Brenda Wallace
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January 13, 2020

We are home from the south and it is brutally cold today. However, the sun is shining through my windows as I update the webpage. We are approaching the Third Sunday of the Epiphany Season and acttivities at church are many. The Prayer Shawl group are meeting this afternoon. Winter Monday Night Book Study commences tonight at 7. "Under the Rainbow" with Jennifer McTavish happens on Wednesday at 7. On Thursday morning ACTS Bible Study will begin at 9:30. On Friday we are celebrating the January Taizé Prayer at St. David's which for me will be a first time experience. P.S. Community Free Supper of Soup is served at 5:30, we'll have a choir practice at 6:15, Silence at 7 and the service at 7:30. 

A personal highlight of my week had to be leading the Children's program on Sunday morning. In our new curriculum, Pathways to Joy, I prepped Lesson #16 on Humility. The affirmation (a new one with each lesson) was "I know that the Spirit of the Universe will do great and small things through me. I found an awesome song to introduce the theme which highlighted the Value of the Month - "Encouragement." (To encourage we need humility). You might want to take a listen.

As Canadians, we are in a state of mourning a,s across the country, people gather to remember the loss of life of many Canadians who were aboard Flight 572 when it was struck by at least one missile as it was taking off from Tehran, Iran. As followers of Jesus, we seek peace amidst the feelings of angst, anger and confusion. The Taizé service will give us an opportunity to "pray for the needs of others, for the world, for the poor, for those who strive to make the world more like the kingdom of God. God connects us with the wider body of Christ and all Cree-action." See Ministries/Worship for more information about Taize Prayer.

Sunday will bring us back for the third Sunday of the Season of Epiphany and as our worship folder said, "Throughout the season, we are examining the many ways we can "Arise and Shine" not only to make our individual lives more meaningful but to shed the Divine lights of hope and love on the challenges facing humanity and creation." As well, Sunday evening at 7 p.m., come to the peace offered by our Evening Compline Service. Have a great week. 

January 7, 2020

Good morning from Portland, Oregon. It is an overcast kind of morning. It rained yesterday, however our weather apps said there would be snow. Nope! Just rain. Four years ago when we were here at this time of year, there was lots of snow so we will enjoy the rain this year. 

We like to visit the Living Room Theatre when we are here (across the road from the Powell Book Store - huge!!!!) and this afternoon they are showing a documentary featuring an individual who videotaped 24/7 her news channel from the 1970s until her recent death. I'm listening to CNN and its take on Trump vs. Iran. 

I have tried to capture the gist of Rev. Peggy's reflection on Light and GPS by studying the Worship Folder (found on MINISTRIES/WORSHIP page). Personally, as the days lengthen, I celebrate the light. We have had a great holiday states' side but are on our way home now. We will see you on Sunday morning. Monday evening, Monday Night Book Study commences so many of us are reading or rereading "Future Faith" in preparation.