Brenda Wallace
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Summer is here! We were waiting and watching and now we must remember not to complain about the heat, the thunderstorms and the bugs. Enjoy the long days and, of course, we are off to a fine start with the celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary. Red and White abound, for sure!!

There is daylight on the chancel! (Even with the blackout curtains pulled.)The choir spotlights were in need of attention and now we have LED choir spots that bath the front of the sanctuary in bright light. Thanks to Tauren, Wally, Brenda and Dave, the scaffolding was set up and taken down, the light bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs and the big spotlights were repositioned. And now Peter will be busy replacing carpet. Wally has the floors polished and everything looks great and Chantelle has been cleaning cupboards in addition to all her other duties. Marian and Marlene have been helping out in the office as required.