Brenda Wallace

February 24, 2021

The past few days have raced by. True, February is a short month, but here we are. Last night we held our regular Council meeting on ZOOM. The advantage of a zoom meeting is that the 14 of us met at 7:30 and 48 minutes later, our business had been transacted and we were ready to start a new month. We were delighted to hear that Roberto Montagni has been contracted to be our new Financial Administrator. He has big shoes to fill. Our Paige Marten has been a welcome face on Tuesday or Thursday, if by chance you happened to visit St. David's. During her time with us, she has developed many proficiencies and time-saving protocols. Thank you so much, Paige. Come back for a visit when you have time, okay?

Speaking of "Humps" -- we are moving onto Session #6 of 10 both for ACTS Monday Night Book Study and Thursday Morning Bible Study. We have been looking at the Fourth Gospel on Thursday morning and continuing our study of "Braving the Wilderness" on Monday Nights. Before we know it, our studies will be over, Easter will be here and, with it, spring time. 

Lent has begun. That means that, effective today, I've been without coffee for one whole week. And... way more importantly, it means that we have begun a new series for worship at St. David's. Last Tuesday morning, a group of us gathered with a box of beach glass, some sand and a plethora of glass vessels to deck our sanctuary out in preparation for the new Lenten worship series, "Holy Vessels." Brent and his choir Sunday morning with Garrett, Wendy, Ruth and Heather offered their musical ministry. (The text for Rev. Peggy's Reflection - "Vessels: Holy and Whole" -- can be found by clicking on SERMONS on the Home Page.) A moment of excitement occurred during service when the alarm was set off by folks moving materials into La Cocinelle downstairs. Oh, dear!! It does keep the tech team on its toes. Onto Week Two of Lent!!

February 11, 2021

Remember those balmy days of January. AHH! Our sky is still blue and the sunlight streams through our windows, however with the temperature staying in the -28 degree range (without including the wind) many of us don't mind staying at home, near the fireplace with a steaming cup of tea at our side. It was very nice this past week as we gathered together for Monday Night Book Study to be able to be at home. The same thing for this morning's Thursday Morning Bible Study -- no need to warm up our cars and don layers of clothing to attend. It makes one wonder what we would have done without ZOOM during this Time of COVID-19. Over 30 people regularly join together on Monday night and at least 12 of us gather for Bible Study.

Our Lenten Newsletter was emailed/ mailed this week, outlining upcoming worship servces for Lent and Easter. Rev. Debbie's mid-week Pastoral Care sessions (along with Brent) are published -- you can call the church if you wish to join in the quietness of the sanctuary, listen to Brent on the organ and light a candle.

Our Prayer Chain meet regularly on ZOOM as they help to meet the needs of our congregation during this time. We are so very grateful to the folk who keep our St. David's congregation connected and that includes the "Healing Touch" group who continue to meet on ZOOM on the first Wednesday of the month and to the Friendship Group who met this past Friday evening on ZOOM. Blessings to all. 

February 5, 2021,

This is my husband and my 75th year and next Friday night is Dave's 75th birthday. Unlike all our other major birthdays, we will be at home, seated at our table setting for two and really missing our big gatherings which have marked our birthdays over the years. We've really celebrated our special days so... next week, I expect that ZOOM will be part of our cyber gathering as we gather our family and friends together. I wonder what we would have done without ZOOM in our lives???

This past week, we celebrated Jock McTavish's birthday on ZOOM with friends and family from BC, AB and SK. We had our little sweet treats on hand, complete with candles to light and extinguish as we joined Jennifer, Jock and the Black Forest Cake which their family shared. A nice substitute but without the hugs, right? We did sing "Happy birthday to Jock" but singing on Zoom leaves much to be desired.

On Sunday, Rev. Peggy mentioned the names of a number of people in our congregation who are going through difficult times. Our dear Rev. Debbie and her family have lost their dad, Grandpa and dear friend. We have enjoyed meeting Debbie's dad over the recent past as he and his daughters attended church (along with Mike, our hard working Treasurer.

Speaking of which, Paige Marten, our Business Administrator, has resigned her position at St. David's, effective the end of the month. Our Ministry and Personnel committee will be seeking a replacement, which will not be easy -- our Paige has done an amazing job and we will really miss her and her efficiency.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chantal and Chris (Chantal is our Office Administer at St. David's) following the passing of Chris's mom, Caroline. Blessings to you. A family memorial service for Caroline Winslow was held at St. David's on Saturday, February 13, 2021.