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January 21, 2021

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, however it is brisk, temperature - wise. Yesterday many of us were glued to the television as we watched the inaugeration ceremonies for the new president of the USA, Pres. Joe Biden. This morning, however, is all about Pres. Biden's executive orders which included the lifting of the permit for Keystone Pipeline with its major effect upon Albertans. What will happen next, we do not know.

We received word from the Wright family yesterday that Rev. Dr. Donald Wright, our senior minister at St. David's during the 90s, had passed away. His obituary has been included as a file attachment below. We remembered Don in many ways - he and Jill lived in our home for a couple of months as they were settling in Calgary. Harvey was a favourite at church and Kathryn, his big sister, was a dear friend and a high school student at Aberhart during their years in Calgary. Don and Jill loved life as recalled in his enthusiasm displayed while he played drums at church or took his boys to the movies, electing to sit in the front row so that it felt like they were part of the movie set during epics. It was Rev. Don who introduced St. David's to the computer - our admin. secretary worked very hard to convert paper to www.  when it came to running the church. We are grateful for the ministry of Don and Jill during their years with us. Our thoughts are with Jill and her family at this time. (See Obituary Below)

January 15, 2021

Another week plus has slipped by and, here it is, Friday evening and weekend.  The weather has been incredibly awesome. We were delighted today to discover that the city crew had worked on the street in front of the church, grading the road and removing the copious amount of snow that has made driving in front of the church and/or parking a bit of a night mare. 

Last Sunday, Epiphany Sunday, Rev. Debbie spoke to us about "Guiding Light" and how it can work in our lives. For many of us, in spite of the fact that our COVID-19 numbers have been improving, we stand in need of guiding light, especially during this time. Thank you, Rev. Debbie. 

Plans are underway for ACTS Monday Night Book Study and for Thursday Morning Bible Study. We will be gathering again on ZOOM as we study Dr. Brené Brown's book, Braving the Wilderness. As usual, the Thursday Morning Bible Study group will be determining their focus for study at their first class. Brown's book is very timely at this time. I have enjoyed seeking out video to support our study. Dr. Brown has a large presence on social media and her message is a welcome one. 

See you on Sunday on ZOOM. We'll be there. 

January 4, 2021

Yes, 2021 offers us a clean slate, a new beginning, brand new opportunities. We've been reminded of the importance of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace in our lives as we journeyed together through Advent with Rev. Peggy's series, "I Believe, Even When..." So, let us attack this new year with the confidence that we have each other in community. Daily, we are reminded that we are in this, together. Go, team, go!

It looks like ZOOM will make its mark in 2021 as services continue to draw our congregation together on Sunday mornings. 100 computers shared the Christmas Eve service and, yesterday, on what has traditionally been the "Wassail" Sunday gathering, had 77 computers networked. ZOOM not only is helping to keep our congregation together but is serving as a convenient way to bring family and friends together from across the country. 

We had fun on Christmas Eve Day morning when we gathered for a Christmas activity event, complete with sourdough waffles, Christmas cookies and Swedish pork pancakes along with singing, story-telling, tradition- sharing and game playing. Thanks go to the Ramraj-Thompsons, the Outtrims and to my great zooming partner, David, for helping to make our event such a success. 

It only seems that yesterday we were getting decorations down from the attic and now, as the days grow longer, it will soom be time to return the house to its usual state of being with Christmas 2020, part of our history. It was a good one -- quiet, easy going, time to rest, play games, do puzzles and enjoy each other's company. Bottom line was that I won the occasional game of pool and in our house, renovations kept us busy until just before Christmas day. 

ACTS Monday Night Book Study begins on January 25, 2021 and Thursday Morning Bible Study on the 28th. I have finished reading the book, "Braving the Wilderness" by Dr. Brene Brown. Indigo/Chapters has hard covers of the book on sale for $8.00. I've picked up several copies and will share - just call me. 

Have a great week. Enjoy the pleasant winter weather and, before long, we will be celebrating the crocuses, right?