Brenda Wallace
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August 27, 2018

Homeward bound!! All things working out, we will be at church on Sunday, having had a great holiday with our grandson aboard 'Good Idea.' This week we will be holding our August Council meeting via teleconferencing on Thursday evening. We had a special meeting via teleconferencing earlier in August that dealt with an emergent issue. We will be about regular church business on Thursday evening. 

It was great to have Rev. Peggy with St. David's on Sunday morning and her theme for reflection, readings and music was a "Contemplative Service." The theme of our upcoming Monday Night Book Study will examine the importance of Contemplation and meditation in one's life with Bishop Tutu and the Dalai Lama as our mentors. 

August 20, 2018

Last week a smoky haze settled over the South Puget Sound where we are travelling on our sailboat. Today, it is the worst it has been. Vashon Island, across the way from Des Moines, WA. is vaguely visible. Over the years, we have spent lots of time at dock in Des Moines and, today, the webpage is being updated in a Starbucks along Highway 509.

Thank you to Sally for her update on the Lantern Festival held on August 4 and our thoughts are with our Tibetan Canadian friends who are mourning the loss of Gelek Wangmo, 37, who lost her life in a car accident near Jasper on August 11, 2018. In total, 6 people lost their lives in the accident. 

Rev. Peggy is at St. David's today, leaving the care of her Mom to her siblings in Edmonton. Mrs. McDonagh was involved in a serious car accident at the beginning of the month and Rev. Peggy has been with her as she recuperates. 

On Wednesday night, August 15, 2018, Council held a tele-conferencing call that drew together members of council from a diverse set of locations. Deb was in Ontario, Rev. Peggy in Edmonton, myself in Tacoma etc. We had business to conduct and quorum was most easily established via phone. Our next call will occur August 30. Have a great week!

August 13, 2018

Today, in Bremerton, Washington, there is a smoky haze over us much like that which has been experienced over Calgary for the past week. The Herald ( I read it digitally every morning) declared that we set a new record for heat in Calgary, topping off over 37 degrees C. and not long ago, I heard a weather report saying that the temperature high is given for the shade and not in the hot sun. 

Rev. Peggy has been with her mom in the Edmonton area for the past week so, thank you to Alison and Wayne for taking care of services in her absence. Our thoughts are with you, Rev. Peggy.

Our Council Chair is in Ontario and is currently arranging for us to have a teleconference during the last week of August to handle necessary business in lieu of our schedules August meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month. 

P.S. If you have special news/announcements to make that you would like included on our webpage, contact Chantal in the office or email/message me directly at [email protected].

August 7, 2018

The heat wave is upon us and we will be seeking out fans and shade, wherever we can. In our family, August is the month of birthdays and sailing holidays. It is quiet at church, with Marian and Marlene filling in for Chantelle in the office. I will be updating the webpage from the waterways of Washington State. Our boat, good idea, and our Ford are stateside, as we speak, and I will be crossing the border at Sumas this evening. 

We will be saying good-bye today to Ginny Beaton. The Herald's obituary lists the many ways that Ginny and husband, Jack, have served St. David's over the years. Choir, Sunday school teaching, newletter editing, board membership and fifty years with the St. David's Friendship/Couples group are but a few of ways her presence with us have benefited us. Our condolescences to Jack and family. 


July 29, 2018

August is here,well, almost. Summer is here, too, and today we are under a heat warning with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees C. Our sail boat is still awaiting us at the west coast, however tasks at home are keeping us local. Soon I will be updating the web page from the South Puget Sound area of NW Washington State and I can hardly wait. 

Summer congregational gatherings on Sunday morning have been a welcome conclusion (or beginning) to the weeks of summer. With no projection, we are finding our way around our  hymnals and, of course, the words to our selected hymns are printed in the worship folder. July Sacred Service was ably led by Kerry Duncan-McCartney and each Sunday (five of them) we were greeted, ushered and fed in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

Rev. Kelley sent us away on Sunday reflecting on the "Celebration of Abundance" in our world. We wish her all the best as she moves onward and outward from St. David's. Meanwhile, our office administrator is on holidays with Marian and Marlene tag-teaming in the office to ensure smooth sailing in the office. 

The resignation from Janet Zatka, our accountant, effective August 31, 2018 marks the end of eleven years of service to St. David's. Thank you, Janet, for your faithful service to St. David's. The search begins for a 20 hour/week replacement to fill her shoes.