! Finally! However, the sun reflectiing off the snow-covered grounds at Mt. St. Francis Retreat Centre on Sunday afternoon was so very beautiful. I sat in the library with sun streaming through the window and was thoroughly captured by the serenity that encapsulates this place. This was ACTS (Adult Spiritual Development Ministry) sixth annual Lenten retreat and the third that has been led by Susan Campbell, Director of MSTRC. After a silent lunch time, a short input session, this year entitled "Who Do You Say I AM?" we were on our own for the next two hours. Several folks took advantage of the warm day and spent time out of doors while others of us found comfy chairs to spend time to reflect, write, rest - lots of choice. 

St. David's was a busy place during the past week. On Monday night, Session 8 of our Book Study, almost all of us were present, taking advantage of the change of weather. On Wednesday night, we gathered for our annual Pancake supper (thanks to the cooks and those were there to greet the rest of us at 6 p.m. Following our supper (and quick clean up) we adjourned to the sanctuary where we were introduced to the new Lenten design of a circle of chairs with four quadrants, centred by the Lenten candles. With the mark of ashes on our foreheads we were ready to get down to the work of Lent, reflecting this year on finding time away from our busyness.  NOTE: you can follow along by scrolling to the bottom of the page on the Ministries/Worship section and incorporating the suggested Lenten spiritual practices into your busy schedule.

Thursday morning was Bible Study and, later, choir practices. The Angel Voices were preparing for their ministry at Sunday night's Lenten Evening Compline Service and the Chamber Choir for singing Sunday morning. And, of course, Sunday was a packed day with time spent with fellow St. Davidians. 

This week, Lent II, will help us prepare for Easter. Book Study and Bible Study move into their ninth sessions and Thursday is Coffee & Muffin Ministry day. Yahoo!! Have a great week. (p.s. no formal newsletter this week so take a peak at the newsletter for March 3.) 

Welcome to March. In like a lion, out like a lamb, right? I guess that -27 degrees of coldness will qualify for the lion part. The good news is that spring is just around the corner and, boy, are we ready!

We are very busy at St. David's at this time. With the Lenten season about to begin, you will see the Lenten paraments in their place in the Sanctuary when you come to worship on Sunday.  Often we take these beautiful hangings forgranted but they are the creative works of past St. Davidians, lovingly set in their places by members of the worship team. As we were leaving church on Sunday morning, they were busily removing banners and hangings, replacing them with the royal purple colours of Lent. We are, indeed, indebted to Pam Godderis (Dangerfield) and others whose artwork we enjoy. Pam's artwork is shown all over the world.

Behind the scenes, Colin Outtrim and Edge are bringing to fruition changes that we need as we explore alternatives for our future. The Chamelion Drama Group are dedicating 3 hours weekly to the rehearsing of two plays to be performed on April 16, 2019 after service. The Choirs, Brent, Garrett and Colleen are rehearsing for the Easter season and Alison, Trent, Stephanie and the Ministry of Families team are making the Bible stories of the Old Testament come alive for the Faith Questers while the youth are debriefing their trek around Calgary visiting the worship places of other faith traditions. The PSALT team with Deb and Tauran (and Peter) are preparing to lower the old cluster speakers for repair or replacement. Wow! 

This week will see some of us at church Monday night for Book Study, Wednesday morning for Qigong with Janice Rider and Wednesday night for Ash Wednesday service and pancake supper, Thursday morning for Bible Study and Thursday evening for choir practices and we know that our ministry team puts in many hours preparing for Sunday morning. We are truly blessed. 

Friday night, Robertson Hall was nearly packed with members and guests of the Friendship Club as they gathered to listen to Dr. Fiona Clements and her "Conversation About Cannibis." Thank you to Dr. Clements for allowing us to upload her presentation for you to peruse.