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June 29, 2020

I was just joking when I entitled my NEWS section, Zooming through June. Boy, did we zoom! I could have named our month's news as Sloshing through June as readily. Every day, it seems, we have rain. Barrels are filled to overflowing and our drainage systems are being regularly taxed. Sprinkler systems are at rest.

At St. David's, we continue to meet on Sunday mornings and look forward to hearing 'the word' as well as hearing from each other before and following the service. Being able to relate to our community has been so meaningful during this Time of COVID-19, speaking of which, we are moving along into the Phases identified by AHS and Government of Alberta. We are able to return to restaurant dining out occasionally, with our servers wearing masks and common areas being sanitized both before and after our meals are completed. Pleasant evenings, when it isn't raining, reveal families and friends gathering outdoors, socially distancing, but ending the long days of isolation.

We are still blessed in our circle of family and friends to remain healthy and probably in the best shape of our senior lives. At home, we manage to reach our daily FITBIT goals while practising our virus-control hygiene. There is lots of lotion to ease chapped hands from frequent washing and our masks have become an integral part of our daily costume choice.  

Summer vacation will probably be summer stay-cation around here, for us. Our sailboat is still wearing her winter canvas as she bobs up and down at dock at Sidney North Saanich Marina. Most ports are still closed on the west coast and will be until mid-July. I am certain that the economic hardship of COVID-19 will change the face of sailing. 

So, here comes July. In six months, Christmas 2020 will be history. Wow!!! Enjoy!!

June 22, 2020

Yeah! It's summer time! And today is supposed to reach summertime temperatures. However... the rain barrels are full and some of the planters are water-logged. True, the grass has never been more lucious or the dandelions more abundant. Also, mosquitos, but who is complaining!!

Fathers' Day coincided as it does with the National Indigenous People's Sunday and, as usual, we focussed our attention during the worship service on our continuing journey alongside our Indigenous brothers and sisters. We heard the words of Rev. Tony Snow and his brother, John Jr. who is in the process of ordination through the UCC. Rev. Tony is the lead for Indigenous Ministry through Chinook Winds Regional, ministering out of Hillhurst United Church. His picture can be found as an image below. 

ervices, we have found a new norm developing. Today, Dave and I sit at the dining room table, he, working on  drone flying certification and me, updating our web page. We work in a little 'touching-base' with friends and family, a little running on the spot or walking to reach our Fitbit goals and time on longer range goals like cross-stich, sorting, cleaning ... the list grows!

Tomorrow night, Council will be meeting for its fourth online monthly meeting (in addition to an emergent meeting in March and the first meeting of the Re-opening Committee that met last week.) Our Congregational Budget meeting was well-attended and, despite being in our own homes, there was a definite feel of community as we progressed through the agenda. 

Just a reminder, if you have any gifts, talents, latent abilities that need to be highlighted, the various committees of the church are looking for members. Let the office know or give me a call - that is, Brenda Wallace- 403-510-1993.

Have a great week. 

June 15, 2020

Calgary's weather, for certain, is never boring. As I write this, I'm sitting as the sun streams through my window. We had a walk with our grandchildren to "playgrounds" in the neighbourhood this afternoon, something we could not have done Saturday evening. We did spend time with the little ones on Saturday afternoon and joined the family for supper before returning home just as rain drops began to land on our windshield. We should have known a major storm was brewing from the colour of the sky and the quickly dropping temperature. But, here, we only received a torrent of rain, unlike our neighbours to the east where cars and houses were destroyed by tennis size hail stones. Pictures and videos online continue to show the strength of the storm which will go down in history as one of Calgary's biggest. 

Sunday morning, we 'zoomed' together to learn about a different kind of storm - daily, news coverage shows anti-racism marches and protests all over the world. Last week Rev. Debbie led us through a service questioning our reactions to what we have been viewing and/or participating in reaction to the violence met with violence in many American cities. 

On June 14, Sunday morning Rev. Peggy read to us a blog written by United Church leader, Rev. Dr. Douglas Walfall. (P.S. check out HOME/SERMONS) and again, during this past week, we have been able to listen to stories and events in the lives of others - stories which are just not in our realm of experience and I guess that is what we are called to do as Christians - to listen to each other and learn. Rev. Debbie said, "Pray, Preach, Act, Repeat."

Ironically, COVID-19 has given many of us the luxury of time to be able to listen and learn and as we move forward through this journey of self-isolation with Phase One, moving to Phase Two adaptation in Alberta, maybe we can emerge as more thoughtful, caring Christians. P.S. 82 days now since we moved into the Time of COVID-19 - that is almost 12 weeks!! The pictures uploaded this week are of the irises growing in our church gardens  (maybe planted by Marjories Hales years ago) and of our amazing gardening group who have our church grounds looking so great!!!

June 8, 2020

The rain is making everything look so green and lush. This past week our flower beds were planted in our complex and lawns were trimmed. And... the little black squirrel and/or her family visit the deck daily as Dave gets down on his hands and knees to hand feed peanuts to the little visitor! She does like to scavage from the bird feeder but it is a superdeluxe model, specifically designed to thwart the critters. 

Rev. Peggy enjoyed a welcome respite from the lectern this morning with Rev. Debbie zooming into our lives at home. She was joined by the usual sanctuary crew: Deb, Brent, Wendy, Heather, Dave, Bob and Sally. Thank you for your dedication. It was particularly awesome to hear Brent's piano coming through so cleanly this morning. Thanks go to Deb and Mohammed for their technical know-how. 

Next Sunday after service we will be holding our regular June Budget meeting, however it will be anything but usual. Service will be somewhat shorter and following service, our Zoom meeting will begin. We now have an ad-hoc committee standing by to reopen our sanctuary for worship service when we are given the word by Chinook Winds Region and AHS. We can host small group gatherings now provided we follow a strict protocol for sanitization. So much to learn and so many tasks to do!! P.S. Gardening team is at task on Thursday mornings and you can add your green thumb to the cause.