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June 20, 2021

Fathers' Day and we've just returned from eating "Rolled" ice cream on Edmonton Trail. Yummy!! We were privileged today to have Bill Way lead us in worship at St. David's. It being Indigenous Day of Prayer for the United Church of Canada, our service focussed on the writings of Richard Wagamese and of Rev. Reed Sherman of Trinity United in Montreal. 

We are so fortunate to have folks step up to lead worship in the very meaningful ways we have enjoyed over the past Sundays. Rev. Debbie has worked with the worship team on preparing the liturgy for each service and ZOOM has really held our congregation together. I have looked after the waiting room on Sunday mornings from my own home recently and as each person is admitted to the service it feels like I'm standing at the front door at church, welcoming each of you as you arrive.

If all goes well, according to our premier, we will be back to normal by July 1, 2021. If only.... Even with our Pfizer immunizations we have only 80% efficiency against the Delta virus so wearing masks and frequent hand washes may be in our future for awhile yet. Council meets on Tuesday night and the issue of opening to rentals and regular attendance at  Sunday morning services will be considered. 

Next Sunday will be Rev. Debbie's last Sunday before the commencement of her retirement. We had a chance to share prayer time during service this morning with Rev. Tim Nethercott who will be helping us out during July and August. Most of you will know him best from his Chaplaincy at U of C, Mt.Royal and Sait. Welcome to St. David's, Rev. Tim.

Our "Stroll for the Soul" -- an initiative of Chinook Regional -- kept 12 of us busy for the first three weeks of the month. Our distances were totalled and we managed to walk from Yellowknife to the East Coast -- not just our 12 but also the other 200 strollers. Each morning we were inspired to walk with a purpose and in so doing familiar paths took on new meanings. 

Have a good week and we will see many of you next Sunday. 

June 8, 2021

Less wind today. Overcast and more rain tomorrow. Today is the last day of our Stroll for the Soul -- an initiative of Chinook Regional UC. There were 12 of us involved at St. David's -- today's stroll is a continued focus on Psalm 104. I believe there is a bonus day tomorrow. 
We offer our thoughts and prayers to the Ohreen family following the passing of Dorothy (Dot). Ed and Dorothy were regulars at our Zoom worship services. Daughter Anne-Marie was my student in Junior High and we've kept in touch over the years. St. David's CGIT was important to all three of us, Dot, Anne-Marie and me during the 1980s. Here is a link to Dot's obituary.

June 2, 2021

The first day with hot weather warnings. I reminded my brother that a couple of weeks ago, he was shovelling snow off his deck south of Bragg Creek. Oh, well! Today is a day for hats, sun screen and lounging, if that is an option for you. We are off to do a little church business this morning. Expect an email/letter this week from Council at St. David's advising you of the upcoming BUDGET CONGREGATIONAL MEETING (on ZOOM) after service on June 13, 2021. As well, June is our farewell month for Rev. Debbie Stockdale who will be retiring at the end of the month. 

There are 12 of us from St. David's who have joined in the "STROLL FOR THE SOUL" for 21 days with other United Church groups in southern Alberta (over 200 strollers). Janet Clare, Pastoral Care, is our leader. Every morning, we receive an email from "PrayerBench" with a meditation - focus for our daily walk. Mileage is sent weekly into 'Nancy' who is compiling the totals from all groups and plotting them on a cross-country map. This week my total was 26.5 miles -- for those of us who still remember miles, that is almost a walk from my home town, Gull Lake, SK to Swift Current, SK. Go figure!!

This morning's paper was full of articles on the unmarked graves of children at Kamloops, BC. Hillhurst has put up 215 ribbons - one for each of the children whose graves were detected. When I review my 45 years of teaching, the loss of a child was an event that was marked with ceremony, memorial, sadness ... and here, by contrast, all these children, with their own parents, grandparents and extended families, often uninformed, were merely interred with no records kept. Today, we are trying to make sense out of this tragedy of the past.

We are missing Rev. Peggy and keeping her in our thoughts as the ministry at St. David's continues under Rev. Debbie and Council. The various committee ministries have "stepped up the pulpit" to ensure that Sunday mornings, we are brought together as a community on ZOOM. There are so many people involved behind the scenes. Bless you all!!

We will be welcoming Rev. Tim Nethercott to the ministry at St. David's for the months of July and August. We are familiar with Tim who has served as Chaplain at U of C for a long time and has been a frequent visitor to St. David's. Welcome aboard, Rev. Tim. and .... welcome to June!!