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August 31, 2021

Summer is drawing to a close. Yesterday I went shopping with granddaughter Iris (both wearing our masks -- Iris is just 9 years old) and I celebrated being part of the Fall ritual of gathering supplies for the opening of school this coming week. If I had opened my purse to pay for all the neat things that attracted her eye, I would have been broke, for sure. 

School opening was part of my life for some 45 years. I miss the excitement of gathering with fellow teachers as we prepared for the arrival of our students. As a grade seven homeroom teacher for some 20 years, I recall testing each and every lock to guarantee it would open and, sure enough, on Opening Day, my students would rush back into the classroom and exclaim, "My lock doesn't work!" So... out I'd go and give a quick lesson in lock opening. 

We are moving into a new phase at St. David's with the return of programming. We've bid adieu to Rev. Tim Nethercott, welcomed back Rev. Peggy and welcomed Amy Haynes, our new Pastoral Care Minister. Brent plans on commencing Choir practices and, on September 20, 2021, ACTS will be commencing our Monday Night Book Study and, on September 23, 2021, Thursday Morning Bible Study. Book Study will be on ZOOM with Bible Study being decided by the group. All things being okay, we hope to have our Welcome Back service on September 26, 2021. Watch for your Fall Newsletter. Masking, social distancing and hand sanitizing will continue as we acknowledge the continuing pandemic. 

Following the Labour Day weekend, our new camera/computer/switcher/screen systems will be installed and that means that we will be learning how to operate the new equipment. Our plan is that we will be moving from ZOOM to live streaming so that the choice to attend in person or online is up to St. Davidians, but we will be worshipping as a community. If that sounds exciting to you, consider joining us as we move into a more deliberate "Hybrid" system of worshipping on line or in person.

Yesterday, I participated in a "BROADVIEW" Book Study which included Rev. Andria Irwin, Digital Ministry at Highlands United in Vancouver. Her article in the most recent issue of the Broadview magazine (formerly The Observer) was entitled "Church on a Screen." I have started to read her book -- "Following: Embodied Discipleship in a Digital Age" -- published in August. Her co-author was Rev. Jason Byassee. 

Our tenants, Iglisio ni Cristos, who worship twice weekly at St. David's, have been using livestreaming for several years but for us, it will be new and exciting. So that takes care of August and onto September with all the excitement of our children, grandchildren and their teachers!!

August 21, 2021

Today's news comes from Poet's Cove at Bedwell Harbour in the Gulf Islands. My brother and sister-in-law have joined us for what will likely be our last cruise aboard the good ship, "Good Idea." The sale of this 35' Yamaha sloop, which has been our pride and joy since 1985, is being brokered by Bayview Yachts out of Sidney, BC. It is time to bid adieu as the knees are getting stiffer season by season and COVID-19 has kept us apart since August 2019. Nonetheless, we are having a wonderful final season, packing up memories and seeing familiar places one last time.  

At St. David's, we are so pleased to be able to call St. David's and ask for Peggy. We haven't had a long chat but knowing that she is back with us is a wonderful feeling. This week, Tuesday, August 24, 2021 will be our regularly scheduled Council meeting (on Zoom) so it will be great to have her back at the helm. We have welcomed Amy Haynes, our new Pastoral Care Minister (August 9, 2021). We look forward to spend time with Amy and her two little ones. 

Our book study focus for fall is "Starlight" by the late Richard Wagamese. You are encouraged to buy your book from Indigo or Amazon or wherever your favourite books are available and join us online on September 20, 2021 at 7 p.m..

August 13, 2021

Not a whit, we defy augury. There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ’tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come—the readiness is all. William Shakespeare

Thank you, William!! I borrowed this quote from a Matthew Fox website:

Summer is moving past quickly as we might have imagined. Today, at Sidney, BC, we have a red sun and cloud cover so that  our temperature has been quite a bit lower than anticipated. Our walk on the Port of Sidney waterfront was quite pleasant and, working at a snail's pace, on our boat with the fan running is quite restful. At St. David's, Amy Haynes has begun her contract with us for Pastoral Care Ministry. 

You may have noticed on Zoom that we were using the chancellory with the communion table in its usual position. Sometime in July, one of the railings for a skylight blind fell down. It happened at night but until it could be fixed, the chancel was off limits. Our rental church, Iglesias ni Cristos, had their alter on the sanctuary floor along with us. Well, as of July 29, the blinds are back in their track and, for those who have tried to change the light, the cord for the broken blind has been replaced. 

Peter Adams, Dave McMurtry, Deb Charnuski, David and I worked our little hearts out, first setting up the rental scaffolding (four levels), donning our safety harnesses (Peter and me) and climbin up! UP! Check out the picture to see your council chair's head about six inches from the high end of the skylight. It was exceptionally hot up there and, because the day was winding down, we decided to leave the north side blinds (which were working) and pack up the scaffolding for its return. Peter had given the project a lot of thought and was an awesome team captain (foreman... boss!) It really does take a village to support our church. Thanks, team!!

The project underway on 'Good Idea', our sailboat, is deciding what will be brought back to Calgary, what will go and what can be recycled. We have boxes -- some awaiting to be filled and others already stored. Our contract with the broker is yet to be signed but we are hopeful that this boat, which has been our summer home since 1985, will go to someone who will love her like we do. We will be heading home at month end. Watch for a superloaded Ford heading east!!

August 6, 2021

I've just looked up the word "Augeries" on Google and its definition is "A sign of what will happen in the future; an omen." Hm? It's a fitting word for August, a month of expectation as we await the coming season and, hopefully, the end of COVI-19. What will be our future? What will returning to normal feel like? What do we mean by 'normal?'

News today is coming from our sailboat, 'good idea', docked at T44 of the North Saanich Marina in Sidney, BC. We have been here for almost a week while David has been teaching students from Athabaska aboard their sailboat Katkatla whose home port is Genoa Bay. As he was away during the day, I have been walking on familiar paths and the stains on my fingers are from picking blackberries along the way. The Point of land at the head of Tsehum Harbour is one of my favourite spots along the coast of BC and I've been walking up to the Point now for some 36 years. There is a bench there now so it is a great place to read or draw or just sit and watch the boats in the Strait. Earlier in July, Hugo and I walked up there and then along the breakwater. Such beauty!

So what are the Augeries of August? Our Rev. Peggy will be joining us mid-month while Rev. Tim will continue to help out with services at St. David's. On August 9, 2021, our new Pastoral Care minister, Amy Haynes, will be joining the staff at St. David's. We will be well set up for the fall.

Rev. Dr. Wayne Holst has been sending out messages to the ACTS Monday Night Book Study group, asking for suggestions for our fall study. We plan to continue with our study on ZOOM -- we totally enjoyed being joined by friends from the West Coast, Kamloops, Medicine Hat and Toronto. If you  haven't participated in this study (moving onto study 47 with Wayne) and would like to join a thoughtful group for a 90 minute session Monday nights (beginning on Sept. 20, 2021) contact the church or Wayne, Joan or me. We would love to add you to our mailing list. 

Today our daughters, Kirsten and Rebekka, their families and dogs, will be joining us. We will pick them up from the ferry at noon. Hugo and Iris have their birthdays this month -- Hugo was 12 yesterday and Iris will be 9 next week -- so there will be a little cake and some singing along with beach walks. They have come to say good-bye to 'good idea' -- the captain and his mate are getting a little stiff in the knee and, with their commitments at home, are finding it difficult to find time to sail. COVID-19 hasn't helped much!! So, 'good idea' will be sold this summer.  The girls were 10 and 14 when we bought the boat and, for the summers since, we have sailed as far north as Port McNeill and as far south as Morrow Bay, California. Offers??

The drive through the Rockies last Friday was absolutely awful. Smoke prevented us from seeing mountains and lakes. So far, we have had clear blue skies out here, however the news from the Kelowna-Vernon area is not good!

One of the perks of our moorage is the availability of excellent online connection so this morning I was able to watch the Canadian Women's Soccer team win their Gold medal. Awesome! Needless to say, that connection allows me to update our web page. Remember: Project Ploughshares Floating Lantern Peace Event tomorrow night at 6 p.m. at Olympic Plaza is the place to be (if you are in Calgary.) Let me know how it goes. Enjoy!