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JUNE 25, 2018

June is quickly drawing to a close and holiday time is beckoning. Rev. Kelley will be with us for the month of July while Rev. Peggy is off on adventures. Her reflection on Sunday was all about "celebrating summer." So... today on our travels, I've taken special note of the signs of summer. Rev. Peggy asked us if we ever listen to summer. Amazing what you can hear if you are living in the moment. 

We were downtown this morning and observed a group of protesters waving blue and white flags and carrying placards in support of Uyghurs, "a majority Muslim, Turkic people who are living under the thumb of the People's Republic of China, since their official annexation in 1949." Some of their signs mentioned people forced to live in refugee camps. Further down the walk, we were asked if we knew what the issues of the protest were and the conversation sequed to the new "refugee" camps in the USA for little children. So much to do - so little time! 

Meanwhile, activities at church have gone into summer hibernation. The ACTS committee (Adult Spiritual Education Development) met to celebrate their past year and to plan for the upcoming year. The Pastoral Care Committee and all its Petal groups celebrated after church earlier this month and Ministry of Families is enjoying a Summer break. PSALT (Projection, Sound and Light team) will be slowing down for  summer and will be installing the new projection screen during the month of July. Music ministry has ended choir practices for summer and special music and musicians will take over this ministry. Affirming Ministry has Jennifer, chair, attending a national conference in July and preparing for the fall program. The Chameleon Drama group have CDs of the last two plays ready for pickup. (Check out at the office.) Sacred Service Ministry has the July and August teams ready to go. August is a shared month so thanks go to all the volunteers for extra duty. Our Finance Committee has their budget for the upcoming year set and ready to go. We will be roaring to go next come fall. I will continue my weekly updates sometimes from home and otherwise on our sailboat. Have an awesome summer!! 

JUNE 19, 2018

Such fun. I am editing the web page today from Sidney, BC, aboard ‘Good Idea’ - our sailboat. We now have access to wifi on the dock. It’s been a long time coming!

Last Sunday, we celebrated our Indigenous brothers and sisters (as well as our dads) in our worship service. An inset in our worship folder gave background for National Aboriginal Day, June 21. “Established in 1996, National Aboriginal Day falls on June 21; many faith communities celebrate the closest Sunday as Aboriginal Sunday. NAD gives all Canadians the opportunity to participate and share knowledge about Aboriginal peoples’ values, customs, languages and culture. It gives Aboriginal people an opportunity to showcase the beauty of their culture and languages.”  Learn more on the following websites: Http://   and Http://

If you have noticed extra pianos around St. David’s recently, it is because the Royal Conservatory of Music is using our facility for examinations. The password is “shhh.”

JUNE 12, 2018

Sunday marked the 93rd anniversary for the United Church of Canada. Rev. Peggy's reflection was entitled "Be Faithful in a Time of Change." She outlined some of the major changes in the United Church of Canada that are currently taking place - 17 regions across Canada, replacing Presbyteries and Conferences. Calgary is Region 3. Following the Foundation and Annual Budget meeting, Rev. Peggy and the Koehlers attending a cluster of the NorthWest United Churches and were impressed by the positive ways in which the churches are facing the changes. 

Another initiative of SDUC is to participate in the UCC's Edge program. Following the Budget meeting, several members of the congregation came forward to sit on the committee that will be investigating the program and advising us on how best to walk into the future. Quoting Rev. Kimmett in her reflection, she agreed that "the church of the future must make people feel loved and accepted. Belonging will precede belief, meaning that more than ever we need to be less concerned about what people believe and more about how we create community, relationship and a sense of belonging." She concluded, "we are the church together, so let's be it enthusiastically, faithfully, courageously, prayerfully, but above all lovingly. Amen." 

The Annual Budget Meeting drew our attention to some facts regarding our financial realities as we move into the future. A more dire need than more revenue - less expense, however, is for folks to step up to help out as volunteers for vacant council positions and the upcoming Needs Assessment Committee. More information regarding this Congregational Meeting can be found on the Home page. 

Our custodian, Wally Pelley, is hobbling around these days with a cast and crutches. If you like the smell of mown grass, you can help us out by volunteering to "cut the grass!" 

Come to church on "Indigenous Sunday" when our guests will be Maria Williams and Dorothy Walker. Special servings of bannock will be available following the service. 

JUNE 3, 2018

It is a busy time for Council these days as the budget for 2018-2019 is being prepared for presentation at the June 10 Congregational Budget meeting. To that end, council has meet twice this week as the numbers are being massaged and grim truths are being faced. Not an easy task! See you at the meeting after the worship service on Sunday, June 10. The meeting should be over in time for us to drive out to Morley to attend the McDougall Memorial Church Spring Service at 3:00 p.m. built around the theme, "Forward Together." Our own Wayne Holst will be presiding. 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with the folks involved in the Society of Healing Touch Program of Alberta. It being the International Day for Healing Touch, there was a gathering in Springbank featuring Bonnie Lawrence and her amazing musical talent. Bonnie and I looked after the children's choir back in the 1970s. As well, Symons Valley United Church shared their hand-painted labrynth with the SHTPA for the afternoon. The Board of Directors of SHTPA had an all day meeting on Sunday with the afternoon dedicated to Visioning. 

Healing Touch is provided to St. Davidians on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Closer to home, the young people of SDUC were outside on Sunday morning with their gardening gloves and lots of plants to be planted. Thank you to all the adults who helped out and to the generous sharing of plants from the St. David's community. 

The Royal Conservatory of Music is using our Sanctuary and the TM room Monday through Saturday. Examinations will be in session over the week. Shhhh! There is a second grand piano up front in the sanctuary. 

The church year is winding down. Rev. Kelley will be leaving us at the end of July. See you at church.