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February 24, 2020

This morning St. Luke's was the setting for the celebration of mass for Kevin Nelson, a long time acquaintance. With our arms crossed over our chests, we were given a blessing by the presiding priest and joined friends and family in the parish hall following the service. We live in a wonderful world where we can worship freely with the diverse communities which constitute Calgary. Kevin was former president of the Native Calgarians so many of the people gathered were born and raised in Calgary. Dave could be counted among the group but I'm a Saskatchewan girl!. Oh, well. 

This week involved several memorable moments at St. David's. There was no Monday Night Book Study because of Family Day but Thursday morning, the Bible Study group met with the aroma of coffee and muffins wafting through the TM room from the Foyer where the community was enjoying Coffee and Muffin Ministry for February. It is fun to be at St. David's as the little ones arrive for school along with their parents and later, enjoy snacks and beverages with us. 

On Saturday, Talia and Pierce were married at St. David's. Pierce's parents were married at St. David's some 40 years ago. Rev. Peggy, in her wedding ceremony, invites parents and bride and groom to join together in the tending of a potted plant, signifying their past and future. Blessings to Talia and Pierce in their future together. P.S. Running the light and sound board offers amazing view of the ceremony. Fun! 

February 18, 2020

Another snowy day for wearing sweaters indoors and parkas outdoors. But, for sure, we have warm thoughts from our time together at St. David's Sunday morning when we celebrated Rev. Peggy's 60th in word and song. As usual, we ate heartily, thanks to Darlene Heynen and her team, we sat in the midst of purple balloons at tables set with purple tablecloths and enjoyed great conversation (and lots of purple icing on chocolate and/or vanilla cup cakes), thanks to the organizational skills of Chantal and her team.

The service was memorable due to the work of the Sanctuary Choir featuring Bernard Davis and Claire Sharp. I just listened to the movie of Bernard's solo, thanks to Dave whose photography efforts were showcased during the service with a short video entitled "We are the church." It is amazing how long it takes to produce two minutes of film!! Special thanks to Mike Trew whose projection skills were taxed, so soon after the Trew's two week holiday in Mexico. P.S. We are awaiting the return of Tapas, whose faithful work on the balcony computer has been thoroughly missed. He and his wife are making their way home amidst the travel issues raised by the COVID-19 virus. Safe travels for you both!

On Saturday, we said good-bye to our dear friend, John Wilks, whose memorial service was attended by family, friends and whose career as a long-time teacher at Forest Lawn was memorialized by former students. The family processed to the music of Pavarotti and later we heard the voice of Vera Lynn singing, "We'll Meet Again" and sat quietly as we listened to the song, "On Eagle's Wings." Good-bye, dear friend. 

Remember Coffee and Muffin Ministry on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020. 

February 10, 2020

Having the sunshine stream in through my kitchen windows as I work on the webpage seems to make all the difference in the world. Last week was cold and snowy but this week promises to bring out the need for car washes, window-washer fluid and, I expect, postmen delivering mail in their shorts. 

In our family, this week is a week of birthdays which means lots of cake, visiting, entertaining and well-wishing. However, as we tie into our "Take Home Page" as shared with us by Rev. Peggy on Sunday, we are challenged to consider our "Treasures of the Heart." (i.e. what is really important to us.) Our Take Home Page (found on MINISTRIES/WORSHIP/file attachment) suggests that "We live an 'incarnational' faith -- the belief that, like Jesus, our faith is not just an idea but that it gets lived out in our actions in the world. Now that we have taken an honest look at our past, our wounds and our tendencies around money, it becomes easier to look at our relationship with money in the present moment." SO... with five to ten years left, what can I change? What are the money implications for my decision? How about one year left? How about one day?

Further she suggests, "Make a list of talents and gifts, those born with and those cultivated. Then make a list of who and what I value. Compare the lists." Looking inward is not always easy and requires a reminder of the affirmation the children shared last week -- In stillness, I experience the peace of spirit and know my true self.

On February 18, 2020, the NW regional United Churches will be gathering at Symons Valley United Church at 7 p.m. for an evening of discussion regarding children and their future in worship. We continue to enjoy the "Joyful Path" curriculum here at St. David's and the volunteer efforts of the many adults who willingly work with the children on Sunday morning.

We, the Monday Night Book Studiers, have had an extra week to read Chapter 5 of "Future Faith." This important "family" in the lives of St. Davidians will meet next Monday night!! See you then. 

On Sunday morning, about 15 interested St. Davidians gathered around Colin Outtrim and Deb Charnuski in discussion regarding the EDGE program as it applies to St. David's. If you missed this opportunity, on the second Sunday between now and June 2020, they will be hosting a 20-minute discussion period. Bring along your ideas.  

On Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020, we celebrate the life of John (Jack) Wilkes at 2:00 p.m. at St. David's. Most recently, Jack was a regular scripture reader but I have known this dear man for many years as a teaching colleague and fellow member of St. David's, enjoying programs and events over the years. 

Nancy Wilson has sent along a recap of the Friendship Group's February gathering: "Approximately 60 people attended “Music From the Heart”--- a February 7th evening with guest performer Cornelia Sutherland.  Gloria is an award-winning musician and singer originally from Nova Scotia, who has travelled the world to share her talents and now resides in Calgary.  She included a “Golden Oldies” vocal segment and renditions on piano, violin, harmonica, guitar, spoons and stick puppets (jig dolls) all guided by an infectious sense of humour. The Friendship Club meets first Fridays of each month (except summer) and is now in its 59th year of programming." 

February 3, 2020

I'm watching snow flakes falling. Whiteness once again covers our world. Would you believe that Saturday morning the ground was brown, and I watched folks heading out of the YMCA in northwest Calgary dressed in shorts and runners? Then along came Saturday night!!! The hope of spring is, however, in the air. We all have heavy coats, scarves and mittens in our closets and now we have the opportunity to wear them!!

Rev. Peggy has returned from a two-week Study break but the realities of leading a busy community like St. David's saw her back at work full out. She has started a new series entitled "It's a Wonder-Full World" based on the 1946 movie based on the book "The Greatest Gift" by Philip Van Doren Stern. During the series, we have a little bit of homework: What are a few of your earliest memories related to money? Why do you think they stand out? What were the messages about success and accomplishment you received growing up? Did they have to do with moneey? How would you desribe your family's culture around money? Which parent or caregiver are you most like when it comes to money? List some of the characteristics you have with this parent around money.

The service Sunday morning was built on the reflection entitled "Life in the Belly of a Whale." This being a palindrome day - 20200202 - it was a special day for those of us who appreciate symmetry in our world. You will find the worship folder by clicking on Ministries/Worship and scrolling to file attachments at the bottom of the page. There you will find the Take Home Sheet as well. 

February is a big month for our family as well as for our church family. It is time to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Family Day...