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March 22, 2021

Spring is here. We are on DST. Many of us have had our first vaccination and are awaiting the booster. We do know that snow will still come, that we have caught up on our lost hour of sleep and that we still need to wear our masks, wash our hands and stay socially-distanced when we are with others.

At St. David's, we are entering into Lent VI, the last Sunday of Lent. Our sanctuary, with its vessels and broken sea glass lining the aisle to the communion table, itself decorated with a sand table, shells and Lenten candles, has provided a fitting backdrop to the Lenten Series -- Vessels: Holy and Whole. Each Sunday morning our congregation on ZOOM, have watched a video of progressing up the aisle between the vessels.

Dave used his drone skills to capture the video. This was one of our COVID-19 growing edges -- qualifying for advanced licensing to fly the drone. My qualifications are as an observer. I leave the flying to him. P.S. I look forward to drives in the countryside when the snow is replaced with green grass to fly the drone.

During Easter week, we will have two services: Good Friday Service at 10 a.m. April 2, 2021 and Easter Sunday Service at 10 a.m. April 4, 2021. Rev. Peggy McDonagh is busy preparing for this. We have our final service of the current series this coming Sunday. We will be packing up the vessels, sea glass and banner and preparing the sanctuary for Easter.

Tomorrow night, March 23, 2021, Council will be meeting for its regular March meeting. It will soon be budget time and we will be bidding adieu to our wonderful Pastoral Care Minister, Rev. Debbie Stockdale, who will be retiring at the end of June. Of course, re-opening of our church will be a prime topic of discussion. With Phase 3 possibilities, yet the onset of the variants, the call will not be an easy one to make. Meanwhile, Sunday morning we have 80-90 computers on line, during ACTS Monday Night Book Study, we have almost 30 computers on line with us and on Thursday Morning Bible Study, we have 16 faithful studiers on ZOOM. We are so grateful for having this form of technology available to us plus the ability to upload services to Youtube so that everyone can maintain their ties to St. David's. Not to mention, the willingness of the tech team (PSALT) under the guidance of Deb Charnuski to make all this happen. 

March 14, 2021

The last 10 days have evaporated for me! Suddenly it is Pi Day and one year ago today was our last full congregational worship service with the sharing of pies following the service. Some of us missed the sharing of goodies because we were sharing in a silent luncheon and retreat at Mount St. Francis, an annual function hosted by the ACTS (Adult Spiritual Development Ministry) here at St. David's. An emergent meeting of Council on March 16 decided upon the ending of in-person worship services, church rentals, special events and regular programming. ACTS Monday Night Book Study had a scheduled Session #10 that we cancelled.  

The past year has held its share of joy and sorrow and we are most grateful that we had the technology and the courage to continue our worship services (and Book and Bible Studies) on ZOOM. Chinook Regional helped us develop some "Zooming" skills, the Blueyeti microphone was added and, over time, a revolutionary turntable and a protective podium for our soloists (thanks to Mike Trew) was added.

Every season, a dedicated group of the Worship Ministry, along with friends, have decorated the church sanctuary and, on Sunday morning, about 130 worshippers join in service from homes really around the world. It is an absolute joy to admit folks in from the waiting room as they prepare for worship. And... almost right from the start, our Youtube of the service has been made available to the public at large. Brent and Garrett have added special music youtubes that can be enjoyed from our homes. Blessings to all who have helped us get through this year of COVID-19. 

This week we send our condolescences to the Purvis family, following the passing of our dear friend and faithful congregant, Marie Purvis. Marie's obituary is attached as a file below. 

March 4, 2021

... or as my daughter informed me today, it's 4321 -- that is, fourth day of third month in the 21st year. So far, March has been a bit of a dream, weather-wise. The snow is melting and at night, with temperature below 0 degrees, the melt freezes and walking becomes excessively treacherous. One has to be very careful while walking and with the lure of warm sunshine during the day, walking is inviting. 

Tomorrow, March 5, is the World Day of Prayer ZOOM service at 1:00 p.m. You can get your invitation by contacting the Church Office or by going online at  

The first week of March has been a great week for ACTS. Monday Night Book Study and Thursday Morning Bible Study are at mid-session. Between the two Zoom gatherings, we have close to 50 devices online. Sunday morning, for Lent II, we were about 80 devices gathered in community. Rev. Peggy's series on "Holy Vessels" recognizes the difficulties of our COVID-19 limitations but offers hope. Like the broken vessels that are washed up in pieces on shore, they have emerged with renewed beauty -- different but special, a lot like our lives.

Discussion this week among the 1946 and earlier birth year folks was about immunization appointments -- right, there was lots of discussion regarding the difficulties of walking the online process to get those appointments. Some St. Davidians are going to Cochrane, others to Red Deer, still others to our neigihbourhood Brentwood Coop. Wherever we go, we can see the end of the tunnel and we look forward to a new era. 

About 14 or so young people join Janice Rider and Deb Charnuski on Saturday nights. They are the Chameleon Drama group and right now they are rehearsing online. Our grandson really looks forward to the sessions. Thank you, Janice and Deb, for your efforts in offering our young people an opportunity to come together. 

Have a great week! Enjoy!