Brenda Wallace
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July 15, 2018

Fifa! France! Croatia! Soccer/football fever was raging over the past few weeks as it came to a climax on Sunday morning. Some of our community were caught up in the action but for those of us who attended church Sunday morning, we were caught up in a reflection about heroes and hope, shared with us by Rev. Kelley. As well, we were privileged to have as guests Eileen Kosasih and Bethany Yon, who along with Brent provided ministry in song. 

Sunday also marked the conclusion to Stampede Week. A near record crowd made their way to the Grounds over the preceding days. St. David's was pretty quiet last week, that is, until the Friday night rehearsal and the Saturday afternoon Elder-Serani wedding. Rev. Kelley presided and the three little flower girls and the two little ring bearers stole the show.

This week we welcome the Amici Strings Camp into our church and on Saturday, there will be the ordination of a bishop as Roman Catholic Women's Priests of Calgary gather. 

During the second weekend of July, a Level One Healing Touch course was conducted here at St. David's which, according to Betty, was a success. 

July 8, 2018 was full of "Yahoo" -ing as the cowboy hats, jeans and boots came out of the closet for the annual Stampede Sunday Service. We sang old favourites and watched (or participated) in the re-enactment of the Good Samaritan. Alison led the service. She has stepped forward for the past few years with her creativity to produce a service that involves young and old, mingling the best of Stampede with the stories of Jesus. Following the service, the cowboys and cowgirls retired to the T.M. room for a warm fellowship time. 

Things at church are quiet these days. We are getting ready to put up the new projection screen donated to St. David's by the Friendship Club. 

July is upon us - this morning swimming class at Mt. Pleasant Pool was hardly pleasant, however by weekend, we should be experiencing summer in Calgary.

St. David's has entered its holiday season. We are singing from the worship folder or hymnals because our projectionists are on a well-deserved break. Every week during the regular church year, PSALT members David or Alison or Mike or Meryl or Tapas download the service plan and translate it into powerpoint slides which are projected on our screen. Rev. Peggy is on holidays for the month of July and this month, we will be led in worship by Rev. Kelley during her last month at St. David's. The choirs are on break so we will enjoy the musical ministries of a variety of guests. (We have already worshipped with Brittany Rae and Jack Olszewski to date.) Our faithful custodian, Walley,  wasn't expecting a holiday break but that came in the disguise of a broken foot so various volunteers are helping carry out his duties. Yes, summertime is here. Recharge your batteries. Return from holidays with new experiences to share with the St. Davidian community.