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April 24, 2022

This morning's service focussed on Earth Day Recognition with Amy Haynes, Brent Tucker - reading for Janice Rider -- and Janet Clare, reading scripture from Hosea and Matthew. Janice provided two information sheets: one with valuable websites to be checked out regarding our stewardship of the earth and another offering a variety of things we can/can not do when it comes to being good stewards.

Amy announced the upcoming one act play presented by the Chameleon Drama Group, entitled "The Support Squad." As well, excitement is growing as we move toward our partnership with Northminster United Church and Rev. Nancy Nourse. Amy and she will be presiding over our May 1, 2022 worship service. The new start time for service is 10:30 a.m. The following Sunday is the Chinook Winds Regional gathering to which both Nancy and Amy will be in attendance. Our worship committees will be overseeing our worship service that morning. 

April 16, 2022

I swept the snow off the back deck this morning then sat in the light of the rising sun. What a way to start the day! Holy week worship services have been incredibly spiritual with Amy, Brent and Garrett, Readers like Mike, Dianne and Frans and our wonderful choirs. Hats off to these awesome people who have practised for weeks to fill the sanctuary and the airwaves with their songs! Of course, Deb has been "driving" the computer and cameras and I've worked beside her on the sound and light boards. (P.S. several weeks ago the spotlight bulb burned out after many hours of faithful service but... the replacement has been delayed another two weeks!!) Tonight, we will be joining the congregation at 7 p.m. from our homes while viewing the pre-recorded service on Youtube. After Good Friday service, the choir, Amy and Deb stayed to prepare the recording. 

Easter Sunday promises to be all it is meant to be... a time for celebration and resurrection in our own lives. With the promise of spring just around the corner, with the lengthening day and our white rabbits turning brown, we look forward with anticipation. Tomorrow offers the opportunity for our congregation to give their formal assent to our partnership with Northminster United and Rev. Nancy Nourse. The meeting will be short with the motion presented, an opportunity for discussion and the vote -- maybe even a little Easter treat!!!

As our services have progressed through the month, each service has more folks in person and even more on Youtube. Though the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday Services are much more intimate, we have joined as a congregation virtually and inperson to share our walk through Holy Week. 

Check out the April 24 Newsletter which is attached (also sent out last evening on email). 

April 7, 2022

Another sunny morning but I missed the sunrise. It's happening too early for me these days. Without the discipline of preparing for Book Study, it was an easy week.

Eldon and I were part of the Broadview Reading Club Zoom session on Monday at 5 p.m.  (7 p.m. in Toronto) along with a hundred or so folks from across Canada. Our guest speakers, all who were contributors to the most recent Broadview Magazine, were a young man speaking about development on a patch of riverbank in Kichener that used to be a Tannery, a young woman who spoke about the scholarship she received from the UCC along with three other recipients and a third writer whose article was about indigenous hockey players and their struggle with systemic racism. This was an hour well spent. 

Service on Sunday was a community affair with Mike and Dianne Trew presiding. The Sanctuary Choir was accompanied by Colleen Charter and, of course, directed by Brent. What I didn't realize was that Amy's prepared liturgy was waiting for Mike on the Lectern, thanks to Amy, Chantal and Brent. Mike had offered to share his Lenten journey and read scripture as part of the service but his reflection on John 12: 1-8 (about Mary's pouring of expensive perfume over Jesus' feet and drying them with her hair) offered context and meaning for today's listeners. Dianne read the scripture -- it was great to have her back in the sanctuary with us.

We had a visit seated on the new loveseats in the foyer reading library area. Nice!! Thanks to Kerry Duncan-McCartney who has organized the library on our new shelving units. Today we are going to go through books left in the office and creating room for Rev. Nancy Nourse who is hoping to take over clerical leadership of St. David's on May 1, 2022.

Speaking of books, we are still looking for a book choice for Fall's Monday Night Book Study. Phone me, Wayne, Joan or the office with your suggestions. 

Wednesday morning's Pastoral Care Zoom gatherings with Amy are another very valuable way to spend an hour. We gather, share, pray together and recharge for mid-week. Brent calls Wednesday, Hump Day. There is usually a little gathering at noon on Wednesdays to mark the occasion. 

The congregational vote on April 17, 2022 -- Easter Sunday after service -- will offer a formal acceptance / or rejection of the planned partnership with Northminster United. Read the newsletter (attached as a file to this page) for further information or don't hesitate to call me. Northminster United gave their formal acceptance to the plan after church this past Sunday. The motion they passed will be the same one we will use at St. David's. I just checked in with their office admin, Barb Johnston.

That Northminster United Church move its worship services to St David’s United Church

effective May 1, 2022, with all remaining programs, meetings, and outreach moving at later dates. 

Have a great week. Enjoy the sunshine!!






April 1, 2022

Welcome to April, the promise of Spring, the season of new beginnings. At our house, time devoted to the Monday Night Book Study and Thursday Morning Bible Study will find new energies in tasks like photo organization, relearning how to play the guitar, tuning up on my French language studies, walking in the nearby parks, ... The book we studied this winter encouraged us to "reframe aging as a passage of discovery and engagement. Not decline and inaction," and I've taken that to heart. Watch out, world!!

Speaking of discovery and engagement, we have two file attachments to get us going. Chantal has sent along the April 3 Newsletter which will be distributed at church on Sunday but you can click on it here (or from the email that was sent out on Thursday evening). As well, we have an invitation from the good folks of Northminster to join them in their April activities: Crafting Saturday -- that's today so scurry on over to Northminster at 1 with supplies and enthusiasm and join the group for an afternoon of scrapbooking --  Men's breakfast on April 23, at Denny's McKnight at 8:30 a.m., a Holy Thursday Campfire Communion at Bowness Park (Picnic Area 3) at 5:30 (you can whip down to Bowness for a 6:30 worship service then head back to St. David's for our Maundy Night service at 7:30),  Zoom for supper on April 28th (similar to our Friendship group which will meet in - person tonight at St. David's and will meet again on May 6, 2022).

It's April Fools' Day so I did a little research into its origins. Probably by the time you read this, noon will be here and the invitation to 'fool' each other will be over until next year. We remember the year that our daughter Bekki covered our big screen tv with plastic wrap and drew a large crack right across the screen. Yes, she did enjoy fooling her dad that year!

Have a great week. Mike Stockdale will be 'driving' the computer/camera/livestreaming this Sunday while Deb is in Montreal. Hugo and I will be on hand for Sound and support. See you at church.