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February 24, 2019

Would you believe another bright sunny and frigid Sunday morning with temperatures below -30 with wind chill? This reminds me of winters in Saskatoon during the late 1960s when walking up to the Arts and Science Building was the coldest place in the city. Fond memories? Actually, Saskatoon was a great place to attend university and to teach school. 

This week went whizzing by (like its predecessors). Our grandchildren were guests at our home because their parents were at work and their teachers were at the Conseil Scolaire FrancoSud Teachers' Convention. Thank you, Apple Store School, where our little people learned how to take good pictures and create IMovie trailers. 

Special thanks to the devotion and expertise of Tauran Wood on the PSALT team. She is currently in her fourth year of studies at the U of C so has relinquished his first Sunday of the month slot on the Sound and Light team for now. So... that means that I will take her place and Deb Charnuski will take over my usual slot on the second Sunday of the month. Deb and Tauran have taken over the technical side of the PSALT team, leaving scheduling to me. Thank you so much. P.S. The cluster speakers are coming down asap for repair or replacement And the special fund for reworking the sound system (i.e. ridding ourselves of the sound gremlin) has begun. If you would like to contribute, contact the office - or me)

Check out the February 24, 2019 Newsletter which is attached as a file below. 

February 18, 2019

It's amazing how sunshine seems to overcome the cold. This morning, the sun is reflecting off snow covered roof tops and every branch of the fir trees in our yard are decorated with snow. We have even had a bobcat in our neighbourhood this past week. His (or her) pawprints were clearly visible in the five or so inches of snow on our patio. 

It was delightful to hear the passion in the voice of Brenda McQueen, a descendant of Rev. and Mrs. George McDougall, as she shared the story of her family and their walk with the Stoney people. In 1873, Rev. George wrote, "From a very high foothill we gazed on this prospect with admiration and wonder. Within three miles stood the grand old mountain, the wild goat and sheep sporting on its highest summit. At the foot of the hill, and in perfect ignorance of our presence, a band of buffalo were feeding on the richest pasture. To the right of us, and on the North bank of the river, is the location which we have selected for our new mission."  Our T.M. room is named to commemorate this story. 

It's Coffee and Muffin Ministry this Thursday and, as well, the teachers for our grandchildren are at the Francophone Teachers' Convention, so our little ones will be joining us Thursday morning. Yahoo.

Sunday morning during Minute Speak, Bob Liddle invited us to attend the Friendship Club evening on March 1 at which Dr. Fiona Clement will be the guest speaker. Check out Events for more details.

Have a great week and here's a salute to the first day of spring due in just 29 sleeps!! 



February 11, 2019

They tell us that it is day 10 of our deep freeze across our province. Church attendance reflects our need to stay home and keep warm but our amazing staff along with the Chamber Choir and February's Sacred Service were on hand to warm our hearts. Clean walks indicated that Wally was at task before service.

Our ACTS team, Wayne and Marlene, was once again seated at the table in the foyer. It is almost time for our annual Lenten Retreat at Mt. St. Francis - March 10, 2019. Rev. Peggy mentioned our silent lunch, part of the program that commences at 11:30 and is over by 4:00 p.m. As usual, I will be offering rides after church for those who will be involved with Sunday morning service but want to attend the retreat. 

The Chameleon Drama Group had Saturday night off with Janice's admonition to stay home and keep warm. We did appreciate having the evening off with our grandchildren, Hugo and Iris, whose presence at church every Sunday morning follows a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's. 

Cold weather last Monday night for Book Study didn't keep many of us away. We are having Session #5 tonight. Half done! My current read is Y.N Harari's book, "21 Lessons for the 21st Century." He authored "Sapiens" and "HomoDeus," both great reads. 

Plans are going forward with PSALT and audio issues at church. The last time the "Gremlin" - that loud booming mystical sound that strikes fear into the heart of whoever is running sound - appeared was second Sunday of January. Since then, it has been quiet but we really do need to eradicate same and, in the process, update equipment and expertise. Deb Charnuski, Tauran Wood and Jason Wright, Darkmatter Productions, have been exploring possibilities. Go, Team, go. 

February 3, 2019

Remember those balmy days of January with water running and no need for heavy jackets and mitts? Well, "polar vortex" has caught up with us with a vengeance. The balmy weather has moved east, rescuing the folks there from the frigid air that kept them bundled up. Church this morning reflected the Cold Weather Warning (or SuperBowl Sunday) with lots of empty seats. The Sanctuary Choir carried forth Debbie Stockdale's reflection theme, entitled "Grace Meets Entitlement. Yikes!" and just when we are about to launch into full scale election time, provincially and federally. Refer to Sermons on the Home Page where you will find a recap of what Debbie had to say. 

Friendship Group held their 'games night' on February 1, 2019 in Robertson Hall. Bitter cold probably kept a few folks at home but those who came would have had a great way to bring in the new month.